On If You Buy Your Wife a Mansion

Bizarre - do these people share finances? Also, link please? Would like to read!

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On Friday Estimate

I spent $5.70 this morning on a cup of coffee for myself and cookies to thank a couple people who helped me out (got home waaaay too late to actually bake last night). Then found out that one person who helped me can't eat gluten or dairy, and traded a cookie for a handful of lollipops from a fortuitously prepared friend. Tonight I might spend $3-6 on popcorn, depending on how ravenous I am and how late my reading group discussion goes at the bar. Saturday and Sunday: grocery shopping, cooking binge, job applications?, household baby prep, and possibly a trip to Target for some of the many random household items we needed to get/replace after moving. That all could be anywhere between $100 and $200, depending on how thorough vs. cheap we decide to be. I don't know, I'm not sure if it's worth trying to make an estimate to stay on budget, because I don't have a regular "replace random things" budget line item so I'll either have to go over now or later. Total: somewhere between $109 and $212? I am looking forward to the cooking binge, at least. And sleeping.

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On Career Advice from Amy Poehler: Practice Ambivalence, Let Go

This is what I needed to hear today. Maybe I should read the whole thing.

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On Darling I'm a 1 Thing Dressed As a Daydream

I don't have a one thing because I did pretty well on them yesterday! I mean, there's always work stuff to do, but nothing else marked "urgent" on my to-do list. At least not until I hit the list of urgent baby-related stuff this weekend. Feels great. I will make my thing emailing a friend to ask if she's free to hang out at all Saturday. Why not?

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On The Work and Money-Related Secret Fantasies of Adults

@Punk-assBookJockey My father in law has a 4-10 work week - 10 hours a day Mon-Thurs - and I actually do fantasize about that! I think I would get more done, because there would be less commuting and fewer breaks per hour of actual work time, and life would also feel more balanced with 3 day weekends all the time.

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On The Work and Money-Related Secret Fantasies of Adults

"Here is a job offer adjusted to the local cost of living, so you can afford to pay your minimum bills and still come out with slightly more money at the end of the month than the beginning!"

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On Friday Estimate

The usual: budgeting $100 for groceries for the week & ingredients for a potluck tomorrow. My plans for the weekend, apart from church and said potluck, are just to do a lot of cooking (in addition to dinners, I want to make apple muffins, gingerbread, and maybe even cookies!), try to submit a job application and finish class prep, and recover enough energy that I don't feel dead inside by Monday.

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On Everything You Need to Know About Diapers, Part 2

I'm feeling pretty guilty about my plan to use disposables, especially after reading about the Tucson garbage project (did you know that the two biggest categories of waste in landfills are paper and diapers?!). But laundry costs me $2 per load to wash, and $2 per load to dry, so doing that with cloth diapers is not even a choice I have the money to make. I'd have to buy a mini-washing machine to hook up to my kitchen sink and air dry all the diapers on a rack in my living room. I'm willing to be persuaded by someone who's actually made it work without free in-unit laundry, since I don't actively hate the environment, but without that, it seems like it could take over your life AND living space.

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On My Day Interviewing For The Service Economy Startup From Hell

@WorkinHardBrother I can't speak to laptops at startups, but providing your own smartphone for ANY customer service phone position is definitely not standard, and it's exploitative. It makes your employees bear not only the cost of the device, but also the cost of taking 12 hours of phone calls, which is really unreasonable. Not all phone plans have unlimited amounts of minutes for every line, and if a company is going to require that, they need to pay for it, like every major corporate customer service division I've ever heard or worked at.

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On On Engagement Ultimatums

Um, I kind of gave an ultimatum and I'm not sorry at all, because I needed to know what we were doing for security, and I didn't force my husband into a decision he wasn't ready to make, I just said that the timeline really mattered. Basically, we thought very early on that we might want to get married, had talks about whether that was what we wanted, kids, careers, finances, etc., but agreed to wait a certain amount of time before making any official decisions to make sure we weren't rushing into anything. After that amount of time passed, we checked back in, and we both were like, "Yes, we should definitely get married, so we're clear to do that whenever now." But we didn't get officially engaged right away because my husband wanted to buy a ring and do an official proposal, and that took some time to set up like he wanted it. And then life stuff changed, i.e. I had to find a new place to live, and I freaked out a little because I'd never lived with a partner before and never wanted to do so before marriage, but if we were going to actually get engaged and married within the next year, I didn't want to sign a year lease on a separate place. (That is personal and I know most people wouldn't have an issue with living with a partner before marriage, but I felt very, very strongly about it.) Hence the ultimatum: I freaked out a bit and said, "If we move in together, you HAVE to propose to me before we do it, and if you're not going to do that, you have to tell me that NOW." The time pressure made it tough, and there actually was a reason he couldn't just do it any day, but of course I didn't know what it was so I was really worried and frustrated. So my ultimatum was not so much about whether we would get married, as about when, and how solidly I needed to know that. Anyway, it all actually did work out OK. And similarly, I have a friend who issued an ultimatum because her husband got a job in another state when they were dating, and she basically said, "If you want me to move with you, we need to get married so I know you're as committed to me as I am to you." They did, they've been happily married for years, and I think that was a totally appropriate time and circumstance for her to say "we need to make this decision now." My point is that sometimes other things in life don't happen on a nice "organic" timeline, and I think if you're adults and you want to have a life together, you have to be able to make decisions and adjust your ideals based on reality and other people's needs. If you can't make that decision and the other person needs you to, well, you need to think about why, and whether it's fair to them to make them wait.

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