On The Cost of Making My Own Sub Sandwich

@Cat Named Louise This must also be why a time-consuming homemade dinner always tastes better as leftovers - the first night, when it's fresh, it's like "Ok, this is a fine dinner, but damn, it took me over 2 hours, it should be AMAZING. What a disappointment." The next night, when I just throw it into the microwave for 5 minutes, it's like "I have good food I didn't even have to cook! This is AMAZING!" (My mom used to say the same thing growing up - that "food that appears by magic always tastes better," whether leftover or takeout - and I always thought that was ridiculous. Nope. True.)

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On Friday Estimate

Today I might buy myself some kind of fancy coffee drink ($4?), but I probably won't. Saturday I'm going to a good but expensive museum, which will cost $23 per person ($46). (Oh man, mini heart attack, no wonder I haven't been there in so many years!) Otherwise just groceries - I invited friends over to the new place for a casual dinner Sunday instead of going out, and between that and food for the week, we could spend up to/around $100. So $150? Ah, just got an email from the friends I was going to the museum with, saying, "admission is expensive, want to meet up and get lunch instead?" I'm torn between saying "sure if you think it's too much" and "I want to see the museum, if we buy lunch at some random place nearby we'll just be spending most of that money anyway!" Hmm....

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On 1 Things in The Stream, That is What We Are

@Meaghan O'Connell Good to know! I should see whether there's someplace near us that does info sessions like that, it would be much nicer to go to something existing than try to set up individual appointments to meet people (esp. if the health insurance paperwork isn't ready yet).

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On 1 Things in The Stream, That is What We Are

I feel like I have done a lot of "one things" this week, but today I just don't have time for anything. I spent 3 hours at the doctor's for an appointment and a test this morning, so I am going to count that. The big one I have to do is find a pediatrician ASAP. I have no idea how to go about doing that, especially since it'll have to be someone covered by my husband's new policy in our new city, and since this is only his third day on the job, I don't even know if he's done any health insurance paperwork yet. Also, I think you're supposed to go interview a bunch of people in person, but I only spend one day a week in the new city at this point, and that's my only day to work on finishing my degree, so that's another reason I'm kind of dreading it.

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On How to Stay Married: Splurge on the Honeymoon, Not the Open Bar

@Jake Reinhardt I think the framing of this article as a "how to" is misleading, it's much more of a "here's a general profile" that likely has a lot more to do with demography, so it shouldn't be put out there as advice! For example, maybe average people who date for three years first stay married longer, but on average the age of first marriage is something like 26 or so. In my (anecdotal) experience, the older people get, the faster they're able to figure out what they want and whether they are getting it in a given relationship. In general, I would not question a 35 year old getting married a relatively short time after meeting someone the way I would for a 25 year old, although of course it also depends on the people and length of time involved. Also, I think 18 months is an awfully long time to wait to have a talk just to find out whether you have the same life goals, at least once you are a pretty settled adult! You can talk about whether you are on the same page in terms of wanting marriage and kids in life WAY before you decide whether to marry and have kids with *each other*. Maybe not first date material but those are deal breakers enough that they're definitely grounds-for-establishing-monogamous-relationship material.

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On How to Stay Married: Splurge on the Honeymoon, Not the Open Bar

@Erica haha right, or anyone whose cultural approach to weddings is "it's not all about you, it's about your FAMILY!"

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On How to Stay Married: Splurge on the Honeymoon, Not the Open Bar

@EM I think it's just about timing, taking a little time out to just spend time with each other and enjoy being married before getting back to normal life. We had a relatively close, inexpensive honeymoon (b&bs and breweries within driving distance), and there were no rose petals and champagne, but it did have that "time out" sense. I know other people who've done the same and called it a mini-moon though. We had to save for two years before we could actually afford to take an international trip, so when we finally did that, we told people we were going on our "delayed honeymoon," which meant they gave us a lot more slack about taking vacation time!

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On "Shortsighted, Cheap, and Unethical: Cash Only."

@julebsorry In my town, it is not uncommon to ask over the phone, when calling a cab, "Do you take credit cards?", be told yes, and then be told by the actual driver, "Nope, cash only!"

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On Monday Check-in

Definitely blew my estimate. Gas, a charitable donation, and takeout for two Friday were as anticipated - around $103. Groceries Saturday were $137, way over the $100 estimate, because at the store we were like "uh, should we buy a bunch of diapers and wipes just in case?" And we did. Dinner out with friends was good, but we split the check evenly with heavier drinkers, so we spent a little more than anticipated - $48. Sunday no spending, just went to church, watched a free parade, and ate leftovers. Today spent $27 on brunch (for two) with a friend. Total: $315, $22 over my estimate. This was a really exceptionally expensive weekend, between stocking up on a lot of groceries and going out three times (REALLY unusual, we were saying good bye to old friends and trying to get together with our few acquaintances in new town). Worth it, I'd say, but definitely not a pattern to continue.

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On GTD, Planning for the Holidays Edition

@chnellociraptor I think food and wine gifts are some of the best/easiest/most affordable and scalable for adults! One year I did boxes of toffee and spicy candied nuts for lots of people, last year I made apple cider caramels and mulled wine kits (aka bags of spices and bottles of wine with bows on them). That hits the "what to bring" and the "gift" boxes.

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