On Monday Check-In

Well, I spent all the money. Friday I returned some shoes and then on a whim stopped by the farmer’s market where that amazing pecan tart is that they NEVER have and they actually had it! just one. Waiting for me. Kismet. $6. Saturday night my friend came and I paid for the uber to the craft fair ($10) and she paid our entrance fee then I bought myself presents! A ring and two necklaces ($85). I bought a wooden NH keychain thing for my cousin as part of her Christmas gift ($14). Then we went to Beehive for dinner which was 90% amazing except we were asked 4 times if we were finished and had 2 different bus boys harassing us so finally we just gave up ($88). We took a cab back to my neighborhood ($12) and then went to a nearby bar where we had more wine, she paid. Sunday I didn’t leave the house, even though I regret that now because apparently it was really nice out (considering it’s late November in Boston). So, $215. But it was amazing to see my friend that I haven’t seen since September. And I love my new jewelry. Ps next time you go to Beehive – definitely get the duck. I slightly regretted that I got the short rib grilled cheese (which was soggy on the bottom!) and she had this amazing perfect duck.

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On Friday Estimate

@pterodactylish that sounds insane and painful, I'm so sorry! Is the nerve going to repair? How does this even happen? I hope you feel better soon! all the wine!

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On Friday Estimate

Weekend! Getting dark at 4:15 pm is definitely making me want to just hibernate and sleep all day e’rry day. Today after work I need to go return some shoes, and then will hopefully just be home tonight. I’ve fallen WAY behind on these quilts so I might do some work on that tonight, but I also might… not. Tomorrow there’s a craft fair & POP UP CAT CAFÉ in Boston at the cyclorama so I think I’m going to check that out with a friend ($3 entry, ? on Christmas presents). Then we’re going to dinner/drinks at Beehive ($100). Sunday I’ll probably need to go to the grocery store to pick up some stuff ($50). Make food for the week. Figure my life out. The usual. Total: $153 + ? on crafty Christmas presents

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On The Windfall Theory of Personal Finance

I pretty much just assume I'll drop dead at work some day.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

you guys! I'm so sad I missed this on Friday. I've had all the crazies! 1. a girl I lived with in college who would have her boyfriend in our dorm room for marathon SMELLY sex sessions. she also at one point was pledging a sorority and shit all over the room (ALL OVER). I had a shit handprint on my comforter and threw it away. 2. a girl that would insist on hugging me ALL THE TIME. like if she got up to go to the bathroom, hug time. I finally asked her to stop and she moved out 2 weeks later because I was "hostile". She also identified as Wiccan. 3. guy peed in the kitchen sink. while there were dishes in it. like on the regular. 4. roommate that cranked her heat and left her bedroom window open at the same time for an entire winter. Also had a cat and never changed the litterbox. borrowed one of my favorite possessions, broke it, threw it away (without trying to fix it! or giving it to me for memories), and then never told me about it. Yelled at me when my mom was dying and called me a bitch because I was spending a lot of time alone in my room crying when I wasn't at work or the hospital. 5. roommate whose boyfriend spent every night at our apartment and would be there even when she wasn't. She had sex on my couch. she would go do outdoorsy stuff and left her dog with me constantly. 6. current roommate! has had suicidal rages, brings her friends over with their assorted drunken issues (one is beaten by her boyfriend, one has a restraining order bc her ex threatened to kill her), eats my food, and her dog isn't trained so she pees/poops/barks CONSTANTLY. She's owned the dog for 3 years and for the last year has never taken the dog for a walk because "she's a little dog and doesn't need exercise" To be fair, I've had a lot of wonderful roommates interspersed. I've had some others that weren't awful enough to make this list, but were just pretty annoying. I've been the bad roommate twice in my early 20s. ROOMMATES! I just want to live alone forever.

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On Monday Check-in

Friday I ended up skipping the farmer’s market and went straight to happy hour with a friend. It ended up being an extra happy two hours ($47). Saturday I woke up and realized I had no coffee in my house so went to dunks to grab breakfast ($7). Saturday night I went to dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen in a really long time, also kind of got away from me - $88. Laundry at some point on Sunday - $15 I didn’t work on my commission projects at all so I kind of feel like a jerk. It’s harder to get to it during the week after work but I’m really behind on my schedule to complete them so I’m going to have to put in a couple hours after work today, Wednesday, and Thursday to catch up. I watched a gross amount of TV this weekend. Total spent - $157. Oops.

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On Friday Estimate

Today after work I’ll stop at the farmer’s market ($20). I might be grabbing a drink or two with a friend, but it depends on how timing works out ($20) because Comcast has to come to my apartment between 6-7 pm. The tag said our internet is “leaking” or something and interfering with signals and something something. Either way, they shut it off until they can come look at it. This means I will not be going to a comedy show that starts at 7, which is good to save money but bad because I should go. Tomorrow I’m going to do some stuff around the house, work on commission stuff, catch up on my DVR, vacuum. Then grabbing dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in a while to catch up ($50). Hoping it’s kind of an early night, but we’ll see. Sunday more relaxing. Possibly some excessive sleeping. Maybe laundry ($20). Loose estimate: $110

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On I Could Make The 1 Thing Good For a Weekend

@Tripleoxer awesome, congratulations!!

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On I Could Make The 1 Thing Good For a Weekend

I need to trade $15 for $15. When I had an appointment at Dana Farber they wouldn't let me pay my co-pay for some reason, so I eventually received a bill for $15 (maybe the copay ends up getting waived if you actually have cancer? I have no idea). This bill has been sitting in my purse for awhile. Not because I don't have $15 but because I hate using my checkbook and I hate using stamps and I just keep forgetting. Then one day I got a check from Brigham and Women's because they took a copay when they shouldn't have, and now want me to take $15 back. But I hate going to the bank. In a perfect world I could just write "Pay to the order of Dana Farber" on the back of the Brigham and Women's check and call it a day. Actually, is that allowed? I would like to do that.

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On Unnecessary, Compulsive Frugality

@Josh Michtom@facebook I think in terms of cost/pleasure the taste would no longer bother me and would immediately become Worth It.

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