On Friday Estimate

@LookUponMyWorks I hope you feel better soon. My therapist's mantra is that everything changes and it's helpful to keep reminding myself when times are tough they won't always be tough, and I won't always be in the same place emotionally. xo

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On Friday Estimate

Yay long weekend! Today I have a work event so will be staying late and probably not doing anything tonight. My new roommate has a visitor this weekend, so depending on what they’re doing tonight I might join, but I have a feeling I’m going to be burnt out from this loooong work day. $0 or $30. Tomorrow is also up in the air! I might go to brunch and go out Saturday night but who knows. Let’s say $50 for the day? Sunday I’m going to Crane Beach for the day. So, some money to kick in towards gas and parking, plus food treats, plus we might stop at some farm that lets you pet animals and has apple cider donuts, so again, maybe $50 for the day. Monday it’s going to be raining and I’m going to need to regroup for the week so hopefully $0. Going to aim high and say $150 for the weekend with the better hope of coming in closer to $100.

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On Monday Check-in

@Tripleoxer so close! I saw that you went to the Lawn on D - was it good? I'm going there to see Edward Sharpe next month (and possibly Passion Pit in July).

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On Monday Check-in

@Stina @nell yes! it was a super fun weekend :) I keep telling myself I'll calm down on the spending/over-indulging once I'm used to the good weather. Then it will get too hot and I'll become a hermit again until fall, where the cycle will repeat until it's too cold to go outside. definitely worth it!!

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On Monday Check-in

Guys, I kind of went off the rails this weekend in both spending and diet. Friday I last minute went out to dinner at Sweet Cheeks with some friends. So delicious, so expensive ($78 – but right now it looks like they charged me $98+ tip so I’m waiting to see what happens with my bank). I took a cab home ($12). Saturday I got peapod, puttered around the house, and ended up having to take a cab to meet friends for the movies ($9) and then bought a drink and churro bites there ($10). Took a cab home (who do I think I am?!) ($8). Then I was lazy and went to bed early. Ps – pitch perfect 2 is…. Not that great. Sunday my friend was running the Harpoon 5-miler so I went to see her finish and enjoy the after-party. I was running late so took a cab there ($10), bought 3 beer tickets ($18), and ate a sausage (free!). We went down the street to Whiskey Priest after for two more drinks ($15) at which point I was done for the day and took a cab home ($8). Then I was day-drunk and ate literally everything in my house (ugh). So, that’s my entire cab budget for the month. Plus some. I do feel better though. I’m incredibly sunburned but the slump I was feeling at the end of last week is gone, so completely worth it. My house is still a wreck and the new roommate is moving in today but I already warned her/apologized and she was totally fine with it, so I hope she’s a good one. Total spent: $168 + I am going to need to buy some aloe after work today.

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On Friday Estimate

@turdypants thanks :) I think a few stiff drinks and a nap will definitely help my outlook

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On Friday Estimate

It’s been kind of a rough week. I feel worn out and don’t want to do anything. Tonight stopping at the farmer’s market on my way home ($10?), then probably not doing anything else. Tomorrow peapod is coming (already paid), and then some additional cleaning/sorting since the roommate is moving in on Monday. Then in the afternoon I’m meeting some friends to see Pitch Perfect 2, ticket already purchased. I’m not sure, but maybe dinner/drinks after? ($60). Sunday I’m supposed to go see a friend finish the Harpoon 5 miler race and then hang out for the after party. I think it’s $10 suggested donation, + whatever food/drinks I buy ($40 total). Total: $110ish?

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On The Yoghurt Factor

I have yogurt guilt because I buy the individual greek yogurt cups instead of the giant tub to portion out throughout the week. BUT I've actually hated yogurt most of my life until I forced myself to get used to it (health benefits), so I figure this is the compromise. It's usually $1.39/cup but sometimes it goes on sale for $1/cup. Then I leap for joy because this is what counts for excitement in your 30s.

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On Our Beds, Ourselves

I got my bed on amazon for like $300 (including the basic metal frame). Free delivery! the downside is the delivery guy dropped the giant rolled up queen mattress at my feet at the entry to my building and I had to get it up the stairs by myself. But, silver lining - I felt pretty invincible (and sweaty) once I got it up there. It's also pretty comfortable.

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On Next Question: Do You Consider Yourself Middle Class?

I am barely middle class for my city, which starts at $50k. When I think about what it means to be middle class, I don't think I'm there. Home ownership isn't possible, I can't afford to rent an apartment (or even a studio) alone, and I carry substantial student debt (~$75k). I grew up hovering around the poverty line, and am one of the first people in my family to complete a bachelors degree, so am considered a huge success.

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