On Friday Estimate

@lizziefresh @Stina @RiffRandell @ATF @Annecara @LilyRowan Thanks everyone! :) Definitely the first weekend in a long time I'm going to be able to fully relax

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On Friday Estimate

FRIDAY! It’s been a really big week and I have two huge things to celebrate – first, I made the final payment on my smallest student loan! (Very exciting as long as I don’t dwell on the $75k to go) Second, after being poked, prodded, tested, and anxious all summer my gynecologist has confirmed that I do not in fact have cancer. Also a huge victory! Time to celebrate! Tonight – I am going to clean out the fridge! For some reason almost all of my food has reached expiration without me eating it which is a huge bummer because throwing away something you spent money on is painful. I am also going to work on this baby quilt I am making for my cousins baby (so I don’t have to go to the party, of course). Tomorrow – Peapod is coming! My goal is to not let *anything* in this batch go to waste. I made a loose meal plan when I ordered, and I am going to make a more solid meal plan based on when things go bad tomorrow when it arrives. I’m also going to work on that baby quilt some more. Then I’m going to my friends fall equinox party where we will drink a bunch of pumpkin beers and eat a bunch of fall foods and celebrate life and the temporary hibernation of summer. Sunday – baby quilt! I really need to get this shit done. I don’t want to go to that party. I also will possibly/likely do laundry and some cleaning around the house. I don’t know. let’s go crazy! Rough estimate: $50 (for the party: food + beer + luxurious uber ride home after)

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On Our 1 Thing: Remembering to Do 1 Thing, Oops

my one thing is to return a call to this guy from Sallie Mae. i don't want to because I know it will be disappointing and they won't be helpful, but it's part of the process. I didn't do it yesterday but I AM going to do it today. as soon as I finish breakfast. I promise.

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On Tipping Housekeeping is Controversial? (No It Isn't)

I did housekeeping from the age of 14 to 24 at a golf resort and I lived for my tips. There was also nothing more heartbreaking than cleaning a disgusting room all week and getting nothing. We learned early who would tip and how much and would groan when we'd see a minivan pull up with a family and 3 kids. They never tipped and we spent the week trying not to trip over toys because it was a free for all. When we saw young guys in their early 20s roll up with cases of cheap beer and liquor we groaned because they would be really messy and watch us bend over to make the beds. When golf groups of older women rolled in we were bummed because while they were tidy and their rooms smelled like White Diamonds they were incredibly condescending and if one of them lost her necklace behind the dresser there would be a call to the main desk that housekeeping stole it. They tipped poorly. When a group of older (40s-50s) men showed up with crockpots of meatballs, top shelf bottles of liquor, and little baggies of coke they sometimes didn't bother to hide - were were PUMPED because those guys were the BEST tippers and never even really asked us for service, just extra towels for when it poured on the golf course or they wanted to get drunk at the pool.

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On Monday Check-in

@LookUponMyWorks she disappeared this weekend, which was good. But I think it was partially because Thursday night I snapped at her about the dog. She just barks incessantly and the roommate doesn't really do anything about it. Her excuses range from "mini doxies are really hard to train!" to "she just loves me more than other people and is being protective of me!" To the last one I responded "no she doesn't, it's because you don't tell her to stop, you beg her and she ignores you!" There was no yelling, obvi, just some truth dropped a little harshly. I felt bad for saying it while I was so pissed off but I'm still glad I said something. maybe.

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On Monday Check-in

I don't remember exactly what I estimated, but I came out ok for the most part. Friday after work I grabbed a beer with a coworker, my treat - $12. Then met some friends for dinner - $35. I stopped at CVS to get cash back for a cab - $22. Saturday I didn't spend anything! It was glorious! I got breakfast at dunks using a gift card I was given for my birthday, watched a bunch of movies, enjoyed the weather, cleaned the bathroom, and took many naps. Sunday I went to my sewing class and realized I had a full makers card, which gives me $25 off my purchase so I only ended up spending $8. Then I stopped at Whole Foods for a few things - $31. Total spent this weekend: $108.

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On Friday Estimate

Weekend! It was a short week for me, but I’m still happy it’s Friday! Today I’ll have to pick up lunch, or something to add to the emergency frozen Smart Ones (gross) I keep in the freezer at work - $6. Tonight I’m supposed to get dinner with a friend, but he hasn’t confirmed yet. If we do I know we’re going to the nice place and probably also getting apps and drinks so - $50. (if we don’t, I’ll probably stop at the Copley Market and pick up some things - $20) Tomorrow I need to clean my room. This morning as I was getting ready I noticed it was prohibitively messy. I couldn’t find anything and I think we’re crossing into actually dirty territory. I also need to scrub the kitchen floor because it’s… sticky. I don’t know why. There was no spill (as far as I can tell), but it’s just… sticky? I’m wondering if it’s from all the recent humidity. Either way… I’ll probably also get in some reading and some tv watching but mostly stay home - $0 Sunday I have a quilt class and will need to pick up material. It’s just a block chevron baby quilt so I think I’ll be able to get out at $30. I might be tempted to pick up fancy cheese on the way home, I think it’s been awhile! $20 Rough estimate - $100

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On The Vote That Could Cut Your Student Loan Bills

When Elizabeth Warren won her senate seat I cried I was so happy.

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On The Tax Man's Taken All My 1 Thing

@EmilyAnomaly I'm definitely going to loop back and post something once I hear what the resolution is. I really liked that after I submitted the claim I got an email saying they had already forwarded it to Sallie Mae and would let me know the resolution within 15 business days.

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On Cleaning House With Jenny

I really really really want to hire a cleaning service for my apartment because I HATE cleaning. My summer job was housekeeping at a golf resort from when I was 14 years old through 24 years old so I've had plenty of experience, but something about how cluttered a lived in space gets and I hate cleaning. I just don't know how to get passed the awkwardness of having a stranger paw through my filth though. Reading this article I was so stressed out for you!

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