On Friday Estimate

@aetataureate sure! I work at a university and my department hosts biweekly happy hour events during the school year. It's meant to built community between students, postdocs, faculty, and staff, but honestly everyone just hangs out with their little tribe. There's wine/beer and about 10 different kinds of pizza and it goes from 4-6:30. It's a great perk and I think it's awesome for morale. :)

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On Friday Estimate

@erinep happy happy birthday!! :)

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On Friday Estimate

The last few weekends have been pretty busy so I’m glad this weekend will finally be a little more relaxed. Tonight I’m not doing anything. I might go to the happy hour my work hosts ($0), but will probably just go home. Tomorrow I’m meeting up with a friend around 5 and going to walk down Charles St and stop in the shops and just wander around. I’m not planning on buying anything, just some window shopping and chatting. We might stop for a coffee to warm up at some point ($5). I’m meeting some friends for pizza in the North End ($30?) and then we’re going to the Improv Asylum ($25 ticket + $10 drinks). Might get drinks after ($20)? And then will probably take a cab home because it’s in a weird location in relation to my apartment ($15). Sunday all the relaxing and prepping for the week ahead and maybe doing some sewing that I haven’t touched in months ($0). Total: eh, let’s round down - $100

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On Am I Hurting Hotel Housekeepers' Income by Not Leaving My Hotel Room?

I was a housekeeper at a golf resort during the summers from when I was 14 until I was 24. We were paid hourly and if it was a rainy Saturday that meant no one went on the golf course and also usually meant we were done a few hours early and lost money. Those same people when they checked out would then think (I guess), well, housekeeping didn't come, so no tip. Even though we cleaned before they came, and then had to clean even more thoroughly once they left since they wouldn't let us in the room. This key card thing is new to me (granted, it's been awhile), but sounds kind of awful from the employee standpoint. That said - you paid for your room it's your right to occupy it and I don't think she should have brought the key card into it to guilt you in to letting her in. It's not totally uncommon that someone would skip service, it's nothing her managers would be surprised by. Stay in the room! leave a tip of some kind! don't piss the bed (you'd be surprised)!

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On Friday Estimate

Another fun weekend! I love Boston this time of year, everyone comes out of hibernation and there are a lot of fun things to do around the city. This weekend I have a friend coming to visit. Tonight I’m getting peapod (already paid), but forgot to get a couple things so need to stop at the grocery store for goat cheese and butternut squash (for unrelated things, but now I want to put them together) (probably $10?). I’ll touch up the apartment a little and maybe pack a bag for goodwill. I’m roasting a chicken and laying low. Tomorrow when she arrives we’re going on a picnic (if the rain holds out? If not we’ll just hang out at my place). I’m making salads (spinach, roast chicken, strawberries, pecans, goat cheese!) and she’s bringing wine. We’re going to dinner at Giacomo’s in the south end (possibly $40), and then meeting other friends for drinks ($50), and then taking a cab home ($15). Sunday we may go to brunch ($20) or might eat what’s in my kitchen ($0). I’m taking Monday off for the Boston Marathon so there’s a slight possibility she’ll stay for that. On Monday I’m going to figure out how to get to Coolidge corner without going through Copley, and will probably bring something to share ($15). Total estimate: $150

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On Gwyneth Paltrow GOOPs Up Food Stamps

@CMD+click I grocery shame myself too! I see all these posts on billfold and elsewhere of people spending $50/week shopping for one and I spent almost $100/week! I don't know if it's Boston prices, or that I cook more than others (doubtful) or am eating too much meat but I'm always a little embarrassed by myself

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On Monday Check-in

@LookUponMyWorks @callmeprufrock YES! I am so glad the roommate thing is settled too! and this girl seems like a good fit so fingers crossed it stays that way! :) @amglory89 I decided since the hangover was a product of the weekend it still fell within weekend parameters, sort of? haha

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On Monday Check-in

I thought it was going to be a spendy weekend and it totally was! Post-happy hour on Friday we went to dinner at this new-ish country bar in Fenway – delicious food! Steak biscuits! Hush puppies! Chicken and waffles! Moonshine! ($55) and then I took a cab home ($10). Saturday I met up with my friend for brunch, which was much needed ($20) and then I showed the apartment to a girl and ended up offering the room to her – so glad that’s over! I went to CVS because I was out of Splenda and milk and discount Cadbury eggs ($12). Then I just napped. Last night I went to see Matt and Kim. Things escalated quickly. Between drinks, snacks, cabs, I think it comes out to $95. Plus hungover Monday morning breakfast at the cafeteria ($4). Total spent: $196

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On Friday Estimate

@erinep I know! I know! I'm so glad I don't have to move soon, this will let me save lots of $$ this year :) and I'm glad I can get a new roommate! but everyone I've interviewed so far has been really intense so I don't know! I have one last girl coming Saturday and I'm really hoping she's normal. Otherwise I'll probably go with the guy that came who was mostly normal, but kind of too cute to live with? Like I think I'd always feel pressure to not have bodily functions and to only eat healthy foods

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On Friday Estimate

@amglory89 happy birthday!! :)

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