On Friday Estimate

@LookUponMyWorks aww, sorry to hear that! Let me know if I can help bring you anything.

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On Friday Estimate

Could be as low as the cost of my lunch today (REALLY bad at saving myself enough time to pack lunches before work this week): max of $15? It's a relatively calm weekend and I have gotten us the last few times so I think my sso may be paying for most things. However, I am getting brunch without him tomorrow, so that'll be about $25 (because best buds and mimosas), and... I'll guess another $50 just in case for randomness. $90?

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On Monday Check-in

I don't think I estimated, but... Friday: $2 on a bagel, $13 on lunch with coworkers, and $0 at a friend's birthday happy hour (because she had a long list of people who had called dibs on buying her a drink and because I'm on antibiotics, which are great for my finances. Saturday: slept in until the afternoon and then went to a housewarming party and then a birthday party with my bff and my sso. I paid for our coffee/snacks break in between ($15). Sunday: birthday brunch for the friend from Friday ($34), followed by groceries while I was in the same neighborhood as a Trader Joe's ($40). $104 ain't half bad! I'm hoping that antibiotics + a possible snow day will help me continue the trend this week.

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On Friday Estimate

@steponitvelma I want to know a lot more about puppy playtime. (Also, this sounds like an awesome weekend. Have fun!)

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On Friday Estimate

This weekend will be expensive, but I have no idea how expensive. I am going to a warm and beachy part of the country for the long weekend/a friend wedding. I know that I spent $21 today on fancy grilled cheese lunch and breakfasty snacks for 3 work friends and I at a weekly coffee and ranting session, and I know that hotels will cost me $290. I don't know what else I will spend money on (I'm hoping not a lot, because I bought our plane tickets and I'm hoping my SSO will maybe cover food/cabs?), but... maybe $150? So $461?

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On My Borderline Unhealthy Obsession With Job-Hunting

@Caitlin with a C I should note two things: 1) I have done this three times, not ten, and 2) I do very data sciencey work. Don't know if that makes a difference.

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On My Borderline Unhealthy Obsession With Job-Hunting

This is my life pretty exactly (online shopping and job hunting). I always stay for a least a year in every job, but... in my field, leaving tends to be the main way to advance. However, I do that much more frequently than other people, and I do occasionally get some poking for "job-hopping". My jobs keep getting cooler, though, so... (I am hoping to stay in my current job for longer, too. I actually haven't looked at jobs in a while.)

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On Monday Check-in

I predicted $150ish and spent $118. Friday: $9 on lunch, $25 on a doctor's office copay, $22 on takeout for two for date night in. Saturday: helped a friend move and go to IKEA all day, so he bought me dinner. I was strong and did not buy anything for myself at IKEA. $0. Sunday: a friend who is being deployed this week bought me lunch/brunch. Then I did nothing for a very long time. SSO took me to see a book talk by Patton Oswalt in the afternoon, so I bought him something to drink ($4). After Oswalt, we went for tasty Korean dinner ($58). It was a really good weekend and I'm sad that it's over.

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On Friday Estimate

Today: I spent $9 on lunch as a going-away thing for a loved coworker. Tonight, I will probably bring the SSO some dinner ($30?) and cuddle in for the night, since we are both really sick and he graciously brought me dinner and cuddling last night. Tomorrow: probably similar. I have a friend leaving for a posting in a far away bad place on Monday, so we may get coffee or something. I need to do a grocery run at some point, too, since I've been home sick for 3 weeks. $60? Sunday: Patton Oswalt tickets (already purchased) with the SSO, and probably a lot of napping and catching up on things. We may go out to eat again, because oh what the hell we are sick. $50. My guess is $149, though I bet that's a dramatic overestimate. I'm probably not going outside much at all.

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On Da Do 1, 1 Thing, Da Do 1 Thing

I had a medical thing, and I need to call the hospital and figure out what they think I owe them and how to pay it, because I know what my insurance company says I owe, but no one has sent me a bill.

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