On My Whole Foods Discount Is the Best—Worst?—Mostly Best

I worked at Kate Spade for about 2 years and got 50% off everything. Once a month, you got 75% off three clothing or jewelry items, and if you wanted one of those items could be a pair of shoes for 65% off (to outfit yourself for work). I spent a fair amount of money, and we got incentive checks if you met your sales goal. Xmas time was 75% off so people got nice things for Christmas. It was still expensive, but because of the discount it seemed reasonable. I still use several pairs of shoes and like two bags in my regular wardrobe as well as some clothing, but I've been in the process of reselling a lot of KS stuff - and it kind of works out because it has a decent resale value. Nowadays, I wouldn't buy anything full price from there, ever. I only look when they have those 'secret sales' online, and I haven't pulled the trigger on anything.

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On Friday Estimate

I love Fridays because it's Casual Friday and I'm wearing pants that have an elastic waist. Friday - husband's switched shifts so we are having a friend over for dinner. He was living in St. Thomas for the last two years and has moved back home last month. We'll share good news and have lasagna. Have to go to the black hole that is Target to get some stuff for dinner, and their coupon app has a deal on maternity tops. Hoping to keep it under $60 with all the stuff we need. Saturday - laaaaaazy day. Catching up on my DVR, doing my nails, baking something fall-ish and delish. Hoping to not spend any money. Sunday - doing a heart walk 5K sponsored through work with my dad. It's sponsored by a bunch of pharmaceutical companies and last year the free swag was SO GOOD. I'm talking about full size bottles of every OTC medication and vitamin. My medicine cabinet is due for a restock. Afterwards probably laundry at my parents and then just hanging out at home. I'm tempted to go into town to buy this baby book I saw in the store but it was like $44 but I can't find it anywhere else. $75-100

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On Monday Check-in

I think I estimated $100 and went over. Friday - went out for dinner with two of my greatest friends. The friend who organized it though flaked out, but whatever she missed my big news! They are really excited for us. Also when you tell people you are having a baby, they want to buy you dinner. $0. But I did stop for a giant Baskin Robbins chocolate chip ice cream on the way home $3. Saturday - met up with another long lost friend for lunch ($8) and shared news. It's really a relief to tell people after all this time. Afterwards, went to a PB Kids event where I got a cool goody bag and bought little slippers for future Little One that look like lambs. I couldn't resist - $18. Then went to Target for stuff, ended up buying maternity jeans on sale and new slippers on top of everything else. $100. Then pizza with my cousin and husband to share the news and watch that awesome Rutgers v. Michigan game - $35. Sunday - hung out with my dad at home and did laundry. Afterwards at home, napped, became weepy at everything, and watched football with the husband. $0 =$164

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On Friday Estimate

This is the first weekend in a while that we/I haven't had crazy plans - so yay! Will catch up on my DVR and napping. Friday - going to see two of my girlfriends for dinner. I'm excited to tell them our baby news. Our other girlfriend who organized us getting together bailed last minute, which she is apt to do. We're going to a place that has lot of different hot dogs. $20 Saturday - gym and then maybe some cleaning. I need to read something other than baby things so my brain doesn't atrophy. Meeting another friend to catch up over coffee and maybe a late lunch ($10) and then I'm going to my first mommy event - an 'event' at the nearby Pottery Barn Kids. I'm really into it for the free goody bag and the possibility to win a uppa baby stroller and PBK GC. I'm going to maybe buy a blanket for my friend while I'm there because they are offering a discount ($30). Then my cousin comes over, and it's either pizza or if she brings something so hopefully $20. Sunday - going to my parents to do laundry, and then study a bit and read and hang out at home. I'm putting off grocery shopping until Monday because we have a doc's apt and we pass the TJ's on the way back from the doc's anyway. I'm hoping to make dinner from whatever is in the fridge. ($20 for incidentals?) =$100

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On Fall Haul

@Punk-assBookJockey @theballgirl - ahhh I'm a Poshmark whore! I sell mostly and I am socking the money away for savings. I have bookmarked some cheap maternity dresses though, for when I'm bigger. There's also a scarf calling my name I want to pull the trigger on.

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On Fall Haul

I had switched out my summer clothes with fall/winter and realized that I don't have as much as I thought I did!! Also, since I'm pregnant, it's a little harder to plan to buy clothes because I don't know how big I'm going to get/some of my stuff doesn't fit because I already outgrew them from gaining weight prepregnancy/were on the smaller side and don't fit now. I have a fair amount of work clothes that will be fine once I announcement my pregnancy and can bump-the-eff-out, though, so I've been wearing the same three dresses with different cardigans thinking no one will notice. -JCrew Outlet - ended up returning a sweater, dress, and silky top. -H&M - I am finding that it super liberating to just buy everything in Large. A sweater and two tops - $65 -Forever21 - two tank tops for a whopping $4.00. I was on the hunt for jeggings because UniQlo doesn't sell the ones I love anymore!:( -Target- a belly band for all my unbuttoned pants because of my bloat baby gut, my first maternity top - $35 -Pink Blush Maternity - I'm really determined to not buy things that are out-right maternity only (the top from Target is a tunic thing that I'm sure I can get away with after baby) so I bought two oversized opened cardigans to wear over everything this winter. $50 -Nordstrom - new pair of TB flats. They changed the style and they are a lot more comfortable than the old pair. These are my workhorse shoes, so they will last a while. $225

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On Monday Check-in

@Stina - oh, hahaha- I did a Billfold reveal on Friday Estimate!

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated $100 and went over. Here's to many more weekends of going over i guess? Babies cost money? Friday- bought dinner things and a bathrug - $70 Saturday - 5K with husband and my dad. Ate lots of free food including pizza and Rita's water ice. Went back to my parents place where we broke out news and it's pretty much the first time I saw my parents surprised! They are over the moon. FF to later that afternoon when we told my inlaws and again! Both super surprised and excited! We also told our siblings, his sister over the phone cos she live sin RI and she and her fiance were screaming and popped a bottle of champers in our honor. My parents and brother then came over and we had a big, excited grandparents to be dinner! Sunday - exchanged shoes at the mall and then went to H&M because I wanted to look for a dress for a wedding later in October. I ordered one online along with some fall items and they don't fit like i'd like. No dress, but bought three tops/sweaters cos they are a size L and are super comfortable and I have to cover the fact that I need to unbutton my pants. $60 Too lazy to cook so we ate wings and watched football - $20 $150

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On Friday Estimate

@RiffRandell @allison @andnowlights @heather F G @LookUponMyWorks @annecara @readyornot @theotherginger - thanks you guys! yeah I've been away from lurking on the Billfold, to lurking on these awful pregnancy/motherhood/baby message boards. Mainly for the drama? It's too much sometimes though. All you Billfolders though should be proud - after I got my BFP (big fat positive - mom board speak) the following week I made steps to consolidate my credit card debt. Got a low interest personal loan through a peer to peer lender and paid off all my cards and have now just one payment a month at 9% interest compared to the 22-25% interest per card. Yay! Now I can put aside the difference for baby things like cribs and shit.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Allison - I live for DKNY super opaque tights. They are on sale on Nordstrom now for $15 each. I bought two pairs for the season.

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