On For the Love of Books

@LookUponMyWorks someday, yes! I do also like the ereader for certain magazines - it accomplishes the instant gratification aspect of buying magazines and the ones I buy are those that I don't necessarily want to save articles from. Also some (health/exercise ones) have nifty videos to show you how to do exercises correctly!

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On Friday Estimate

This week just dragged on, despite being off on Monday! Friday - Need to make a cake for Easter so some supplies and make up remover, dessert, pick up my prescription, etc - $20. dinner at home and maybe rent a movie for 'date night'. Saturday - My knee still hurts but I want to go to the gym, but most likely I will do some stretches on my living room floor and pass it off as exercise? I think I'm still allowed to be a little a lazy until next week. Unpacking the spring clothes, doing some laundry ($10 bc we always have all the laundry in the world), baking a cake, etc. Then my BFFL and her husband are coming over and we're going to order pizza and hang out! $40 for pizza and such. Sunday - Easter! Going to my aunt's for lunch. Will eat all the food. I am making this cake - http://www.sweetpaulmag.com/food/worlds-best-cake-from-sweet-paul-eat-amp-make - doesn't it look so Easter-y?? I have an Easter basket for my goddaughter, but it's not getting sent until after Easter because I am the worst, and also how do you ship a wrapped basket? I am thinking I will just take everything out fo the basket and ship it flat, then send my cousin (her mom) a picture and she can put it back together, lol. I'm going to skip groceries until the week since I don't think we will need too much since we are going away next weekend and I went overboard when I went earlier last week. $100 cos I need to fill my gas tank by Sunday night.

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On For the Love of Books

Yes! I save all my fluffy, vacation reading for the Nook. Husband is a bookstore manager, so we still buy a fair amount of books, but they are the good ones that we've built a library out of. The only downside with the fluffy books on the ereader is that I can't get resell them!

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On The Culture of Eating Out

This was me like ten years ago when the foodie culture was starting blow up - blogs and artsinal EVERYTHING. I also worked in the gourmet food and beverage industry out of college so it was also on my radar. Every weekend I would spend so much money going out to eat, buying fancy food stuffs, etc. It probably was part of the reason why I had so much debt in my early 20s. My husband and I went out to eat a lot when we were first dating, then scaled back when we first moved in together, but when I got laid off and we moved in with my parents, we resumed going out to eat so much because it was some time to have to ourselves. Now, since getting back out on our own, getting married, etc we've been sooooo good. We go out maybe like 1-2 times a month (we still get maybe take out 3-4 times a month, once a week depending on our schedules, with our big vacation coming up it's more like once a month) and really force ourselves to find something in the house to whip up before deciding to go out. My younger coworkers love going out to eat, one of them goes out nearly every night with his girlfriend, but he doesn't have any bills or whatever so, so much disposable income.

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On Time to Do That 1 Thing

@Allison - me too girl, me too. I just feel like we constantly have so much laundry! I could've sworn I just did a bunch of laundry and now we have more. GAH. I can't wait for the day I have a washer/dryer.

