On Monday Check-in

$308, oof. Not counting some online shopping, I would still be at $180! I think the only dumb purchases were $20 on a CVS umbrella (I couldn't find the price tag but figured it would be like $12 and was desperate), and $32 on drinks (one for self, two for others) that were completely unnecessary because we had just come from a free open bar and didn't really need them.

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On Oprah Is Or Is Not The Richest Black Woman In The World

For a second I misunderstood and thought Roxane was writing her column for the Billfold, and was like, way to bury the lede guys!!

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On Broke With Bad Skin, UNTIL ...

@LookUponMyWorks Thanks, good to know! Now I just need to get comfortable with asking a doctor directly about it as an option, which I know should not be a big deal but stresses me out for some reason . . .

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On Broke With Bad Skin, UNTIL ...

@Mlanterman Since both you and @LookUponMyWorks mentioned it, I'm curious: what exactly is Spironolactone? Is it an antibiotic? My acne is definitely hormonal, and I've been been pretty much repeating the same cycle every few years (I'm 26 too): go on oral antibiotics which immediately help, my doctor doesn't want me to stay on them long term (fair enough) so I go off them and the acne immediately comes back, try doing just topical for a while with mixed results, give up and just deal with the acne, then get frustrated and start the whole thing over with a new doctor. I'm thinking of making an appointment soon, so this new option intrigues me . . .

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On One Is the Loneliest Number, So Find a Cell Phone Family Plan

@andnowlights Yes, this is exactly what I was getting at in my post right below yours!

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On One Is the Loneliest Number, So Find a Cell Phone Family Plan

For me I almost feel like just admitting that it makes more sense to stay on my family plan is the more mature thing to do in a perverse way? I am fiercely independent and always have been, so I'm not happy about staying on the family plan at all. But I kind of feel like paying a ton extra just to make a point would feel very "spiteful teenager" to me. (Not saying that the author/anyone who chooses to go off the family plan is, just that is very much what the dynamic I personally have with my parents would make it feel like.)

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On How People Without Parents Do Money

@dromeda Yeah, I think there were some thinkpieces floating around a year or so ago making the point that this was the purpose that "home ec" used to serve, and that maybe we went the wrong direction by getting rid of it entirely instead of making boys take that kind of class along with girls.

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On Survey: Does It Always Make Sense to Go for the Lowest Fare?

@Liz the Lemur Same! I was feeling like a huge dope for how much I paid when I went to Sweden a few years ago. I'm sure that winter is not a popular time to book flights to Norway, but it can't make *that* big of a difference!

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On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

@therealjaygatsby I got lucky with pretty much the same deal as you - if you hadn't said that the building wasn't very nice, I would have thought we might be in the same building. I pay $1230 for a studio that I just moved into last spring. Not wild about carpet in the apartment, but otherwise no complaints. They're hard to find, but I think there actually are a decent number of apartments in older buildings in that area that are in that price range.

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On A Human and Her Glass of Whisky Attempt to Buy Multi-city Plane Tickets

@apples and oranges That's how I did it the one time that I flew out of BWI (yellow/green to Greenbelt and then bus that goes right to the terminal) - I think the bus comes every twenty to thirty minutes, so it really isn't bad. I am usually 100% willing to pay a little extra to just fly out of DCA, but it's definitely a doable option if you are price conscious.

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