On Women Engineers Given Mirrors and Nail Files Swag From Goldman Sachs

@Caitlin with a C In the dotcom days, my dad worked for a web hosting company that had an endorsement deal with Shaquille O'Neal (but then again, who didn't?). We had several of those over-the-door toy basketball hoops and basketballs with the company logo. They were great fun for me and my siblings.

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On Letting Go of Our Loyalty to Certain Brands

@bgprincipessa As a squat enthusiast myself, I think @garli meant more that the sports (performed while wearing normal athletic gear) make your butt & thighs larger in relationship to your waist, leading to the need for jeans to accommodate dat ass on normal jean-wearing occasions.

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On The $10,000 College Degree

My mom campaigned hard for me to do a two-step, though she never talked about the cost savings-- I think she just wanted me at home for longer! My sister lived at home while she got her associate's and worked part-time. She excelled academically in her 1st semester at a 4-year college, but it was a culture shock... her community college classes had been full of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences, while her 4-year college classmates were mostly rich, white 20-year-olds (she was a few years older). Her part-time clerical job hired her on full-time, and she didn't go back to school. Now she's thinking about finishing her bachelor's degree online.

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight: gym, making dinner at home, watching I Hear Your Voice (Korean drama that's got us hooked). $0. Tomorrow: 3D matinee of Gravity, $29 for 2 (ouch, but I hear it's worth it). Clif bars from Walgreens to eat in the theater, $5. Coffee at Chinatown afterward, $8. Sunday: Free intro workout at a new gym near me, grocery shopping on the way home ($60). Not sure if we're watching the Super Bowl, but we'll probably make espresso black bean chili regardless. Total: $102.

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On So: Doughscuits

I'll take a doughnut muffin muffin top doughnut, please

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On Woke Up in the Kitchen Saying How the Hell Did 1 Thing Happen

Ahhh I've been wanting a new set of Stabilos but have been putting off buying them because I have to go through my old set and get rid of the ones that don't work anymore, and I never remember to do that. Is it my 1 Thing??? ...No, that's too fun to be a 1 Thing. My real 1 Thing is to buy a baby shower gift (another dang baby shower, good thing I like babies because my family/coworkers sure are having a lot of them lately) and figure out how I'm getting to said shower this weekend.

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On Calculating the Costs: 'Pan-Roasted Chicken with Harissa Chickpeas'

If you're looking for recipes to use up the rest of that tube, here's one for harissa ravioli with broccoli and feta. It's very fast & delicious.

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On Monday Check-in

Friday night: Post-gym protein bar, $3 Saturday: $75 on karaoke and drinks with friends. Kind of expensive, but really fun! Sunday: Used a gift certificate for brunch, paid $6 in actual dollars for tax & tip. Then a grocery run, $49. Total: $133

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On Update: My Landlord is Still Terrible

@ladybug Holding the deposit in escrow + receiving interest is DC law, too, as long as you live somewhere more than a year (I think). Our landlords very helpfully explained this to us when we moved in. One of many reasons I will miss them when we leave!

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On Open Offices: Pros and Cons (Mostly Cons)

My office is switching from cubes with offices for the higher-ups to an open plan for everyone-- the offices are being converted to breakout rooms. This is in tandem with increasing the number of days we can work from home, so we're either ensconced in total isolation or tossed in the pit with the teeming masses. Also, you have to reserve a workstation for every day you come in-- the office version of "no assigned seats." I think it will be a complete disaster but I am hoping to be proven wrong.

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