On Friday Estimate

This is going to be a busy weekend, but hopefully not too spendy. Last night I had date 3 with that boy I mentioned last week, and it was a late night, so tonight I'm probably going to take it easy. Tonight - sewing a tablet case for my uncle - $0 eating leftovers - $0 Tomorrow - Uberx to my friend's place in JP to take measurements of her windows because I'm making her curtains - $20ish? going to JoAnn's Fabrics with her, she'll buy the fabric for the curtains, I'll buy some other random things I need - $30 I have a friends easter dinner thing tomorrow night and I promised to bring a lot of fancy cheese $25 and some beer $10. Sunday - I'll take the bus up to NH for Easter Day with the family - $40 total - $125

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On Monday Check-in

@Allison @Stina thanks!

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On Monday Check-in

Let’s see, Friday I was pretty hungover so on my way home I picked up ice cream and a bunch of beverages because that was the only thing I wanted and then made a nest on the couch, bed by 8 pm. Total - $8 Saturday I woke up at 7:30 and tried to go back to sleep and failed so got up and started doing All The Things around the house - cleaning, breakfast, weekly phone call to aunt, and worked on this quilt (link attached this time!) http://tinypic.com/r/9jehvl/8 (I don’t know how to be fancy and give the link a name)… the quilt was inspired by the sun reflecting off water - $0, infinite satisfaction Saturday night I ended up last minute going out with a friend to catch a comedy show (free) and grab a bite to eat and some drinks ahead of time ($45). Sunday I FINALLY put my new bed together. All by myself. By the end I felt like I had just been in a wrestling match because there were so many big pieces and everything was heavy and awkward and it was totally draining. But, it’s SO much better than my old one, which had a big dip in the middle because it was a million years old. I can already feel my back straightening out. I also worked on the quilt some more and didn’t end up going to class because it was still in too many pieces to safely get there without totally screwing up my layout. I feel like I was frantically working on things all weekend and now I’m sore and exhausted and want to sleep all day today. Original estimate: $50 Actual spending: $53

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On The Case of the Missing Package

this happened to me! except it wasn't a vacuum. December last year I ordered a metal guitar pick made out of a recycled cymbal for my cousin's husband - he's a drummer and plays the guitar and likes funky things - and ti was a tiny package shipped USPS so I figured they would put it in my locked mailbox but GUESS NOT because it said it was delivered online, but someone definitely stole it. It wasn't even amazon, it was a small company, but they were SO NICE and overnighted me one the next day to my office. now I get everything here, which is sometimes convenient and a fun surprise at work and sometimes a bummer when I then have to lug it home

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On Friday Estimate

@ATF thank you! :) I'm 30 now and feel like I have been single 90% of the time since I was 24 and moved to Boston just because it's so tough here. Even if nothing comes out of this it's nice to be reassured that there are good people out there

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On Friday Estimate

@ATF Happy Birthday! and yes, I hate how people try to minimize or dictate how people here are supposed to feel about the bombing. The day we were on lock down my aunt called to chat and was like "well that's nice that you get the day off!" and I was like NONE OF THIS IS NICE! oof I think you should just do whatever feels right

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On Friday Estimate

@Allison happy birthday!

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On Friday Estimate

@calamity this sounds like a perfect weekend! I can't wait for the farmers markets in my area to open (early may-ish)

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On Friday Estimate

@Stina Happy Birthday! And Clue is fantastic, enjoy!

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On Friday Estimate

@andnowlights @allison good idea! I forget that you can do that. Here's the link to see it - this is in progress, I'm still working on the layout http://tinypic.com/r/xdt9w8/8 @ATF - seriously! dating in this city is the actual worst. I think I've been on 100 or so terrible first dates before this one, so far so good! @Stina - bahahaha dying. yes, I totally like him.

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