On Friday Estimate

I’m starting to feel like a hermit but I’m not totally hating it. I have peapod coming tomorrow, already paid for. I have been super tired lately and think I need to start taking my vitamin d supplements again. I have finally almost finished making all the foxes, so I’m going to put the quilt top together this weekend and I have an idea for what I want to do for the backing that I’ll probably start. I am going to make the Linden Sweatshirt next so I’m going to trace out the pattern and then on Sunday I’m meeting with the instructor to figure out sizing. I’ll probably pick up a latte for her as a thank you for the help ($6). I’m roasting a chicken tomorrow night and making chili for lunches on Sunday. I need to do some cleaning around the house. I don’t know, maybe $20 for the weekend?

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On Open Thread: Parental Assistance

@ireneadler I identify with this so much! I posted my own background below - I received some minimal financial support in crisis but that last paragraph really hits home. I am constantly worried and stressed out about money and being financially stable and don't feel totally comfortable pursuing a dream career or leaping to grad school because of my debt and my lack of savings or stability. I would also love to see the billfold address this more!

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On Open Thread: Parental Assistance

Hmm this is a really interesting thread! I'm 31 and I don’t receive any help from family – my father left when my mom got pregnant and never paid child support and I met him when I graduated from college but he’s never contributed financially or emotionally to my life. Growing up we were pretty poor so I had a job as soon as I legally could (and babysat as much as I could before that) so I could be as independent as possible. When I went to college I got some scholarships, work study, and took out a ton of loans. My mom took out a Parent Plus loan but didn’t make much headway on it before she passed away. During college and for a year after my mom and I would go grocery shopping together every week and she would buy me food. After a horrible breakup in 2007 I needed a new living situation ASAP and my mom helped out as much as she could financially to help me get a new apartment and would send me $20 here and there for food. When I was deeply depressed and couldn’t afford therapy she paid for half of it ($100/month) for 4 months until I got a new job and could afford it myself (2008) and that’s about it. After that I was making about the same or more than she was and she passed away just 2 years later so now I’m on my own. I think if my mom had more financial support to offer she would have, and I think I would have taken it sometimes. I think if every catastrophic thing that could happened I could live with one of my aunt’s for awhile. It would be temporary and would need very specific guidelines about when I would get out.

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On Parents Send Invoice After 5-Year-Old Misses Their Child's Birthday Party

my inner only child just showed up - I actually recoiled at the idea of a gift swap. SERIOUSLY?!

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On Friday Estimate

@erinep the faces are done, I just need to attach the ears :) I was a little nervous because before I attached the right cheek I was like NONE OF THESE ARE THE RIGHT SIZE but after attaching the cheek only one (of my first 25) is going to be a throw away.

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On Brown Bagging It

I have brought my breakfast and lunch to work every day since the week before Thanksgiving! I hate lunch! I get groceries every 2 weeks so I usually plan to cook and have "real" food for lunch one week, and then frozen smart ones (or lean cuisines etc) for lunch the other week. It's a balance that keeps me from getting totally burnt out on cooking all the time and from getting burnt out on shitty frozen lunches. Just enough variety to keep me from the cafeteria.

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On Friday Estimate

yay cheap 3 day weekend! I've been living like a hermit this month and I love every single minute of it. After December it's nice to hibernate a little (and my cousin/bff is coming to visit in a couple weeks so I want to save up some $$ for that). Tonight - working on foxes, making spaghetti and meatballs because it's cold and that sounds perfect. Tomorrow making an elaborate brunch in my apartment and cleaning my bedroom (The Pit of Despair), and, you guessed it, more foxes! Sunday I have a sewing class, already paid, and will pick up materials to finish a commissioned quilt, free because I have a gift card from Christmas. I'll also probably do some cooking over the weekend and pray for a marathon of something good on TLC.

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On A Billfold Book Review: Karen Bender's 'Refund'

eep, I guess mine are: 1. not being able to retire and having to work until I drop dead at a desk 2. losing my job and becoming homeless (I don't have family to fall back on) 3. a future partner not wanting to marry me because of my terrible credit

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On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

@andnowlights I think you're right! I just re-did December with @menspraetrepidans suggestions to see where my money went - I was able to account for every penny! I split out my grocery cost so that "going out" included actually going out, when I buy work lunch, when I pick up a coffee at starbucks etc, and left "groceries" just actual trips to the grocery store. It still came in right at $500 - I cut out the cheese awhile ago, I think it's now organics + cost of Boston. My TP, paper towels, dish soap, shampoo/lotion/shower stuff etc come out of this too, so, hmm. I'm going to try to decrease by $50 in January and see how it goes, then try to get it down to $350(!).

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On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

@ATF I second the idea of a monthly thread! I love it. As for increasing the savings, I don't know if the mindset helps but when I need to save more I tend to just increase the automatic transfers, rather than think about what I need to cut out of my fun/flex spending and I kind of tend not to miss it and my fun spending just naturally goes down.

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