On Make Your Own: Chipotle Burrito Bowls

@Laura Ah, now I know what to avoid because I really dislike it. Thanks (for the opposite reason)!

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On Girls and the Hot Mess

@POSSIBLYMAYBE Uno, is your name from the Bjork song? BECAUSE I LOVE THAT SONG. Dos, yeah, MPDG can be fun to do, but I often felt I was doing it to please men/boys, rather than because it was a natural expression of my personality. I'm actually pretty uptight, loverboy, don't let these 3 am porch chats make you think otherwise.

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On Sometimes Things Stay The Same, Unfortunately

Logan! Thanks for this story. I am not this way with money, but I am with studying, procrastination, eating well, etc. This might be a stupid suggestion, as you are self-confessed broke person, but have you considered seeing a therapist? It might be helpful!

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On Girls and the Hot Mess

“Being a mess doesn’t make you cute. It just makes you a mess.” Yes so many times! I had a similar realization, except about my emotional baggage: "Being sad and stuck in your problems doesn't make you unique or precious, it just kind of makes you a drag. Move on."

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On Girls and the Hot Mess

@cherrispryte Yes, I completely agree. I have to force myself to be a little wild because I was a huge, huge perfectionist for so long and it sucked. I wish I had made more mistakes, been more reckless, had more drunken fun in my late teens/early 20s. But then again, I was afraid to because I wasn't ready for it. And I might not have ended up where I am now, which is a pretty good place [steady job, stable relationship, paying down student loans pretty quick].

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On Stop Buying Useless Crap, and Other Tenets of Militant Minimalism

I want to be a militant minimalist for a season! Sounds like fun.

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