On Screwing Myself With The Credit Card I Swore I'd Pay Off Every Month

@triplea Yes, I actually thought this was where the story was heading!

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On Would You Be More Likely to Freeze Your Eggs If It Were a Work Benefit?

@nell I had that initial reaction, but for me I think it had more to do with the way the headlines have framed it as the companies paying/incentivizing women to do this, when really it's just being added as one of many health benefits that are offered to employees. We can just add this to the long list of reasons why it's not a great idea that health insurance is tied so closely to employment in the US.

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On It’s Time to Pony Up for an Accountant

I also think that doing my taxes myself by hand is soothing! I don't think I've ever met anyone else who shares this sentiment.

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On It Don’t Mean a Thing If You Don’t Do 1 Thing

I've gotta say I definitely side with Dustin on this one . . . I can't imagine how livid I would be if my partner gave my mother my bank account information! Can't she just write the check out to you? Or buy the stroller online and have it shipped to you? ETA: I'm not sure why either of those options are actually that different, but somehow they feel different to me? idk

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On How the Gilmore Girls Do Money

@EM I can't even talk about what they did to Lane, to this day it sends me into a blind rage.

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On Say Yes to the Dress, Pt 3: The Conclusion

It also made me happy that even after she found the dress and had the emotional moment, she still took some time to think it over and make her decision. As an incredibly indecisive person, that seems like the most stressful part of the whole ordeal - for such a big financial decision, there's so much pressure to decide on the spot!

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On Overdrafting With Simple

@LookUponMyWorks Yup, and Big is dating a movie star, which is what the "she can reach me, but I can't get to her" quote is referencing. I think she dumps him and that's why he shows up all sad at the cabin?

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On Professor Dumpster Still Trying To Make Dumpster Happen

@HelloTheFuture Exactly, it brings to mind a lot of the same criticisms from Mallory's piece in the Toast last week about the Maine hermit.

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On On Feminism And Fashion

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On It's a Weird Day. Let's Rank States!

@honey cowl As a Midwesterner, I take great pleasure in trolling my New Englander boyfriend with the argument that New York is part of New England, on the logic that York is a subset of England therefore New York is a subset of New England.

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