On Do 1 Thing Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do

I have two one things that I am going to put down: 1) I need to wrap presents and pack before flying home tomorrow, but... I'll probably end up at my boyfriend's tonight because snuggling is essential to a positive (especially pre-family time) mental state. This may be a "to do in the morning" thing. 2) Next week (writing this down so I don't forget later): I need to write an amazing thank you note to a coworker who is kind of also a work mom, because she saw these smart wool socks on sale that reminded her of me and she bought them for me as a (compliant with ethics rules) present! Just because! And she's leaving soon and I am sad and will miss her a lot, and I suspect that we will cross professional paths again someday.

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On Friday Estimate

@LookUponMyWorks Very Christmasy! Have fun. (Don't let me make it far into 2015 without hanging out with you again, btw.)

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On Friday Estimate

@ATF ugh, I know that feeling well too. Are you at least going to be mostly standing? Godspeed.

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On Friday Estimate

Today: I already spent $32 getting a bagel and a gift card for our intern this morning. It's a work friend's birthday, and I'm guessing I will spend about $15 getting lunch with her. After work, I'm going beer tasting with friends ($15? No idea what that costs) and then heading to Zoolights with the SSO (free, but we may need to grab dinner at the zoo, so maybe around $30). It ends at 9, so I am guessing we'll just have a night in after. Tomorrow: need to order about $90 worth of Christmas presents from Amazon Prime and also get plane tickets ($300? No clue) for a January wedding, for I am a procrastinator. We've got a double-date that the SSO should be covering for dinner followed by a friend party. Sunday: chores, running, relaxing, maybe thinking about Christmas cards, and another friend party. I have plenty of wine bottles and baked goods to bring to things this weekend, so I am assuming $0 spent on that. Looks like $482 total, and then I am mostly done with big spending for a while. Whew.

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On How To Define Productive: A "Do 1 Thing" Inspired Meditation

My 1 thing is to make cookies, because our intern is leaving tomorrow and another beloved coworker's birthday is Saturday. I celebrate everything with baked goods.

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On Monday Check-in

@Stina You are good people.

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On Monday Check-in

Been a while again, Billfold. This was a deceptively low-spend weekend (because most of the cost of things that happened this weekend was covered on previous weekdays). Friday: lunch out ($10), then a lazy night in after work watching Netflix, drinking, and decorating my Christmas tree with some neighbors. Saturday: resting and doing some sober tree-tweaking, then a White House holiday tour, brief chore interlude (including $18 on rum for rum balls followed by actually making rum balls), a friend Christmas party, and then a concert at the 9:30 Club. Sunday: got up early for a 5k race that went surprisingly well and then came home intending to do chores but actually mostly just hung out on AskReddit. We went to the indie arcade at the Museum of American Art in the afternoon and then to see a comedy show after. Night ended with the SSO and I getting drinks and playing Battleship at a game bar near the metro ($15) before parting ways for the weekend. I went home and spent $27 on toiletries on Amazon. Amazing, busy $70 weekend. I wish every weekend could be this festive and great (and this already paid for)! More mid-week expenses are coming to make next weekend similar... Unrelated, but argh: if there is a Billfold mobile site, my phone doesn't recognize it, and it sadly seems to hate posting to the regular site. :(

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On The Glitch in the Game

Mraaaaaaah. I wasn't feeling sad, but now I am. Must go spend money frivolously!

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On I Could Make The 1 Thing Good For a Weekend

My 1 thing is to clean my apartment before houseguests arrive tomorrow. I know I should do it today because I have time today, but I'm a little worried that I'll keep procrastinating on it until about 30 minutes before they arrive (tomorrow night, post-dinner).

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On Friday Estimate

Also, there is a lot of hockey on this thread and that makes me happy. :)

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