On Friday Estimate

I love staycations! I want to take one next week too! Work has been slow like molasses. Tonight - plan to head into downtown to check out the fancy sidewalk sale and see if there are any good bargains to be had. I am really going to just scout out the kate spade and see if they have the rare cosmetic bags for $20. I do need to pick up a new eye brow pencil and lippie that I have run out of from Benefit, which they just opened in town, so yay for not going to the mall. Then I'll swing by my BFF's parents where she is in town for her pop's retirement party. Going to chat and catch up, haven't seen her parents in a while either and I am hoping there will be some Indian food that I can go HAM on. $45-$60 Saturday - dental claening in the morning then my friend is taking the bus in from the city and we're picking up my other friend and going to a lavender farm in Bucks County, not too far away from me. This is free but I will probably buy something in the farm store - $20. Then lunch up the river in Frenchtown ($15) and a stop at my pal's awesome store (Modern Love - sorry quick plug http://frenchtownnj.org/modern-love/) which I haven't been to yet though it's been opened for a while. In the evening will make dinner at home and catch up on my Marple. Sunday - husband is running a 5K in Liberty State Park. I decided not to run it as I am feeling lazy. We'll probably get lunch somewhere and then stay at home for the rest of the day. Maybe a grocery run but I think we're good until Monday or Tuesday. Lets say $100

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On The Most Vain Thing I Have Ever Done Cost Me $96 And I Regret Nothing

I have not gotten my eyebrows threaded in like two months because I am trying to grow them out, so they are unruly but also I got through spurts whre Idontgiveashit so it's summer, whatever. I also on the beat of Benefit cosmetics finally learned how to pencil in my eyebrows without looking like a crazy person! I completely owe it to the eye brow pencil (I have to buy a new one tonight! yay!) I was going to do something like this when I got married last year since my lashes are short but then my cousin glued some fakies on and it was fine. I also am a little finicky with people so close to my eyes.

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On 1 Thing Compares 2 U

I need to return a bra! I've been delaying because I have nothing to put it in/threw out the package it came in and I'm expecting another item to arrive so I am waiting for that packaging. I did my 2 1 things - make a service apt for my car (for next Saturday) and finally a dental cleaning apt for this Saturday (TG for Saturday hours).

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On Monday Check-in

Did not do a Friday estimate as we were already on the road to a family wedding in Maryland. Spent $30 (GTFOH) on burrito bowls at a chipotle-esque place at the Maryland House rest stop on 95 (Which, much much much to me and my husband's dismay was completely renovated and gone was the ROY ROGERS that I always plan on going to whenever I head down to Bmore or DC. Devastating.) My dad picked up the tab on our hotel room and we stayed at hte Radisson, which is the first time i've stayed at such and they had lots of infused water and free cookies at check in. Family wedding was a lot of fun and got to hang hard with some cousins I hadn't seen in a while, including my goddaughter. Fell soundly to sleep in our sleep-number bed in our plush room. Saturday - went to my aunt and uncle's house whose daughter got married. Somehow between getting ready for the wedding and everything else, my aunt cooked up a FEAST, and basically me and my other cousin parked our asses at the table and ate so many crabs. Downside - my favorite dress got crab crap all over it and didn't come out in the wash. Got home by six and went out for drinks and dinner - $35. Sunday - another busy day. Went to the Golden Nugget Flea Market in Lambertville as my husband has never gone and he wanted to look for weird art and frames. I found a great little plant vendor and took home a jade plant that I will try not to kill ($15). Desperately needed iced teas ($4) and then a stop at a road side farm stand on our way up to No Jerz to see husband's good friend and his little baby boy who is not really a baby but walks and talks now which is crazy. We bought him a cool leaf-blower bubble blower thing ($20) plus batteries ($4). Went to the pool in their development and hung out. Then dinner at parents where we brought peach pie (among our vegetable purchases - $10). Got home and promptly collaspsed into bed BUT I took today off which is pretty much the best idea I've had all summer (every Monday off?? can I pull that off?) -$118

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On Monday Check-in

@andnowlights - my mom requested Italian Anisette cookies - they are the soft cookies with a vanilla glaze and sprinkles. I dont use anisette but aind instead. i also was craving cheesecake so I made these low sugar lemon-blueberry cheesecake bars. My dad is that almost-diabetic so those were for him. I've eaten my weight in both though, and I made this cornflake crunch out of the Momofuku Milk Bar book this evening in preparation for this one cookie recipe in the book. I've been shoveling it by the palmful though, haha!

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On Monday Check-in

@Heather F G - ahhhh! Me and husband are having a marital book club and we are reading (slowly!!) Wolf Hall so we've been immersing ourselves in all things Tudor! I recently found The History Chicks and they have good podcasts on the Tudor women. Along with That podcast i really like the Monarchy miniseries/documentary on Netflix. I also really like Stuff You Missed in History class and Stuff You Should Know (sometimes they delve into historical stuff). What do u listen to? i always want to find new podcasts for my hour long each way commute!

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On A Banker Missing His Wallet Asks for Some Money

@erinep - i have cousins who live by Paramus! Its all shopping centers and craziness and blue book laws still. Also come to think of it mystery brokester if he needed $20 to get could live a bit further down in the state. I live in the Princeton area and its about an hour commute by train. Buuuut I feel like its like $26-30 bucks round trip so I have no idea where he is going.

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On A Banker Missing His Wallet Asks for Some Money

I wish you had gotten a name, cos I totally have several friends who work in Morgan Stanley (in IT and risk management! super creep rights there!) and we could have hunted him down.

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On A Banker Missing His Wallet Asks for Some Money

@erinep - he probably lives in Hoboken (or the super gentrified area of Jersey City) which are both very spendy places to live in OR one of the super rich 'burbs in Bergen county.

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On Monday Check-in

A nice weekend, in which I ate many things I enjoyed. Friday - picked up some baking/nonsense items at Target: $20. Baked to my heart's content (yay for this wonderful weather - no humidity and cool, sweatshirt weather in the evening!). I also made dinner. Saturday - rainy and yucky, so did laundry ($5) and cleaned. Husband had his errands and then we did a tag-team at Trader Joe's - $50. Went to my parents and did some laundry there, delivered cookies and hung out with my mom and aunt. Been listening to a lot of Tudor England history podcasts so I relayed all the information I was learning/relearning to them while waiting for my laundry. Dinner we made together out of our groceries, and fell asleep by 11! Sunday - my husband's little cousin's birthday. My in laws picked me up (my husband had work). I had asked husband on his errands to pick up something little I could add to the present I bought (clothes, but wanted her to have a little toy or something 'fun' to open), and he came back with a $50 Disney princess castle. I returned that and found a Baby Alive! on sale for $11! score. also picked up more laundry detergent. My sister in law made the trip down from Rhode Island. She got engaged a couple of months ago and her and her fiance set the date and place so that was exciting. Ate lots of cake and buffalo chicken dip among other things. Got home, spent the rest of the night watching Poirot and eating more buff.chicken.dip. $90! Go me. This upcoming weekend I have a four day but the one where you take Friday and Monday off so looking forward to hopefully a quick, short week at work.

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