Shopping the Frozen Food Aisle

As I discussed last week, there’s a lot I like about pre-made food, mostly of the frozen variety. I’ve learned to spot the healthiest stuff, at decent prices, that tastes pretty good and saves time on busy days. As one might suspect in that kind of situation, I received comments asking me which entrees, snacks, and so on are my favorites, so here is a list of those favorites.

My favorite frozen foods come in three main categories: individual serving, multiple serving, and skillet. The first gets popped in the microwave. The second goes in the oven. The last one, well, goes on the skillet. A positive thing they all have in common is that I tend to look for ones containing ingredients that aren’t usually on my shopping list, or that I can’t make (well). I can make better roast chicken than I find in frozen meals, so I’ll make that myself. Butter chicken sauce? Never made it, no guarantee I ever will. Frozen all the way.

Living by the Microwave

Presuming you want your meal to taste reasonably good, not take an unreasonable amount of time, and be at least kind of nutritious, premade food is probably a great option for you. The best-tasting premade foods are as good as any fast-food joint. They can be popped in the microwave for a single serving, or the oven for family size, while you do whatever it is you do with your time.

Places I’ve Lived: A Whole Lot of Campus Apartments

Three years of student housing to coincide with my last three years of undergrad. We were packed in like sardines and the walls were so thin we could hear the people across the hall sometimes, but it was a ton of fun.