On Label Whoring at Thrift Town

@sheistolerable I know, right?!?! I once found (at a Housing Works in NYC, no less!) a tuxedo-weight silk YVES F-ING SAINT LAURENT skirt with pockets (!) for $40. I think the staff thought it was a knock off because the label just says SAINT LAURENT but that's how it was in the 80s. This was almost 10 years ago and now that skirt is just on the other side of not fitting, but I will be damned if I ever get rid of it. It is my thrifting unicorn.

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On Will You Be 3D Printing Your Christmas Presents?

@wrappedupinbooks yeah, clearly that person has no idea what they're talking about. what are they 3d printing?!?!

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On Will You Be 3D Printing Your Christmas Presents?

i'm an architect, and I am really eye-roll-y about the whole 3D printing thing. Even for models, it just makes no sense. It's cheaper, and better, to pay an intern to carefully xacto all that facade detail rather than pay upwards of a couple hundred bucks per cubic inch (!) to 3D print. And 3D printing for now has almost 0 application in real-world construction. So. Pffffffft. (for what it's worth, CNC routing is way cooler / more practical).

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On I Bought a House With Money I Made From Airbnb

Do you pay taxes on that income? How does that work?

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On Internships Reevaluated Around the World and at Medill

I... I don't know. As an NU alum (although not Medill), I saw many of my peers go away to far-flung locales and actually do journalism. Many are still in the industry. A friend of mine majored in Broadcast and ended up in a tiny station in the UP of Michigan, but ended up with invaluable air time. I think the fact that it's during the school year, and finite, helps. I agree that many internships have questionable value, and should be paid, but in this case since Northwestern upholds fairly stringent requirements for the outlets that host kids on TM, and presumably full-time employees are spending time (money) to train them, it doesn't bother me as much.

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On Two Writers With Control Issues Talk About Money

@asharpcookie completely agree. When I'm in a position to not be paycheck-to-paycheck, I am a way better saver, budgeter, etc, because I feel like I can actually save for something big (a trip, a new handbag, etc). When I'm squeaking by, I just say "eh, f it" and burn my checking account to the ground. because even though I know logically that $20 or whatever could one day add up, that knowledge somehow still doesn't cross over into action.

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On Grandmas Against Magazines

The trick about magazines (as a magazine junkie) is to subscriiibe rather than buy off the newsstand! A subscription to the New Yorker is 50 bucks, which is like the cost of, what, 8 issues of the stand? And you get like 48 (I can't remember how many double issues there are)! Let's do the math: if each mag provides ehhh, 3 hours of entertainment, that's 48*3 = 144 hours of entertainment a year, which is the equivalent of roughly 72 movies (which in NYC at, what, $14 a pop now? is eeesh, $1008?) Magazines are a baaahhhhhhgain. My real problem becomes more scholarly or technical journals that start running at like $400/year, but that's another discussion. Consumer mags though? Yeah, just subscribe.

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On A Conversation With a Canadian Who Has Lived in the U.S. for 11 Years and is About to Be Kicked Out

@stuffisthings Yyyyyeah, this is an interesting blog: http://therealhousewifeofciudadjuarez.blogspot.com/ that highlights the difficulties of an american who had to move to mexico for 10 years so that she and her mexican husband could one day, 10 years from now, legally live in the US because he was already living here. It's not clear what his immigration status was when he was in the US though. Also, anecdotally, my coworker (who is American) has been trying to get his Italian wife into the country for almost 6 months. Oh yeah, she's also pregnant with their baby. So suffice to say, it's really not as easy as just jumping on down to city hall.

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On Almost Bought a Guy a Bus Ticket

@WayDownSouth Yeah, it's unfortunately not unbelievable. $18ish pasta, $11ish a glass, plus tax and tip. Plus, assuming because the bartender is a friend and probably gave her a little bonus wine, and therefore Logan wanted to return the favor with a bigger tip. Food here is awesome, and sure, you can certainly find some cheap eats, but that quality doesn't come cheaply.

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On I Have This Extra Money But It Keeps Disappearing

@messica ugh, if only I was physically able to save 20% of my income... Of course I do 401(k) contributions til it hurts and do do the auto transfer to savings on payday thing, but with my bloated student loans, that just isn't going to happen at 20%. So, for me student loans = anachornistic savings? inverse savings? UGH.

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