On Friday Estimate

@ThatJenn This sounds like the nerdiest, most delightful weekend. Geocaching, football, RPGs, turtles. Jenn wins!

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On Friday Estimate

@BillfoldMonkey Good luck! That will be a pile of compound awesome feelings: clean place! less stuff! same bank balance! :) You can do it.

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On Friday Estimate

@Heather F G I moved in July and now a) live by a big park (with a one-person tennis wall for practicing your swing!) and also miles of trails that run along the river and are beautiful and b) have a roof deck to read on. Life is divine. But pool rules in the south are bullshit.

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On Friday Estimate

Eek! I have been off the Billfold for a LONG TIME. Sorry, guys. (...and my financial state has devolved, though that was not unexpected because a bunch of expensive stuff happened.) Today: I was in a rush to get to a doctor's appointment at 8am, so I failed to pack a lunch. I am in love with Cosi, so I may go there for lunch, which usually costs me about $11. After work, I've got a friend's going away party, where I'm guessing I'll spend $15. Then college football watching/dinner out, which will probably set me back another $30. Yikes. Tomorrow: I'll be at http://www.loc.gov/bookfest/ all day (and will get fed there), so hopefully no spending (but I'm going to throw in $30 just in case, because I love books so much). I should pick up my dry cleaning on my way home, and I'm trying out a new place that doesn't post prices, so I'll just guess $50. Sunday: birthday brunch for my bff ($25) followed by chores, running, and then another friend birthday party at a beer garden ($25). Monday: FREEDOM! I haven't had a day all to myself in a very long time, so I will probably just work on a bunch of chores and read books and play outside, but I may do a mini grocery run for about $25. This weekend is busy and spendy, but luckily there are lots of gaps in which I can nap/read/watch Battlestar/run/do apartment things, which will be lovely. I also plan to enjoy this last weekend of my apartment's pool being open. :) (...which is silly in DC, btw, where it's usually in the 80s well into October/November.) Total: $211. Seems about right.

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On Stress-nesting During a Season of Turmoil

Ugh, this has been my month. IKEA visits and work clothes, which are really expensive, seem to be my thing. Do I need another suit? PROBABLY WHAT IF THERE IS SOME KIND OF SITUATION WHERE I NEED A WEEK OF SUITS UGH THE WORLD IS TERRIBLE. That is basically my thought train this summer. Otherwise, it's OH GOD WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH SPATULAS?! LET'S GO TO IKEA JUST IN CASE AND BUY THREE COUCHES.

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On Books That Are Worth The Money

This is basically my list too.

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On Friday Estimate

This weekend will be expensive. I spent around $16 on lunch/dinner today with friends, and I'll spend another ~$1000 on a couch and $700 on plane tickets for two big trips later this fall (for wedding and friend things). Plus maybe $100 for miscellaneous things like groceries?

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On The End of Neighborliness

I moved recently and always say hi to my neighbors in the hallway (and know a few on a first-name basis, though I am ashamed to admit that I have had an easier time remembering their dogs' names than many of their names), but... I live in an apartment building in the DC area. My neighbors change every few weeks.

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On The Cost of Breaking Up and Moving Out

@Anon Writer I just got back from a 2-week trip abroad and saw this post, but I just want to say that this is my life too (more than 5 years, DC, lease up in July but relationship ended a few months prior)! I think things went a little better for me and I didn't move out until the end of the lease because $$$$ (and because I could emotionally afford to do that), but I can empathize with the overall roughness and would like to generally offer my services as drinking/venting company. Thank you for writing this post. Nothing has struck as much of a chord with me lately.

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On On the Purchase of New Pillows

@Stina Yeah, I read this and was thinking "wash your pillows!!!" Pillow washing pro-tip: after washing a pillow as @Stina instructs above, run it through the dryer on tumble dry/low for 2-3 cycles (to dry the insides out too) with 1-2 new tennis balls. They will be so fluffy and clean and soft after. Also, the tennis balls seem to help keep the filling distribution more even.

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