On Marriage, Money, and Compromise

This. Twenty five years in and we are still negotiating over spending and long term goals on a frequent basis. It took twenty years for me to share a checking account.

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On "The Grand 401(k) Experiment Has Been A Failure"

How exactly does a person making minimum wage for a company which does no matching save for retirement with a 401K? I'm glad I had one, and it provides me with a nice income supplement in retirement, but i made enough money to put away more than 10% for it. People barely making it can't do that, and people who are unable to find full time work never even have a chance to try.

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On The Cost of DIYing Your Floors

I stained a 35x15 sun room a few years ago at a cost of about $250.00. The worst part was a tie between getting rid of the tack strips and nails from previous carpet and the heinous toxic products needed to get the job done. Payoff - great looking and still looks great six years later. I'd recommend it to anyone.

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On Making Money in Real Estate: Crazy / Not Crazy / If Trump Can Do It ...

If your funds to invest consist of the equity in your current property and not a pile of cash then don't do it. Save up some cash to try this out, and in the meantime take some classes in basic home repair. It's hard to make a profit on any of these things if you can't do most of the work yourself. I hired out the plumbing but did most of the other stuff. Tenants do not treat a property like owners do. Repeat that out loud 457 times.

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On The Most Bought Books And The Most Pirated Movies

Doesn't say much about adult popular culture, does it? I think it's depressing.

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On 'Maybe You Have a Rich Husband?'

Contrast this with the gigantic salaries paid to the heads of big non profits - disgusting.

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On Married LGBT Couples Must Consider Which States Recognize Their Marriage for Social Security

We moved to Massachusetts from Oklahoma in part because our 2008 marriage was recognized here. There was still the issue of federal recognition at that time, which complicated a lot of things, not the least being our taxes. The first filing of single OK, Single Federal and married MA was awful. I think things will be moving along to universal recognition among the states soon.

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On Shopping With and For My Dying Mother

When my mother in law was dying I bought her beautiful Natori pajamas. I had never spent so much on pj's and probably never will again. My wife bought her soft cotton daywear. Her skin was so sensitive and she really appreciated the treats. It is odd to purchase gifts for someone who you know will be gone in just a few weeks (she died the first week of February), but the invitation to stay on as long as she like implied in a nice gift was a comfort. I never regretted that purchase.

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On What We'll Do When We Stop Working

This is what I do: garden (veggie and flower), go to the beach, go kayaking, read, knit, cook, go to yoga class, go cycling, have lunch with my friends, play bridge, do my little house chores, rinse and repeat. Occasional trips into the city for museum viewing, yarn shopping. Aside from house and health maintenance there is a lot to do for not much money. Plus my wardrobe needs are much simpler.

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On Unnecessary, Compulsive Frugality

Any kind of waste goes all over me. Waste of time, waste of money, waste of resources. I use everything up. Right soap shavings from the remains of a nice bar of soap are dissolving in my hand soap pump, and I have an ever growing basket of leftover yarn from various completed knitting projects. That said, I do buy good quality.

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