On Come Hang Out With Us Today After Work

happy birthday, Billfold! wish i could make it, but alas, i will be at work.

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On Open Thread

@RadScientist that stuff used to take up half of my full size bed, but a few months ago i got a couple of these stacking shelves from The Container Store and it has been delightful http://www.containerstore.com/shop?productId=10020481&N=&Ns=p_sort_default%7C0&Ntt=stacking+shelf i got one full size and one half size, stacked them and placed them against a wall.

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On Japan's Strange $200 Million Girl Band

the video for her apology was heartbreaking. she didn't just have to shave her head. she was also demoted to trainee status, meaning she was cut out of the band.

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On WWYD: The Mystery Payment

This happened to me once, and it turned out that my dad had paid my bill secretly. On the one hand, aw, dad, you're the best. On the other hand, -1000 adult points.

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On Stop Apologizing

@julebsorry highly relevant username!

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On WWYD: Slightly Overcharged

i might've gone back, depending on how busy the starbucks was. i was grocery shopping a couple weeks ago, and the cashier at whole foods charged me for shittake mushrooms instead of cremini mushrooms, which i think would've been a $5-6 difference. when i went to get a price adjust, the customer service people just refunded me and didn't bother charging me for the mushrooms. got a lucky break with that one!

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On Betting on Love, Leveling Up and Leaving Atlanta (Part III)

@ladybug blogilates is great! you should check out her youtube channel and website--tons more videos and workouts. and she makes workout plans you can follow each month using the videos she produces. (that said, i should really get back into it myself.) edit: whoops, you've been on her website, duh! i saw "livestrong" and thought you only knew her from that channel. sorry!

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On Another Job You Don't Want

i'm working really hard to not get up and run screaming from my computer

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On What a Deal

@missvancity ME TOO. it's the #1 reason i don't let anyone else touch my laundry.

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On Personal Austerity Measures in Effect, According to Thursday Night Texts

i think i might cancel hulu plus. i just cannot deal with all the ads.

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