On Overdrafting With Simple

@LookUponMyWorks Yup, and Big is dating a movie star, which is what the "she can reach me, but I can't get to her" quote is referencing. I think she dumps him and that's why he shows up all sad at the cabin?

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On Professor Dumpster Still Trying To Make Dumpster Happen

@HelloTheFuture Exactly, it brings to mind a lot of the same criticisms from Mallory's piece in the Toast last week about the Maine hermit.

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On On Feminism And Fashion

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On It's a Weird Day. Let's Rank States!

@honey cowl As a Midwesterner, I take great pleasure in trolling my New Englander boyfriend with the argument that New York is part of New England, on the logic that York is a subset of England therefore New York is a subset of New England.

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On It Has Been Made Clear to Me That I Cannot Have It All

@TheDilettantista I am totally with you on this. Disclaimer, I am not a parent (and there's a good chance I never will be), but I just wanted to throw my support behind what you're saying. I second the idea of a Billfold article on baby-feeding expenses. I remember a piece I really liked on this countering the "it's so much cheaper than formula argument" by pointing out that that is only obviously true if you value the mother's time at $0. I have no idea how expensive formula is, but I am willing to bet that your mom's hourly rate was high enough that buying formula was much cheaper than sacrificing four hours of her time per day.

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On 1 Thing Compares 2 U

@Allison Acquiring books and wine sound like excellent 1 things.

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On The Virtues of Working More


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On WWYD: Should I Be Upset Because a New Hire is Getting Paid the Same Salary as Me?

@guenna77 I think your comment really nailed exactly what bothered me about this answer: "acknowledging the disparity exists and then questioning the validity of her being upset about it." This situation is bullshit, and the letter writer should not feel like she has to just passively accept it.

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On The End of Neighborliness

@BillfoldMonkey That's an interesting theory. I also wonder if the rise of families where both spouses work play a role. Now that I think about it, a lot of the neighborly examples Mike cited are associated with stay-at-home mothers. Growing up, I know that my mom did all of the work of maintaining relationships with neighbors and community.

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On A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

@appleaday Exactly, this is exactly what I came down here to say. I didn't see any mention of what else the LW is planning on doing in the next year, so why not take this in the meantime? It can't hurt to get the raise and the extra experience.

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