On Friday Estimate

@moreadventurous - I wish you luck in your old-money garage sale hunt! I live right outside Princeton, and I try to hit up garage sales when I can and I find nothing but crap. I feel like the super-fancy would find garage sales gauche.

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On Friday Estimate

So, in exciting news, my work group made me Commissioner of our first annual fantasy football league, which is great because I like being in positions of power over my cohorts, but also I've never done fantasy football (and I keep on typing in Fantasty which I'm sure is some sort of Freudian slip and will probably end up IT blocking all the websites from my work computer) so I'm planning to study up this weekend. Friday - need to get some dinner supplies and buffalo chicken dip ingredients - $20. Also going to bake cookies per my mom's request and probably laundry ($5) Sat- husband and I discussed going down the shore, but I think it's not going to be as hot so maybe a hike instead? Plus the latter is free. Probably dinner things - $40 Sunday - going to his side of the family for his little cousin's birthday. Making buff dip and getting my inlaws to pick me up so I can save gas! First time going to a family thing without my husband, but I really enjoy his family. Will do a grocery run that morning - $40. a <$100 weekend would be ideal.

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On 1 Thing Is Ruining My Life

@Heather F G - your trip is coming up! Definitely pre order Musee D'Orsay (the line was killer when we were there and I felt really high and mighty when we went through the advanced ticket sales entrance), the Louvre (then enter through the mall/by the Apple store), also Versailles, I booked in advance and also paid extra for the guided tour of the King's apartments, as this helped us skip the line too. At the gardens at Versailles, if you take the little monorail/tram you don't have to pay for the garden entrance, so do either or because we ended up paying twice as my mother can't really walk too far, but my husband and dad walked and then we swapped tickets so my dad to go back to the palace on the tram. In London I think we didn't do a lot of advance ticketing because we went in the off season, but since you're going at peak times, I am all for it! Echoing the La Grand Epicerie in the Bon Marche - good food (there's a sandwich special that me and hubs split and we were full?) and also a place to buy some goodies to bring home. Regular supermarkets are also pretty easy to find and have lots of good ideas for gifts I also loved the V&A museum, and Fortum and Mason. Download an offline map if you have that kind of phone - we used Ullmon and it was a lifesaver. Also for foods - Rue Montorgueil (sp is probably off). I don't know where you're staying in Paris but we got the carnet of train tickets (ten tickets) and found that cheaper than getting a pass? We also walked to a lot of places, so that did help. London - I remember not getting an Oyster pass, but another pass and it saved money and us from buying tickets. Eiffel Tower we did not climb, and we got great views from the Trocadero metro stop.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Neville Longbottom

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this series and very excited that you're doing Harry Potter!!!!

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On Monday Check-in

Had a good weekend - Friday - made dinner and stopped by Target to buy eyedrops, a new face powder, and bleach (weekend of interesting combinations) and spent less than $10 bucks because I had coupons on my Cartwheel app. Didn't go to the movies and went to bed early/read. Saturday - decided to see my parents/do laundry there so I saved on spending in our building. Saw that I had a 30% coupon at CVS so I bought some other little things and had all these other coupons so I ended up getting a free reusable shopping bag and paper towels - $11. In the evening husband and I finally hit up this one bar/restaurant we like that over the summer they have pay what you want BBQ so between our BBQ shares and sides and drinks - $35! Sunday - did nothing and decided to skip out on grocery shopping and save it for Monday. I had plans to hike with my one friend in town and it just happened that our other friend was in town, so we all went hiking and then met up with my husband for all you can eat sushi - $60 for me and my husband's share. Got home and the toliet and shower were backed up! Luckily our upstairs neighbors moved out so we took showers there last night and this morning I took one at work, but I didn't get any sleep at all so apologies for leaving out chunks of words. Our super is fixing it right now so hopefully I go home to a clog-free bathroom. Est - $140 actual : $ 116

