On The Art of Losing Isn't Hard To Master: J. Crew Shirt Edition

It's so much worse to be the person who loses stuff. I'm usually that one because of momentary lapses of attention, but it's always been small stuff, while my partner lost a big thing recently for basically the first time. He felt so much worse than I did, even though we can't afford to replace it right now - I was just glad it wasn't me!

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On Life, And Doing Money, In The New Middle Age

@Marille Yeah, I've never thought too much about middle age because I figured by then I'd have things figured out, be relatively settled, and sort of in a rut based on what I'd done when I was younger. But I definitely think you can be a responsible adult who's older than 30 and not be in middle age yet. I think when I was a teenager I wouldn't have objected to an arbitrary starting age of 35, but I suspect as I get older I'll also find it hard to accept starting at 40 :)

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On Life, And Doing Money, In The New Middle Age

@Lily Rowan This is a good point - IS there regular adult time between youth and middle age? I always associated "middle aged" with "old" (as a definite youth!) so I hope so. I'm so not ready to be middle aged, my shit is not figured out.

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On Friday Estimate

I'm happy the weekend is finally coming! Tonight I think I'm going to leave the baby and partner home for an hour or two and get a drink with the young adult group from my church (20s/30s, not teens!). $7-10 probably, depending on what I get. If I find out I can replace a "lost" library book to graduate, I'll order it for $37 instead of paying $150. (I swear the library lost 2 books I just returned 3 months ago. Wish I'd taken a photo of them on the return counter, I'm so annoyed.) Tomorrow no plans. I want to run and maybe play a board game (free). Suspect partner will want to lay low and sleep off his cold. I really hope the baby doesn't catch it or we will all suffer. Sunday church, and then hopefully having local friends over for dinner. I will probably spend extra on the weekly grocery run but hopefully not over $100. Total: $107-147

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On Fond Memories Of Take Your Kid To Work Day

My best memory is when we went on a tour to different parts of my dad's building, and one of his colleagues described his job as "figuring out how to break things." Like, his lab was literally set up to test how much force it took to break glass, and he showed us some equipment. I thought that was so cool. (Yet it still didn't inspire me to become an engineer. I failed to connect those dots somehow....)

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On The Costs of Eating Out

The link to the original doesn't work so forgive me if I'm misrepresenting...but isn't this part NOT what Tyler Cowan says: "If you are trying to eat the best food possible, that means concentrating your budget on higher quality restaurants"? Isn't he the guy who's got all this economist advice for maximizing your dollar by finding the most popular-with-the-locals, affordable ethnic places in suburban strip malls and such? Being "on a budget" and eating out rarely, I definitely take this approach of looking for the best AND cheapest combinations, although that means my awesome meals tend to be at more casual taquerias and pho restaurants, not formal French/nouveau American spots. That does mean the social experience is different, and the meal may be a lot quicker, but that's a very different issue than finding the best food straight up.

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On Are You Paying A Marriage Penalty Or Enjoying A Marriage Bonus?

I like this because I don't make much and have no job security right now, my husband's barely better off, and every few months I have a conversation with a single female friend in the same situation who's like, "At least if I were married we'd get tax incentives and housing would be cheaper." I'm always like, "Only if you marry rich, or at least stably middle class - we pay the same in taxes as if we were single. And we both lived with roommates so our housing costs stayed the same when we moved in together." Then there is the, "well, I could afford to not work or take a low paying 'passion' job if I had someone to support me instead of being on my own to pay the bills." And then I'm like, "right, again, assuming you marry someone who makes enough to support both of you on one job." I think people forget that marriage is not a financial cure-all, even though of course it makes you feel less alone in other ways...but I guess I hope they meet nice doctors or something.

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On Let's Talk About Philanthropy

@Caitlin with a C Spot donation requests sort of annoy me (from organizations seeking subscriptions, not individuals or one-time fundraisers). They both assume I have enough money to make a monthly gift in perpetuity, and that I am not already doing that somewhere to the best of my ability.

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On Let's Talk About Philanthropy

@yellowshoes I think it's a way of showing how grateful you are for what you have, which helps you remember how fortunate you are and pass it on. That's how my parents always put it: "we are so lucky to be able to give..." Or if you are religious, it's like in church where the offering is supposed to remind you that all we have is from God and giving it back is a form of thanks. (And that's why I miss having charity in my budget, and look forward to putting it back eventually.)

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On Thursdays Mean Doing That 1 Thing

I need to prep for a talk tomorrow. I emailed the person introducing me and my babysitter and finished the powerpoint, but I still have to actually run through it a couple times tonight.

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