On Tuesday Check-in

I got so much sleep this weekend! It was glorious. Friday - I honestly don't remember what happened, other than I passed out after watching Miss Marple and chicken enchilada induced coma. $15 for enchilada things. Saturday - got to see my long lost husband. I slept gloriously and so the morning was a wash other than me downing a croissant and coffee ($5). Husband went out for a lunch date with his bf and then when he got back we headed out to PA for birthday dinner for Mom Mom who turned 92! Dinner was $50 each, so $100. Went home and subsequently fell asleep due to too much prime rib. Also - $25 for flowers for Mom Mom. Sunday - Slept and ate. Was really lazy this weekend, but it was great. Went to my friend's vintage store- end of season party. My BF I went with bought our tickets and so I drove. There were lots of little finger foods and beer. I drank water and ate lots of pierogies. My friend who owns the store gave mea $30 GC ages ago so I used it towards my purchase - 3 locally made candles and a cool little vintage purse for next summer, so I only spent $25. Monday - did laundry at my parents, where I caught up with them, my aunt, and my aunt and uncle who are all visiting. They went on an old people vacation and my mom bought me all this nonsense from Colonial Williamsburg (lots of soap and a Downton Abbey xmas ornaments). Went to Target for some light groceries - $35. Spent the rest of the day watching Marple - husband worked - and putting together a Fantasy Football roster. $200 flat

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On Two Weddings, One Summer

@burdock - that is my nightmare!! I am only a fan of carrots when they are raw and being dipped into ranch dressing or hummus. A plate of cooked carrots just made me throw up in my mouth.

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On Two Weddings, One Summer

I have two more weddings to go this year, both are in October within a week of each other. They are different groups of friends, but I'm planning to find dresses in my closet (one I decided upon already), since both are more on the casual side (not super NJ wedding formal?). I think my biggest expense are usually gifts and for one of the weddings, we will need to stay overnight since it's out of town, but at least the hotel isn't too $. My one coworker had six weddings in a year, all of which her boyfriend was in the bridal party! Nuts. We made due as we swapped dresses for several of these, so no one had to buy anything new to wear. It worked out really well.

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On Two Weddings, One Summer

@JNC Musings Factory - I found this odd too! We def have a veggie option (even a vegan one!) at our wedding and there wasn't any extra charge. Most often it's usually just pasta with vegetables, so it's not like a whole lot of culinary thought goes into these dishes.

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On Share, Don't Scroll: How to Do Internet on Vacation

When we went to Paris earlier this year, I did post some pics on Instagram, but didn't really look at FB too much. I used my phone more so for useful reasons - an offline map, language app, yelp reviews for places to eat, info on the places we were visiting. I did check email a fair amount in the beginning of our trip to settle some items with where my parents were staying when they met us towards the end of our trip. i like seeing other people's vacation pics on the FB or instagram but some people it's multiple pictures, live stream of what they are doing. Recently, a friend went to Spain and documented EVERYTHING including all the boring crap that he and his friends do. When I saw that he was at some art museum I told him I hoped he got to see Guernica. Lo and behold he checked in on Facebook and wrote about how he was so sad he couldn't take a picture of Guernica but that it was awesome. Which is great, but I just got annoyed that he had to broadcast it in such a way, instead of just enjoying it. I dunno, he is also a person who seems to need to broadcast everything in general, so why should it change when he's on vacation?

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On Friday Estimate

Mike, you're going to have so much fun at the US Open! I haven't been, but we did one day at the French Open because husband is a big tennis fan. And I had a lot of fun. He actually went to the US Open yesterday. He wants to go to all the grand slam tournaments eventually, so all that is left is Wimbledon and Australian Open! One day! Today - husband switched schedule so he is closing tonight. i haven't seen him/hung out with him since Monday! Boo. At least he is off tomorrow. I am leaving work early, and getting some chicken enchilada fixins, since I am really just concerned with cooking things from a can. Saturday - study up on my fantasy football team (draft is on Tuesday) and study for insurance related nonsense. We should be going down to PA for his grandma and aunt's birthday, but he hasn't confirmed with me (and in turn I can't confirm with the rest of the fam) cos he has a bunch of things to take care of as he hasn't been off since Sunday? I dunno, but it's MomMom's 93 birthday and um we should go! Dinner with fam - $50? Sunday - grocery run - $30, though I have a lot of stuff in the freezer, I might just wait to go to the farm stand and get vegetables next week - might as well since it'll probably be closing soon! Then Sunday late afternoon going with my bestie down to LBI to our other friend's AMAZING vintage store - School of Vintage guys, they're on etsy too - as she's having an end of the season sale-party and I haven't been to her physical store yet and Im so excited! Everything will be discounted as to help them with their move to their off season location, and they sell a lot of cute indie made /locally made gifts, and she gave me a $30 GC ages ago so I will support my friend and maybe stock up on some xmas gifts - $50? Monday - day off. I can't wait. I plan to watch netflix, study, and eat some sort of dessert. I don't want to leave the house. $0 $120?

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On Friday Estimate

@Heather F G - omg your trip!!! Hope it was a fantastic and beautiful time. :)

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On The Cost of Things: One Year of Breastfeeding

Thanks for the article! It's always something I'm thinking about in the back of my head since me and hubs are starting to try for a mini one for the future. Also, had my old supervisor and friend just have babies and return to work and go into the 'pump' room, and making sure no one walks in on them while they pump away. Another coworker (a crazy one) just had her baby and prior to leaving was SUPER judgey on moms who don't breastfeed because it's 'liquid gold', and suspected that they were putting their own needs before their baby (she said about a former coworker's daughter who didn't end up breastfeeding was because she liked to drink too much - um pump and dump?), and that if you didn't do it you were being stupid and wasteful. Boy, would I love to forward her this article. Also, word on the street is that she is having latching problems. I just hope she figures out the best thing to do for her or her baby, or she's just going to continue to stress herself (and the baby?) out, which no one needs! In other words - you do you. That quote “Choose your choice, mamas, because whatever it is, it’s the best for your baby and your family.” - nailed it.

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On Around the World on $80 a Day

This is a great and wanderlust-inspiring article. Thanks for the afternoon pick me up! My friend just got back from Cambodia visiting her sister who works at a fancy resort geared towards Westerners. She's big on visiting Asia because it's cheap, which I agree, though I've only been to the Philippines. I do love Europe though because of the history, but willing to make the leap to other parts of Asia in the future!

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On True Value: One Pair of Black Pumps From Payless ShoeSource

@Allison @Julebsorry - Corso Comos FTW! These are the most comfortable pumps I own - I have two pairs in nude (one is brand new, waiting in the box when my current pair finally kick it, but it'll be a while since I just went to the cobbler to get them retipped!) and in black. Love them. I leave them at work and change into them. They are a great price point. I actually got both pairs on sale at Nordstrom quite recently.

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