On How Important Is It To Love Your Living Situation?

I love my studio apartment so, so much. I am so sad to be leaving it to move to another city in a few months! It's the first apartment that I've lived alone in, and the fact that it is all mine, that nobody else can be in my space unless I specifically invite them over, just makes me so, so happy. That, the fact that it's in a cute neighborhood where I can walk to work and most places I want to go, and the low rent (well, for the location) are the things I love the most about it.

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On Examining My Grocery Spending

@TheLifestyleCreep God, I'm so over ramps. (Sorry, could not resist making one of my favorite inside jokes - my boyfriend overheard someone make this comment at a very foodie organic farm-to-table style restaurant and it is one of the most pretentious things I've ever heard.)

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On How a College Student from an Affluent Native American Tribe Does Money

This is fascinating! I wonder how certain the money is - I don't fully understand how it all works, but given that she mentions in the interview that there was a time when the casino wasn't doing well, isn't there a chance that this all dries up in the future? I wonder how the people she mentions that don't have other jobs would be equipped to handle that, whether they have saved/invested for that possibility or if it all just gets spent.

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On Exciting Things To Learn About Your Favorite Lunch Spot!

I've never gone to any of the (several) Prets around my office because I basically think of them as selling those gross pre-made sandwiches you get at the grocery store or gas station, but way more expensive. Like, it's the type of place I would go when I'm traveling and there aren't any better quick options, but would never think to go there normally. Am I completely off base with that impression?

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On The Art of Losing Isn't Hard To Master: J. Crew Shirt Edition

This has been bugging me: how does the picture connect to the piece? I just re-read the whole thing and I still can't figure it out!

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On When Paying Taxes Leaves You Temporarily Broke

I definitely vote to use the credit card, this is what they're there for. If you're worried about racking up a balance again, and even just paying it off this month makes you nervous, maybe just pay off the balance as soon as your next freelance check clears. I only have one card I use, but it definitely lets me make payments at any time, so I assume most/all credit cards would let you do that.

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On A WWYD? Update From The Millennial Whose Parents Want Her Hard-Earned Savings

@aetataureate I get the sense that the LW doesn't know the answer to that question at this point, and given this line I think the parents might not either: "They are in the very early stages of looking at houses and my dad was the one who approached me with this in passing. He can be a foot-in-mouth kinda guy. I’m sure if my mom had been there she would have shut him up until they had figured everything out first." My conclusion is that this was a request that was not very well thought through on the Dad's end, and unsurprisingly the consequence of that is confusion/discomfort/some resentment by the LW. Once the parents move past the exploratory phase, I hope it will be possible for them to come to an arrangement that works for everyone, so long as the lines of communication are a bit more open. This is what I would advise the LW: immediately start figuring out how much it will cost you to get your own place. Think about how much of a nest egg you would be comfortable having in savings, but try to be very honest about this, letting go of the idea that you are entitled to keeping the full $8k, since it seems clear that, fairly or not, your parents do expect you to financially help them now in exchange for the generous support you’ve received over the years. Then, once you have a number in mind for how much you’re comfortable contributing, talk this over with both of your parents together, but make it very clear what kind of support (if any) you’re prepared to give them in the future. Hopefully this will mean they can make sure they don’t lock themselves into a retirement lifestyle they can’t support, and will avoid a repeat of this scenario a few years. Easier said than done, but good luck!

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On WWYD: My Parents Want My Hard-Earned Savings!

@LookUponMyWorks Yeah, something is just not quite adding up. I am theoretically very in favor of the LW financially contributing to their parents, given all the extra support they've received. But I can't quite wrap my head around why the parents are making this particular request. It seems like if they were able to finance at least one, possibly two kids college educations outright, and are thinking of buying a second house to retire in, then it seems odd that $10,000 would make a meaningful difference to them. I know it's not chump change, but $10k really isn't that much in terms of funding a retirement.

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On How a Consultant in a Long-distance Relationship Does Money

@fletchasketch Yeah, I am guessing she meant that she had a bunch of interest accrued from when she wasn't paying it down that wasn't capitalized, and that she has now paid off that balance. The statement about not having any more incentive to pay it down quickly doesn't make sense to me, though, since it really doesn't matter if the balance is from the principal or from accrued interest.

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On Who Knows One [Thing]? I Know One [Thing]

The last few weeks have been so filled with mildly unpleasant grown-up tasks that I have been thinking a lot about this comment from a Do-1-Thing that clearly resonated with me since I still remember it over two years later: http://thebillfold.com/2013/02/im-a-slave-4-that-1-thing/#comment-34356 Anyways, I devoted a whole day to dealing with this type of stuff a week from last Sunday, and have been steadily working on additional tasks since then, and I STILL have so many left. Yesterday I finally did the one I was dreading the most, which was to email my company’s accounting department to confirm that nope, the form I submitted to change my tax withholding when I moved states last June definitely did not go through. (I should have noticed this at the time, but in my defense my address got updated on my paystub so I assumed this meant the withholding was changed at the same time.) Today my one thing was to re-submit that form, and this weekend my one thing will be to deal with the mess that is figuring out my two state tax returns (I already did federal, which was when I discovered the problem.)

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