On How I Changed My Life and Became a Cheesemaker in Three Difficult Years

I enjoyed this a lot. Thanks for writing.

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On How I Got My Job: Assistant Producer for an NPR Game Show

Interesting article but why are all the names of the companies, schools, etc. redacted?

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On Friday Estimate

This is my first estimate! Fun. I'm staying in tonight and doing laundry for $4.50. Tomorrow I have to buy groceries and toiletries which will probably be about $50 total. I'll give myself another $20 for dinner/drinks that evening. On Sunday I was planning to do spring shopping which probably won't happen because shopping is such a headache. But I would probably spend about $80 on a two or three new items (skirts, hopefully). And then I'll spend $2 on a beer to bring to my friends' apartment for Mad Men. Total: $156.50 with shopping. If I don't go shopping, I'm telling myself I better not spend over $76.50.

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On WWYD: A Job After Graduation

I think Mike makes some excellent points in his advice. Taking a year after college to save money and earn experience won’t set you back at all. In fact, it’ll only open doors to you down the line since you’ll have the freedom to move where you want, take unpaid internships, volunteer, travel, etc. Money is freedom. Living at your parents’ place isn’t. I've been out of school for four years and after a few years working in one industry and saving money, I'm able to take time off while I ponder a career change. But any way you cut it, you’re in a good spot right now, especially with no student debt. No need to be so anxious. Good luck to you!

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