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On Friday Estimate

merp, I'm planning to hermit a bit this weekend, but my husband might have other plans. Friday - he wants to see that Philip Seymour Hoffman/John Le Carre movie, so maybe we'll do that. $20 at our local indie theater if it's there. I also need to get a new face powder and going to hit up a makeup sale at Target - $15. Saturday - laundry ($5) and studying during the day. I also want to swing by my parents and find my never-used sewing machine I got several years ago because I'm itching to do something, even if it's make a bunch of lavender sachets. We might go out to dinner that night. $40. Sunday - grocery run, $30, then seeing one of my dearest friends who is home for a visit from Colorado and going for a hike (or if it's raining the Princeton Art Museum which is also free) and then sushi $25. $140 ish

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On Friday Estimate

@EvanDeSimone - oh my sweet Jesus - EIGHT weddings this summer?! God bless you. I thought the one year I had four was a lot. Stop being a nice person and getting invited to all these shindigs!

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On Friday Estimate

@ATF - listen, it stormed like nuts on my wedding day. Everything was indoors, but we had to skip pics at Passion Puddle and the bridge on my alma matter, but we got some good ass dreary yet beautiful shots in the rainsoaked alleyways of New Brunswick, NJ! haha. Get a cute umbrella and maybe some cute rainboots and have fun - HAVE FUN! Also, we haven't had extraordinary good luck, but no bad luck either so all in all - have fun this weekend and enjoy your wedding day.

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On Expenses Relating to My Wedding That I Couldn’t Possibly Have Anticipated

Yay Heather! Pizza in a hottub- my dream come true! I printed out programs for the ceremony, designed by my lovely friend as her gift to me and I had proofread it, my husband had, my friend had - basically thought it was fine. Went to Staples to get about 75 double-sided, colored copies on good paper (not like crazy paper), not as cheap as it sounds! It was about $150. My aunt and I were folding them with the stupid bone folder I have because I do that kind of stuff and as I reread them and realized that I had listed one of my husband's aunts with the wrong last name (the same one as her sister, my husband's other aunt) and I was like OMFGGGGGGGGGG and started to freak out. The first remedy was to print her actual last name in similar text/size, cut them out with an xacto knife and and glue them onto the incorrect name in efforst to not spend another $150 on paper, and I was about 25 in and said eff-it,called and emailed my friend to make the changes, and waited for her to send me the new file. I went back to Staples and luckily the same girl who helped me was working and completely coddled me while we did several test runs and I was 100% sure that I had everyone's names spelled/correct (cos then I was second guessing everyone's name at that point) and we printed out another batch, and decided to print out 100. In retrospect, it was a lot of wasted paper (i tossed the ones with the wrong last name), another $150 because I needed it to be correct and the little glued on addendum looked too sloppy for me, and also I didn't want to hurt his aunt's feelings because she is so sweet and I've always been a big fan of her. Also, as a victim of wrong last name spelling, wrong last name completely, etc I was like omg, all my family and friends are going to think she is Nancy so and such instead of Nancy Correct Last Name. I made special programs on even fancier paper for everyone participating in the ceremony (she was our cord sponsor, so that is why her name was in the program), and told her the story of the program at the rehearsal dinner and was touched that I freaked out so much, but also said it wouldn't have been a big deal. Looking back, obviously most of the programs were left at the chapel and didn't really warrant any use after the ceremony, but I do have a correct copy and an 'edited' one in my wedding paraphenalia.

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On Which is Objectively Worse, Burger King or McDonalds, Sbarro or Pizza Hut?

@limenotapple - I am a hater on Panera in the office, but I will go. I never think it's a cheap meal or any good, but I recently went to Corner Bakery Cafe, a Panera-esque cafe eatery and it was disgusting for the same price, so I don't mind going to Panera. @Elsajeni - along with the mini baguette they are coasting on their super sweet green tea which is pretty good, I will say and I always get a large.

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