On 'Can We Talk Finances?' 'Not Tonight Dear I Have a Headache'

@Ester Bloom I love the idea of money making money and sometimes get bitter that I don't have enough money for it to replicate itself so if I EVER have an extra $2,000 and my electricity isn't in imminent danger of being shut off I am totally investing in something solidly middle/low risk (whatever that is).

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On 'Can We Talk Finances?' 'Not Tonight Dear I Have a Headache'

I could barely read this because that's how much I can't pay attention to my money. I 100% agree - I want someone to make these financial choices for me and for them to be RIGHT (though obvi if they're wrong, it is their fault entirely) and to explain them to me in a simple way that I get and then allows me to feel proud for having made the right choice (meaning - letting someone else make the right choice). it's ok though. I have $300 in my savings account. I don't think that's investable. I somehow decided once that if I ever have $5,000 in my savings account I'll invest $2,000 of it and go from there. Totally arbitrary. Is $2,000 even an investable amount?

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On Checking the Transactions

I check daily! I am kind of paranoid though because I've had my debit card info stolen twice. (once my bank never even notified me. I called about something unrelated and they were like oh by the by, you have a bunch of fraudulent looking charges pending) I keep a paper planner (color-coded, obvi) and whenever I get paid I have a large post it note with all pending charges (peapod, bills, etc) and check them off as they show up in my account so I know what I have left. Just realized, is this what balancing a check book is? (I've never balanced a check book)

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On How to Eat Right, Office Lunch Edition

so, just a quick anecdote in relation to killer banana spiders.... I'd been saving these bananas to make banana bread on this shelf and when I went to pick them up yesterday there was LIQUID and.. ugh.. and a ton of tiny little white.. lines? like maybe some kind of larvae? it was quite honestly the grossest thing I've ever seen and I kind of vomited a little (didn't help) and then bleached the shit out of everything. SO MAYBE DON'T EAT FRUIT! I don't know! Chicken nuggets never done me that wrong before is all I'm sayin'... edit to add - I hate lunch with the fire of a thousand suns. It is the worst meal of the day! I never know what to eat. or how to snack.

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On Monday Check-in

Considering my estimate was somewhere between $130 and $250 I’m happy to say I definitely came in under budget. Friday I ended up going out to lunch $12 and then spent $18 at the farmer’s market. I didn’t buy anything in Nordstrom Rack, it was super disorganized and weirdly really HOT in there. I got my carry-on suitcase at Marshalls and some travel things $82. I stopped at CVS on my way home to get milk etc $12. I skipped getting groceries and ordered takeout Saturday night (AGAIN, ugh) $25. I did some of the stuff around the house I needed to do, but not much. I was feeling kind of run down and exhausted so ended up napping a lot. Total: $150.

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On The Cost of Things At My Annual Physical

When I was sick as a kid my mom would make me decide if I was $60 sick because that's how much a basic visit cost. For the most part it worked out except I have an autoimmune disorder that didn't end up getting diagnosed until I was 17. Once I became an adult and finally had really good health insurance my general anxiety went way down since I could finally get health stuff checked out (& get anxiety medication, obvs).

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On The Cost of Making My Own Sub Sandwich

this is so depressing: That you’ll end up eating dinner alone in front of your laptop with a sandwich that doesn’t taste as good even though you made it on your own, and you’re supposed to be able to make anything you want in your life on your own. I'm going to go lay down under the covers for a while. lights off. just some quiet time. hungry and alone. forever.

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On The Cost of Making My Own Sub Sandwich

@ATF everything here sounds fantastic. Do you do meal delivery? I have no idea how I've been feeding myself for the last decade

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On Friday Estimate

no idea, my plans keep changing. I think overall it will be a low-cost weekend minus today. Today: buy lunch - $8 farmer's market - $20 Nordstrom Rack - 0 or $100 Marshall's suitcase - $50(?) stuff around the house - 0 Tomorrow/Sunday Grocery run? $50? spend some time outside while it's still glorious 0 clean my apartment some more so it's nice and sparkly when I leave for Chicago on Thursday - 0 take pictures and post of a sewing machine/machine bag I want to get rid of, post to cl, hope for the best - 0 make a birthday present for a friend - 0 So, somewhere between $130 and $250

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On 1 Things in The Stream, That is What We Are

I need to buy a carry-on suitcase! Which is a fun-ish one thing. I'm going to go to Marshall's tomorrow after work (pay-day, obvs) and probably stop at Nordstrom Rack across the street first to see if I can find some cute ankle boots. As for my non-fun one things. I've been really good about to-do lists this week so the only semi-pressing non-fun thing is to clean my room so it will be tidy when I go away for vacation next week. Tonight I'm going to start by putting away my laundry, dropping off a bag or two to Goodwill (that have been sitting there since my last big Goodwill push), and cooking some food that might be expiring soon. The most exciting thing is suddenly realizing that I have nothing pressing or awful hanging over my head. All of my debtors are happily getting payments, I have no pending health stuff finally, my apartment is clean and I've sent out about 10 apartment requests for my move. I really must be forgetting something, but for now I'll enjoy feeling prepared for life.

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