On Dinner Reservations: Out

I live in DC and haven't found this that annoying, simply because I rarely go to the places where I can't make reservations. In principle I hate it, but there are too many good reservation-friendly restaurants to get heartburn about this trend...so far. Alternately, I go to the places that don't take them during what I know are the okay times; e.g., if I want Daikaya, I know we need to get there before 6:15 Monday-Thursday, and that we should just go to Mandu instead if it's the weekend.

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On The Cable Cabal

I still subscribe, quite happily. Live sports are one big reason, as many of the games that qualify as Must Watch for me land on the ESPN family of networks. HBO is another reason. They produce enough quality material year-round that I'm always glad to have it. The depth of quality on TV is the last reason. Yes, I could buy all the non-HBO shows I like individually, but there are enough tremendous ones out there now that I'd be spending a fair bit of the budget on those shows. And yeah, I could get all this stuff illegally with relative ease, but that's kind of a cop-out of a response.

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On Buying A First Car: The American Dream

Great piece--but Judah, don't pay for it all in cash! If you have a good job and good credit, you can probably get some of it financed at a great rate through a local credit union. Like, 3-4% interest, which over the life of, say, a $10,000/3-year auto loan, would would come out to about $700-800. It is totally worth that small amount of "good debt" to keep cash on hand in case of emergencies or Other Things. Of course, you've already sold the stock, so my next advice of "invest the rest somewhere!" seems a little late to the game. And if you have money saved up besides your 10k and stock sale, then you're not draining your reserves.

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On Workin' 9 to 5 (What a Way to Make a Living)

The internet (and personal, unmonitored smartphones in particular!) have also made the 9-5 office job quite different. Just look at the timestamps on this site, among others, to see when comment traffic is highest. In my experience, more and more people have adopted the freelancer's "however long it takes me" perspective, even on the 9-to-5 grind--if they can, of course. I'm reading a Billfold article at 3:35, and I don't really feel bad about it because I did what I had to do today, and my corporate masters are often terrible, and this site is educational, and whatever other justification I choose. This also speaks to something that's been touched on in a few pieces here: that the productivity multipliers of modern technology have made today's 40-hour office work week massively more efficient than, say, the 40-hour work week of 1980. That makes it extra-sad that real wages in many industries have dropped since then. Or maybe not, since it's 3:35 and I'm commenting on a Billfold article.

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On Places I’ve Lived: Behind Ben Folds, Two Capitol Hills, and a D.C. Fixer-upper to Call Our Own

Legit LOL at the Takoma Park people. Only in Takoma Park. You guys hit the DC market at just the right time--as I'm sure you know, given the whole UrbanTurf thing (woo UrbanTurf!). I remember reading that article back when you published it, thinking "I could do this!" and then not doing it. Whoops.

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On Every Job I've Had: City Paper, Biking in Jorts, and The World's Largest Design Firm

@garli Writing proposals for government contracts. Do you like 70-hour weeks, occasional 24-hour shifts without sleep, and only having limited control over your success because another company can just underbid you and that's that? Have I got the field for you! Good money, but the frustrations weren't worth it.

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On Every Job I've Had: City Paper, Biking in Jorts, and The World's Largest Design Firm

@Carmen Aiken@facebook Gross. My wife and I have both looked for jobs recently, but they've all been relatively local and thus wouldn't have the relocation issue in the first place.

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On Every Job I've Had: City Paper, Biking in Jorts, and The World's Largest Design Firm

@garli I get 2-3 job offers on LinkedIn every months, because I have experience and skill and the right geographic location for a particular field in which I NEVER WANT TO WORK AGAIN. So I politely decline them all, and say "if you find yourself with any openings in this other thing, give me a call!" I have to keep it on my resume because it's half my experience, and it's good experience, but I do sometimes wonder about adding a disclaimer to my About Me to the effect of "DON'T CALL ME NO MORE BECAUSE THAT WAS SOULCRUSHING AND YOU KNOW IT."

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On Every Job I've Had: City Paper, Biking in Jorts, and The World's Largest Design Firm

Excellent piece, but I'm surprised New Job isn't offering you any relocation. World's Largest D-Bag Move firm! Or are we at a point now where jobs are so competitive that companies don't even bother offering that any more? Yuck.

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On How We Think About Class

@forget it i quit Yep. While I might agree that class-based judgments can perhaps be less morally repugnant than race-based judgments, I wouldn't do so on the basis that "there is an element of choice in outward manifestations of wealth." In part, this is because I don't really understand why I should care about someone's outward manifestation of wealth. While the author may feel "safe" making certain assumptions about the moral character of people who drive BMWs, what's the benefit of doing so? Forgive my potentially obtuse read on all this. I think there's a very interesting discussion somewhere in here, but I'm finding it masked by the "what you buy/what you drive/what you wear" lens.

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