On How an Entry-level Investment Banker Does Money

@thisisatest He mentions paying off the student loans with the year-end bonuses over the next few years, so I think it makes sense that he is treating them as lump-sum windfalls, rather than as part of regular income in his monthly budget. My case isn't quite as extreme as his, but that's definitely how I do the mental accounting. If you make a base salary that is more than enough to live comfortably, it's an obvious way to avoid lifestyle inflation, and instead focus the money on big-picture goals like debt reduction, big purchases, savings, etc.

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On How a 5 Percenter in Los Angeles Does Money

@aetataureate Yes, I would second the idea that differences in curriculum at the high school level is somewhat important. My boyfriend and I both majored in Math at the same college, but I started out two semesters ahead because of my private high school's math offerings compared to his public school curriculum. He was able to overcome this, but he was very frustrated about feeling so far behind and like he had to play catch up in both math and physics compared to some of our peers who were even more far ahead. It's probably not a dealbreaker and there are tons of other factors to consider, but I definitely think it's something to at least think about when making the decision.

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On Why I'm Not a Homeowner

This is so interesting to me! I think it totally makes sense and is probably the much more common perspective, but I am almost completely the opposite. I dream about owning my own condo, all by myself, but in reality I know that by the time I'm financially prepared to own, it probably won't make any sense to do it by myself (I'm currently in a very long-term, for the moment long-distance relationship.) I really, really want that feeling of accomplishment and pride of having my name on a mortgage by myself, of having a home that is unequivocally mine, something I earned for myself. I know that it's selfish to deny my partner the same feeling (and the chance to build equity), so if we're still together at that point it will have to be a long conversation. It's funny how many deep-seated feelings we all have tied up in the concept of home ownership . . .

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On How Long-Term Travelers With Loans Do Money

@andnowlights I was a little confused on that too. And it also sounded like the $3,000 in flights for the Thailand/Singapore trip was on credit cards, too?

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On Running a Business I Didn't Want

@aetataureate Yes, I wish it had been like three times longer!

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On The Gift Card Is The Hardest Part

I am absolutely a maximizer, and am very much aware of how it cripples my decision making ability. I find that it's at its absolute worst when it comes to wardrobe-related purchases (especially now that I'm at the point of investing in nicer stuff), because there's the double problem of optimizing each individual purchase (pick my absolute favorite investment handbag/boots/coat etc.) on top of optimizing the coordination of the wardrobe as a whole (what if my optimal-choice boots clash with my optimal-choice coat?!) This is obviously completely impossible/crazy, but it's a hard mental habit to break and I often just end up putting off purchases as a result. (And also end up with an all-neutrals wardrobe . . ) I'm not at the point in life where I'm buying non-IKEA furniture or doing a lot of home decor, but that seems like an absolute nightmare to me for the same reason . . .

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On Monday Check-in

$308, oof. Not counting some online shopping, I would still be at $180! I think the only dumb purchases were $20 on a CVS umbrella (I couldn't find the price tag but figured it would be like $12 and was desperate), and $32 on drinks (one for self, two for others) that were completely unnecessary because we had just come from a free open bar and didn't really need them.

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On Oprah Is Or Is Not The Richest Black Woman In The World

For a second I misunderstood and thought Roxane was writing her column for the Billfold, and was like, way to bury the lede guys!!

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On Broke With Bad Skin, UNTIL ...

@LookUponMyWorks Thanks, good to know! Now I just need to get comfortable with asking a doctor directly about it as an option, which I know should not be a big deal but stresses me out for some reason . . .

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On Broke With Bad Skin, UNTIL ...

@Mlanterman Since both you and @LookUponMyWorks mentioned it, I'm curious: what exactly is Spironolactone? Is it an antibiotic? My acne is definitely hormonal, and I've been been pretty much repeating the same cycle every few years (I'm 26 too): go on oral antibiotics which immediately help, my doctor doesn't want me to stay on them long term (fair enough) so I go off them and the acne immediately comes back, try doing just topical for a while with mixed results, give up and just deal with the acne, then get frustrated and start the whole thing over with a new doctor. I'm thinking of making an appointment soon, so this new option intrigues me . . .

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