On Link Roundup: What Can Be Stolen & What Can't; Women in Tech

I wish we could know more about what women are doing once they leave tech. What kind of career moves can they make after tech? At least the LA Times article gives us info about two of the women in the article. The first one "runs her own business making educational apps for children," which sounds like tech to me. Now she just works for herself instead of someone else. The other one took her money and ran away to Rome. Sounds good to me. Why aren't more men doing that?

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On CA Money vs Midwest Money, & "Relative Wealth" at U Michigan

@Beans Same here. And unlike a lot of people here, I didn't go to a fancy or private university. I went to a humble, unremarkable state school with good scholarship options and affordable extras. My not-rich parents saved and paid for what scholarships didn't cover, and I felt privileged as hell compared to my middle and working-class peers who had student loans. My parents gave me the gift of a debt-free life, and it was the best thing they've ever given me. I had to give up some things, like my dreams of going to a fancier school, but it was worth my freedom. Also, this resonates a lot with me: "the wealthy in each state still have the option of buying whatever it is they want." It's so real. I think that I thrived in spite of a lack of options, but sometimes I look at my friends who grew up with wealth and I'm so jealous of the opportunities they had.

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On Learning from Patti Smith

Well now, this just makes me feel guilty about not being a better, harder worker. I don't get up at 5 and/or work 60-70 hour weeks! That said, I admire people who care about their work and make a real effort to bring something good into the world. I strive to be like them.

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On Take The Billfold 10-Question Housing Survey

Re: Millennial question. There was no "on the cusp and a little of both sides" answer. Not that it matters, but I like to claim either generation.

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On Why I'm Not a Homeowner

@JNC Musings Factory Buying and selling homes is a much bigger undertaking than moving in and out of rentals. It sounds exhausting to move somewhere, buy a home, live there for 2-3 years, sell it, and repeat. I also have a stable marriage and unstable employment. What if I buy a home near one job, and then get a better job that is an hour+ commute away?

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On I Have 12 Years Left to Become Rich

I married my rich husband at 35. You still have time!

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On I Have 12 Years Left to Become Rich

@andnowlights Regardless of how my career is going, I am always envious of people who seem to have it figured out, or who have risen faster, or who have made more creative and interesting choices. Over-acheivers. Hmf.

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On Illustrated Guides to Succeeding in Business

This is great, and while humorous, I actually see a lot of these techniques in practice. In fact, I'm pretty guilty of using #3 a lot.

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On On Wanting to Be a Millionaire

@madrassoup, I consider writing about it sometimes. Maybe I will once I've been in this position for 1 year. Right now we've been married about 6 months. I'm not very confident in my writing abilities, though. :/ @jspe, thanks for the tip! It could be useful to talk about this strange transition with someone who has experienced it.

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On On Wanting to Be a Millionaire

I married into a real, honest-to-god fortune very recently. It's a really weird experience, because now that "dream" can be a reality and I'm still not sure how to handle it after spending my whole life (until now) just trying to figure out how to live with financial limitations. I never, ever expected wealth to be my reality, but here it is. I feel like I can't really just drop out of the workforce, because I don't know what I would do instead. I need something to do and people to be around, so I am continuing my career like normal until another path becomes clear to me. Maybe I'll do an MFA. Maybe I'll try to get a job at a nonprofit, though I'm not sure it will be any better or different than my current for-profit job. Maybe I'll try to put together a collection of volunteer work and contract gigs if I can figure out what those gigs should be. Perhaps I'll become a professional cat sitter. I've already traveled some and will continue to do so. I will always tip well and give money to Planned Parenthood and ASPCA. I won't buy expensive furniture (yet) because I'm not accustomed to spending a lot and it still creeps me out to do that. I'll visit my parents more than once a year. I will send gifts to my nieces and nephews for their birthdays. I'll take art classes and eat nice dinners without financial guilt. I will keep putting some money away just in case of divorce even though I truly believe that I'll be married forever to the love of my life, but you never know.

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