On Monday Check-in

I guessed about right – all the money! Friday I went to dinner with a friend ($52) and to see Slutcracker ($30) which was as hilarious as it usually is. Saturday I got up super early (considering) and went to this super cute little place in the south end to pick up some foodie gifts ($74) and then stood in line for almost 25 minutes just to get IN to the sowa holiday market ($5). I got my cousin a cross-body purse ($58) and bought myself a donut ($3) and a little bowl with a picture of a cat’s face and it’s saying “what?” ($12). I stopped at the liquor store on my way home to get wine for holiday parties ($18 on sale). Saturday night I went to my friend’s donut party (you guys – it was just as good as it sounds!) and ended up taking an uber home (I know, we hate uber, but it was cold and dark and late and… yeah) ($15). Sunday I was an actual bump on a log. I slept in, then was too lazy to do anything beyond cook an elaborate brunch for myself and watch hours of tv and read two magazines. Total spent: $267, a little under expected because I didn’t meet up with comedy friends late-night.

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On Friday Estimate

At this point weekends are just marathon to-do lists until after the holidays. And they’re all expensive! Tonight I’m going to dinner with a friend ($50) and to see Slutcracker (burlesque version of the Nutcracker) ($30). Tomorrow I’m going Christmas shopping at the SOWA holiday market ($150?) then going to a friend’s Christmas Donut Party ($15 wine? $15 uber home?). Possibly meeting up with some comedy friends late-night ($30?). Sunday I’m going to cook for the week and work on the twin size quilt I talked about last week. And probably not getting dressed. Rough estimate: $300?

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On The Economics of Dating, OKCupid Edition

@ATF omg yes, I quote that line all the time. it's my life.

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On Monday Check-in

@RiffRandell thank you! I hope so too. His grandmother loves it so far @knittinginheels I am so jealous!! I love their shop and instagram feed, I'd love to go there some time! @erinep I asked mine to do it too! This is for the class but the first session is tomorrow night when I have my show so I can't go so I'm tracing ahead of time and going to the second session next Tuesday. Hoping to be able to finish on my own. Apparel is hard!

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On Monday Check-in

Yay (mostly) cheap weekend! Friday I stopped at CVS for some random things - $31. Then I taped a PDF pattern together (Fancy Tiger Crafts Sailor Top for my crafty billfold friends) and traced it out. Saturday I wrote my Christmas cards and worked on my next commission quilt most of the day – a twin size quilt for a little boy that loves baseball. The style isn’t something I would choose but his grandmother requested it and she was best friends with my mom (who made her other grandkids quilts) so I definitely feel a little obligated. It’s also unfortunately going to be for free (how do you charge your dead mom’s best friend?!). Picture -> http://instagram.com/p/wUjrc5oJxU/?modal=true Worked on it a bit more on Sunday, the top is 90% finished. Also purchased a Patriot’s jersey online for my uncle for Christmas (on sale, $80). I don’t really count that since it’s coming out of my Christmas fund rather than my every day budget (sort of like how I don’t count groceries or bill paying in my weekend estimate. Bizarre rules!) So, $31, or $111 depending on how you look at it.

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On Do You Hold Back on Buying Items You Want So People Can Give Them as Gifts?

my mom was the BEST gift giver. I miss everything about her but I definitely miss that around the holidays. The woman would figure out what I wanted before I even knew myself. Now I spend the holidays split between my 2 aunts and they each have their own peculiar brand of gift giving (one of them gave me a framed photograph of myself once). If they ask what I want I always go for things I need that fall into a sweet spot of not expensive and I would probably just get it for myself, but it's nice to not have to spend my own money - socks, ALWAYS socks! stop n shop gift cards for groceries, gift cards to my sewing store. I usually hold back on one or two books or quilt books I want. the small desk calendar I get every year to keep at work but brings me immense pleasure to look at (paper source, obvi).

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On Friday Estimate

@dromeda I'll be at Improv Boston for a student showcase. should be fun! I haven't been performing for awhile so it's nice to get back into it. @Erica thanks! :)

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On Friday Estimate

This is going to be a cheap cheap cheap weekend! Tonight after work I need to stop at CVS to pick up some odds and ends, $20. Then planning to stay in and work on the next quilt commission (baby quilt is gone, finally). Tomorrow and Sunday I’m going to do a deep clean on the kitchen and bathroom for the holidays and write my Christmas cards, figure out what I still need to get for presents for various people. I’m performing standup on Tuesday night in a showcase so I need to work on my set and iron out some stuff. At some point I’ll probably stop at the grocery store to pick up some stuff for the week ($25). Total estimate: $50!

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On Thinking About Year-end Numbers: How a Freelance Writer Makes a Living

that picture. I know that movie but I can't think of the title of it and it's killing me and it's all I can think about WHAT MOVIE IS IT?! help a sister out billfold!

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On Low-Cost Ways of Entertaining Aunt Flo

@sheistolerable @fletchasketch I don't know if maybe the nuvaring works differently than oral BC but my lining is totally nonexistent! I had some other medical stuff come up this summer and had both an ultrasound and an MRI on my ladybits and it looks like menopause city in there. I was freaked out by that but my GYN said that's exactly what the nuvaring is supposed to do, and that if I decide I want kids and go off it my lining will grow back within a month. So far the only drawback has been that occasionally sex can make me bleed because the tissue on my cervix is pretty delicate from the ring, but it doesn't hurt and doesn't last (and I'm mostly single so whatever). Everyone's experience is different though!

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