On When Your Boss Monitors Your Bathroom Breaks

With so many people with their head down looking at a device nowadays, I suspect hanging in the bathroom has been a real issue. They should instead use technology and block/scramble the internet inside the building. Wonder how they handle smokers?

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On The Year We Saved $10K: Homes and Weddings

@beastlyburden In awe of two people who each make $35-40k? I suggest to get a job at an oil & gas company. Assistants (with no skills) make at least $50 -60k. If you have a skill, it just goes up from there. Plus bonus.

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On Median One-bedroom Rents in NYC Now As High As $4,210

@Kation Is there still a murder a day in a Baltimore?

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On Times I Thought I'd Go Broke: 2012-2014

Another dime-for-a-dozen writer. Study STEM to have a real job, with real pay.

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On Borders, Bluestockings, And Box Offices I Have Known

Lots of 4 month or less jobs. What's your degree in?

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On The Cost of Breaking Up and Moving Out

@Susan Tidebeck Why should he? Isn't she an adult?

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On The Cost of Breaking Up and Moving Out

Are we in an age where its too tough to feel your feelings, be human, so have to be drugged/numbed out? Is that how we're learning to cope with disappointment/sad things happening to us? That is very costly, indeed.

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On My First Job, Or How Not to Deal With A Boss Who Masturbates at Work

@Christy I wonder how many men have issues with lack of assertiveness?

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On Amazon Isn't Spending Less Than It Earns, Either

No they have NOT ever made a profit. They also said that they expect to lose between $410,000,000 - $810,000,000 during Q3, up from losing just $10,000,000 in those 3 months. Yeow!

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On It's Time to Talk About 'Snowpiercer,' the Best Action Movie of the Summer

When I lived in NYC, Allison Pill was my fav stage actress. Seeing her live was truly an experience. I haven't seen this film ...and won't cuz I'm squeamish, but she hadn't been used to her best capabilities in tv/film that I've seen her in. If she's in a play, drop everything and go see her!

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