On The Business of Sitting on Airplanes

This is pretty aw hell no to me... Echoing some of the comments above, who are these people and how do they not know basic human things? Who is letting them go outside? I prefer window seats because my bladder is okay and I like to lean to sleep, but I am generally not too concerned about where I sit, so I'll almost always switch if it's for a decent reason (I'm sorry, random strangers, but your feeling like you sleep better in an aisle seat is why you should have purchased an aisle seat, and the fact that you chose not to is so very not my problem).

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On Friday Estimate

@annecara Having multiple Shake Shacks nearby has awakened a serious cheeseburger problem in me that I didn't know I had. :) @LookUponMyWorks I also haven't been training much, so... this could end poorly. I'm mostly going to be eating and buying drinks for other people (and going home early to sleep) on Saturday, though. Yay, GoT! It will be so awesome.

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On Friday Estimate

@annecara Oh my gosh, that concert. I am soooo jealous - wanted to go see them this weekend, but things were too busy. Have lots of fun!

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On Friday Estimate

This weekend's going to be interesting. Friday: work, lunch ($10), and hangouts with my SSO. It's my turn for dinner, and I have no idea how fancy. I'm guessing $100 because it might be an early birthday dinner. It will probably be more like $30, though, because Shake Shack. Saturday: meeting a former DCer friend for a walk, then picking up my race packet for the Cherry Blossom Sunday. I might buy stuff at the expo, so I'm going to say $60 just in case. Then, friend's bachelorette party dinner/drinks. Noooooo idea here but I tend to be generous with buying other people's stuff and I like this one a lot. We'll say $100 just to be extra safe. Sunday: race, nap, maybe bachelorette + bachelor party brunch? ($40) after that, chores (like prep for my impending parent visit next week) and Game of Thrones. $310 is a really high estimate and I will hopefully be WAY under it, but I honestly have no clue what to expect.

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On Friday Estimate

@LookUponMyWorks Ooh, which band? Also, yay GoT

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On Let's Talk About Philanthropy

Full disclosure: charity is a part of my budget, but I certainly am less likely to make spot donations when I have an expensive month or am freaking out about debts. Charity is great, but... there are a lot of issues to unpack here: charities don't seem to understand how to reach millenials and therefore accidentally push us away by visibly wasting money on methods that aren't very effective (like the aforementioned passive aggressive mailers that are a massive waste of paper, phone calls that we can't opt out of receiving in the future, etc). However, there also are a lot more great causes, and I think humans in general are more likely to focus on short-term trendy things like the latest ice bucket challenge rather than long-term things, and I think we live in a time of abundant short-term causes. Separately, while I love the concept of charity and feel morally obligated to give, charity is charity. It is not a requirement. It is not food or shelter. I hate the way the discussion about younger generations and charity gets framed as sort of a "selfish millenials will gladly spend all their money on booze and netflix but don't care about _myissuex_". It reminds me of a weird mix of complaining that folks on food stamps might want to go to movies sometimes and the misperception that anyone who's in debt should just stop getting Starbucks every day to solve all their problems. Some things are true that we forget: people don't always allocate their personal dollars in ways that outsiders consider rational/efficient/best. People need an incentive to do something like give money to strangers (/a good reason). Money helps us acquire things we want. If you feel strongly about an underfunded cause that you care about, two things you can do are 1) fundraise for them and 2) donate more of your own money (maybe even get a sellout job that pays a lot so you have more money to give). Not sure where all I am going with this random collection of thoughts, but... this post stressed me out.

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On Friday Estimate

I know I need to probably tamp down my spending in anticipation of an expensive spring, but this weekend won't be it. Today: I've got a shot that I know will cost $128 and hangouts with my boyfriend tonight that will probably cost $0. Tomorrow: friend brunch ($25) + grocery run ($75) + basketball at the bar ($60 for two all day?) + ladies night at my favorite comic shop ($30 in books probably at a minimum). Sunday: Easter brunch at a friend's place (we're supplying fizzy drinks, so I'm guessing $50 of groceries), then running, choresing, and buying birthday presents for the SSO ($60?). So... no big deal, just like $430. (Yikes.)

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On Do A Non-1-Direction-Related Thing

My old IKEA bed frame has started making scary noises when I flop around at night, so I need to remember to get out an allen wrench and tighten some things up (so I don't find myself in the middle of the floor one night soon).

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On Friday Estimate

Hmmm.... tough to say. Today: spent $10 on lunch and will probably spend another $30 on drinks with friends from out of town for the SSO and I (and maybe $50 on rain boots and groceries tonight?). Tomorrow I've got some free things (running, monuments, museums) and some expensive things (running store visit, new shoes, brunch, dinner/drinks plans for two), so maybe $120? Sunday should be calm, but it's me so let's say $40 to make it an even $250 for the weekend, because I have lots of dates, some shopping to do, and friends in town from NYC.

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On How a Woman Who Navigates the World as Her Own Savior Does Money

@VelourFog VA politics do drive me totally nuts, but as someone who has lived in both a ton, I love the VA suburbs more. I'm car-free, and VA 'burbs have always seemed better for that than the MD ones (also, it's cheaper than MD, both in taxes and rents). If I could get a place like I have in VA in DC for the same price, though, I'd be out of here so fast...

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