On Take The Billfold 10-Question Housing Survey

GenXr here, but I married a millennial cusp but my rising sign is a Virgo so that explains everything? Seriously though, I want to own and remodel but just like I married late-ish I think I'll own lat-ish. My husband just started talking of owning something besides "let's get a yurt". I will say a housing cooperative is appealing but I went with soup pot options. Who knows!

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On The Uniform I've Chosen for Myself

I am feeling this post! Personally, I try to create my cartoon self. What would a cartoonist dress me in every Sunday paper? This cuts down on morning indecision which is not a great way to start a day. Anyhow, your uniform says stylish professional competence to me. I think my uniform is sort of elfish clerk.

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On Life After Shoe College: Interview With a Cordwainer

That's super interesting, but no talk of money on the billfold? Pricing labor, cost of artisan college, studio costs? I loved all the questions and answers, but I want the nitty gritty too.

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On Should I Take a One-Year Dream Fellowship, Or a Great Job Offer From a Private Company?

This is the best advice I've read in awhile.

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On Seven Jobs in One Year

Well written report on a good hustle.

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On Can't Afford to Buy, Can't Afford to Rent

I pay about 17% of my take-home pay in rent with 3 roommates, one is my BF. I have roommates, but I have savings.

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On David Simon Tells Us How To Fix America

@Meaghano Thank you!

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On David Simon Tells Us How To Fix America

Read it! Loved it. Is this the same guy who told the head of the DEA he'd write another season of The Wire when he legalizes drugs? He may be my hero. Who is the artist who made the interactive media piece? I've been trying to find it since I saw it originally on the interwebs.

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On Neighborhoods in U.S. Cities the French Government Warns Its Traveling Citizens to Avoid

Their advice for Chicago is not at all nuanced, but my city is dangerous in a lot of places and it's fair that France (or any country) would warn their citizens. Actually a lot of people from the area won't go south of Roosevelt, so France is being pretty adventurous.

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On What To Do When The Floor Caves In

Given their priorities, I think the patch work makes perfect sense for them. Down the line they can put in the subfloors. But the termites were isolated and the house has made it this far (115 years!). I for one think the patch adds to the character of the floor. Pretty impressive, a lot of people couldn't do it so well. I'm excited for this type of posting.

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