On Our Complicated Feelings About Etsy

@Penelope Pine If your point was that people don't use eCommerce sites like Shopify, etc because they are intimidated by the technology, you are mistaken. I LITERALLY work in the tech industry, on an eCommerce platform no less. I have built websites from scratch, and recently. Tech intimidation is certainly not an issue for me. I want to scale my business, i will use an eCom site. Like @erinep, I just don't want to scale right now. Sure, Etsy isn't depending on my little side business, but thanks to their business model, I can do my thing.

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On Our Complicated Feelings About Etsy

@Penelope Pine I hope Etsy doesn't get eaten up completely. I plan to open and Etsy shop, and I have no desire to run my own Ecom site. Etsy is the only platform that provides what I need. I just want to make my prints, give away some, and sell the rest. I don't have enough work to justify creating an entire online store, and I don't have time to run one. Etsy is a great tool for part-time crafters like me.

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On New Chart Lists Middle Class Income in Each State

According to these numbers, I moved from lower class to middle class to upper class between ages 22-35. Unfortunately the concept of "class" is more slippery and tied to social norms than these numbers imply. When I was making less than $38K a year in NYC, was I REALLY "lower class?" I had a college degree, a supportive family, and cultural capital.

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On How Small Is Too Small, When It Comes To Charitable Gifts

@Beans I'm curious: what are the circumstances under which you get $1 million+ gifts? I can't imagine there are that many billionaires giving personal gifts that large on the regular. Even 100K+ gifts. Where do those come from?

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On Want to Temp? Here's Where to Go

Long ago, I used to temp at times. I was a front desk clerk, an HR assistant, and most often, an administrative assistant. My favorite gig was through Professionals for Nonprofits, where I was an Education Associate at an arts organization. These days I am a "contractor" that operates through a creative staffing agency, and my last 2 FTE jobs were results of placements through that agency. Working temp-to-perm beats doing a full interview loop any day. There isn't a big difference is between being a creative contractor and a temp. The creative contractor positions are specialized and more highly paid, but the staffing and billing processes are pretty much the same.

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On An Interview With a Wealthy Retiree About His Taxes

@madrassoup There are a lot of interesting questions that didn't come up because they aren't tax related. As you mentioned, how did he make his money? When did he retire? Why did he decide to retire when he did? What does he do all day? Also, he pays lower taxes because capital gains taxes are lower than regular taxes. Also, he gives to charity and probably takes other deductions. As to how he feels about it, who is to say. His feelings are probably colored by his past experiences. If he ever spent years making 40K before striking it rich, maybe he feels like he wants to hold onto as much money as possible out of fear. Maybe he feels like it's unfair, but he's not going to pay extra tax if he doesn't have to.

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On On Calling Your Employees "Partners"

@inkblackeyes I think that employees hate bullshit even more than they hate being subordinate. In fact, most people probably don't mind working underneath someone else; not everyone wants to be a CEO. However, I wonder if the creative labeling is for the benefit of the leaders more than the subordinates. Maybe when you make a "flatter" hierarchy official policy, it's easier to keep outright abuses of power at bay.

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On On Calling Your Employees "Partners"

I am currently a Cast Member! It doesn't change how I feel about my job, but I don't really mind or care. I've also worked for a company that referred to managers and leadership as "support," because they "support" their employees. I get the intention, but it doesn't actually upend the hierarchy. As it shouldn't. I feel most valued when referred to by my actual job title, which reflects my area of expertise. It makes me feel like I have something to contribute. Calling employees "partners" is insulting, though, unless they all own shares in the company.

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On A Catalog of My Worst Apartment Hunts

Arghh, so much moving and so many landlord problems! Not sure which is worse. Strike that; the bedbugs sound like the worst. I'd love to know what you paid in rent for all these places (i.e., what you consider cheap in NY). I lived in NYC from 2003-2010, and was a total cheapskate and later moved in with another total cheapskate. Sometimes I think our standards were different than other peoples'.

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On Women At Work, At Home, & At Rest -- JK, At Work Again

Re: freelancing. I work as an in-house contractor (different from freelancing at home). I hope this freelancing thing works out, because doing the same job year in/year out just beats me down. After a few years in one job, all I want to do is run as far away from that place as possible. I think there's something about the seemingly endless repetition of the commute and schedule that makes me feel stuck. I don't want to feel stuck, but I like the nature of my work enough to continue doing it. Also, I don't know what else I would do. So for now, I freelance.

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