On Ordering the Checks We Don't Write Anymore

I like checks and hope they never go away completely. They're a great way of proving to a company or person that you paid. It's hard to argue with a cashed check. Even a giant energy company can't do that.

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On Rental Car Bureaucracy Conned Me Out Of An Absurd Amount Of Money

This is pretty standard for the rental car industry. Most major companies have these policies available on their websites.

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On The Cost of a TV Show's Wardrobe

This is something the first couple seasons of Law and Order got really right. Look at Logan's ties sometime - he wears the same handful of ties over and over. Same thing for overcoats. And the detectives are sporting suits that are less well cut than those the ADA wears, but no one is wearing anything that looks expensive.

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On What to Buy When Invited to a Birthday Party for a Baby

This was a hit with my nephew when he turned 1. http://amzn.to/1bICPC5

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On Interview With a Woman Who Wants to Pay for Her Boyfriend But He Won't Let Her

Pay. Your. Darn. Share. Of. Taxes.

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On Meanwhile in the U.S.

While I see Moore's point, this is not such a black and white situation as she's describing. Just because we are having trouble here at home does not mean that our commander and chief should ignore the suffering elsewhere. We elect American presidents because of their ability to lead - both us and the world - to a better place. It is one of the things that makes this country what it is.

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On Siri, Where Are The Cheapest Toiletries In New York?

If you walk up to the counter with multiple 20% off coupons in your hand and you get a nice clerk they'll let you apply more than one coupon to an order.

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On What's Your Husband's Name?

In contrast to many of the NYT comments about buying a home 30, 40 years ago when my husband I recently signed up for a mortgage, our broker looked at his credit score and then mine and chose to put me as the primary holder because my score was higher. I'd call that progress.

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On Food Truck Tipping

@solongefarewell I've never heard that about tipping the cashier at the grocery store. Where do you live?

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On What Happens to a Gift Card if a Store Goes Bankrupt And Closes?

I think it can depend on the situation. For example, housewarming gift cards are fantastic. Home Depot, Lowes, etc. will be used up quickly. Wedding gift cards for people who have been living together for years can also come in handy since they likely already have many of the standard wedding gifts.

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