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On Monday Check-in

I am OFF on this beautiful Monday....but utterly exhausted and sore and etc. Friday - $11.00 on afternoon pastries at Carlos. Ate one and half lobster tails/ sfogliatelle. STopped by Target for some stuff, but decided to wait on baby shower gifts - $35. Made a large pan of eggplant parm. Slept. Saturday - anxiety kicking in about my race. Went to a lovely yoga class, used my GC to pay for it. Went to parents and did laundry, ate more pastry, and went to pick up race packets. Was not in the mood to cook or do anything really, so asked hubs to pick up sushi - $30. Slept super early, but husband invited his friend to watch the fight. Sunday - RACE DAY! In my constant clumsiness, right when I was getting into my stride after mile 3, I got my foot stuck in a road divet, twisted my left ankle and took a hard spill and totally opened up my right knee. I fell way behind because I was on part of the course that was no where near any aid station, so I went to the first officer I saw who had absolutely nothing to help me in his car, so he called a medic and told me that maybe I should quit the race because I was injured. Of course, I wasn't going to do that, so while he was calling a medic (which was going to take ten minutes to bike over) I mopped up the mess and put some vaseline from a piece of a gauze he gave me and started running away! (The officer then went over the radio - cancel that, she is running away). At the next aid station (which was a lot closer to help/things) the lovely little college boys called a medic over, got my wound cleaned up and taped up. At that point I was at the very end of the race, so I kind of booked it and just ran on pure adrenaline. I was able to make up my time quite a bit and get back to the 12 min pace pack for the most part (running and walking because of my ankle), and finished RIGHT UNDER THREE HOURS. holy lord. I was super emotional afterwards, and my husband was there to meet me at hte finish line and I was all like ITWISTEDMYANKLEIMBLEEDINGAHHHHIJUSTFINISHEDAHALFMARATHON so yeah. Haha. My friends finished about a half an hour before me (with one of them running it in 1 hr 46) and we all happily went to brunch and ate our faces off. I ate three types of pudding and a plate of cocktail shrimp. All deserved. $60 for me and my husband's share of brunch. Afterwards, I took a shower, napped HARD, rested and taped up my ankle, etc. My husband went to get larger bandaids for my knee scrape and ice cream for me ($15) and we ate leftovers from Friday and I watched the best Game of Thrones episode to date (I kept on telling everyone that the next time I watched GoT would be only after I ran 13.1 miles - it got old quick). All in all, $151 and the sweet taste of victory upon finishing my first half! I now feel though I should run another one, injury free (god willing) to what a real time would be! yikes! I am so sore and can barely walk today!

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On Friday Estimate

@Allison @andnowlights - thank you thank you!!!! Yes, here's to adrenaline, Radiolab podcasts and the promise of brunch and gatorade!

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On Friday Estimate

Friday - my BFF at work and I are planning to go to the new outpost of Carlo's Bakery (aka the Cake Boss) that opened in town (Morristown, NJ, where I work) and buy pastries. I've never been impressed by Cake Boss stuff just cos I grew up near a lot of legit legit Italian bakeries. But yeah, pastries! And the way she described the cream in the sfogliatelle - need one now. Also, it's my carb-up day today! $10. Later tonight, need to return books, pick up a hold (25 cents), Target for a box of pasta, one item off my friend's baby registry ($15), and a stack of washcloths ($6). Then cooking dinner at home, and laundry ($5). Saturday - taking a gentle yoga class to get my stretch on before my race on Sunday - $15 but using a GC my husband gave me at xmas. Then picking up me and my friends' race packets. Before heading home doing two loads of free laundry at my parents and hanging out with them. Dinner is up in the air since my husband will be home from work, so maybe we can go out and do something, since we've been so good. Lets say $40. Sunday - MY HALF MARATHON. I just can't wait to finish, I'm pretty sure it will take me a little over 3 hours, since it took me 2.5 hours to finish ten miles (running with some walking), but maybe less because I will run more? Or maybe because I will be inundated with adrenaline as my husband claims (he is a three time 1/2 marathoner, full marathon end of this month). I just want to finish. My motivation is this amazing brunch buffet we are going to in town (my race is at my alma matter Rutgers, so it's a place we can walk to)and I plan to eat everything. brunch for 2 - $60. Afterwards I am going to get horizontal for a while and then hopefully go have a private soak at the spa near our place (same place where I'm doing yoga) - they are mineral hot spring things, and I'll use the GC my husband got me (otherwise $30). Then I will just relax and watch all my stories - Call the Midwife, Game of Thrones, and Veep because Sunday is when all the good television comes on! I took Monday off too, so I can stay up late (which is a lie, because I will have probably fallen asleep by ten). Total weekend - $136

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On Friday Estimate

@Heather Funk@facebook - woohoo bacheloretting!! have fun!

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On That Thing, That Thing, That 1 Thing

@ThatJenn - I love, love, love the idea of wrapping presents - I have a plastic box with all these trimmings I pick up or save from presents given to me and cute paper, tags, and nonsense - but I only find that I like wrapping/decorating packages for my girlfriends who will appreciate the little details. For all the kids in my life, regular whatever paper, no bows etc. For the husband though, I'll try a little bit - he doesn't need bows and ribbon, but for Valentine's day I printed a bunch of True Detective pictures and wrapped his gift (candy) with it. He liked that.

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