A Q+A With a Professional Triathlete About His Money

Ben Collins, 30, is a professional triathlete who graduated from Columbia in 2005, where he was on the swim team. After living at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado for three years, Ben moved to Chicago and started an MBA at University of Chicago this past winter—while still racing.

No Longer Just for the Moneyed, Financial Advisors Are Coming After All of Us

Financial advisors are no longer for the wealthy. They’re now paying attention to the mass market.

Not Having Children Is Letting Us Have It All

In June, I’ll turn 28 and be the oldest any woman in my mom’s family has been without popping one out. I’ll also be far wealthier than my parents were at my age. I look around our condo and don’t even know how a kid would fit in if I wanted one right now, and don’t know what we’d have to stop buying to afford another person.