On Monday Check-in

@Stina - oh, hahaha- I did a Billfold reveal on Friday Estimate!

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated $100 and went over. Here's to many more weekends of going over i guess? Babies cost money? Friday- bought dinner things and a bathrug - $70 Saturday - 5K with husband and my dad. Ate lots of free food including pizza and Rita's water ice. Went back to my parents place where we broke out news and it's pretty much the first time I saw my parents surprised! They are over the moon. FF to later that afternoon when we told my inlaws and again! Both super surprised and excited! We also told our siblings, his sister over the phone cos she live sin RI and she and her fiance were screaming and popped a bottle of champers in our honor. My parents and brother then came over and we had a big, excited grandparents to be dinner! Sunday - exchanged shoes at the mall and then went to H&M because I wanted to look for a dress for a wedding later in October. I ordered one online along with some fall items and they don't fit like i'd like. No dress, but bought three tops/sweaters cos they are a size L and are super comfortable and I have to cover the fact that I need to unbutton my pants. $60 Too lazy to cook so we ate wings and watched football - $20 $150

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On Friday Estimate

@RiffRandell @allison @andnowlights @heather F G @LookUponMyWorks @annecara @readyornot @theotherginger - thanks you guys! yeah I've been away from lurking on the Billfold, to lurking on these awful pregnancy/motherhood/baby message boards. Mainly for the drama? It's too much sometimes though. All you Billfolders though should be proud - after I got my BFP (big fat positive - mom board speak) the following week I made steps to consolidate my credit card debt. Got a low interest personal loan through a peer to peer lender and paid off all my cards and have now just one payment a month at 9% interest compared to the 22-25% interest per card. Yay! Now I can put aside the difference for baby things like cribs and shit.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Allison - I live for DKNY super opaque tights. They are on sale on Nordstrom now for $15 each. I bought two pairs for the season.

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On Are You Reading 'North and South' Yet? Because It's Awesome

I don't have the concentration to read it but I will definitely watch the BBC miniseries!! :D

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On Friday Estimate

Hello Billfold! I've been away so long! but it's ok because then I have a nice back catalog of posts to catch up on. I've actually been busy at work and with other things going on. This is my first estimate in a while: Friday - inlaws and my parents are coming over for dinner tomorrow so supplies - $20. Plus a cake $15. I also am on the hunt tonight for a memory foam bath rug. I have coupons - don't want to spend more than $40? :/ Then cleaning and sleeping since husband is working. Saturday: hubs, me and my dad are running/walking a 5K. Lunch at the race. Afterwards just getting ready for our parents to come over. We are having them over because we're going to have a b.a.b.y. and we're telling them the big news tomorrow. AHHH I can't believe I said it. I need to stop, I feel like someone will find this post and put 2 and 2 together. But I've only told two of my oldest, dearest friends (one is my BFFL and she is also pregnant and to be pregnant with my best friend so many feelings - good ones!) because we got together last weekend and they live out of state. so AH! more baby articles please. :) But yeah, I'm trying to keep DL until I can tell other people in person and it's all very exciting. Sunday: exchanging shoes at the mall. Plan to go first thing so I leave. But I also need new pants, because of above.soooo we'll see. $100 because I also want to buy mums

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On Tuesday Check-in

I got so much sleep this weekend! It was glorious. Friday - I honestly don't remember what happened, other than I passed out after watching Miss Marple and chicken enchilada induced coma. $15 for enchilada things. Saturday - got to see my long lost husband. I slept gloriously and so the morning was a wash other than me downing a croissant and coffee ($5). Husband went out for a lunch date with his bf and then when he got back we headed out to PA for birthday dinner for Mom Mom who turned 92! Dinner was $50 each, so $100. Went home and subsequently fell asleep due to too much prime rib. Also - $25 for flowers for Mom Mom. Sunday - Slept and ate. Was really lazy this weekend, but it was great. Went to my friend's vintage store- end of season party. My BF I went with bought our tickets and so I drove. There were lots of little finger foods and beer. I drank water and ate lots of pierogies. My friend who owns the store gave mea $30 GC ages ago so I used it towards my purchase - 3 locally made candles and a cool little vintage purse for next summer, so I only spent $25. Monday - did laundry at my parents, where I caught up with them, my aunt, and my aunt and uncle who are all visiting. They went on an old people vacation and my mom bought me all this nonsense from Colonial Williamsburg (lots of soap and a Downton Abbey xmas ornaments). Went to Target for some light groceries - $35. Spent the rest of the day watching Marple - husband worked - and putting together a Fantasy Football roster. $200 flat

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On Two Weddings, One Summer

@burdock - that is my nightmare!! I am only a fan of carrots when they are raw and being dipped into ranch dressing or hummus. A plate of cooked carrots just made me throw up in my mouth.

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On Two Weddings, One Summer

I have two more weddings to go this year, both are in October within a week of each other. They are different groups of friends, but I'm planning to find dresses in my closet (one I decided upon already), since both are more on the casual side (not super NJ wedding formal?). I think my biggest expense are usually gifts and for one of the weddings, we will need to stay overnight since it's out of town, but at least the hotel isn't too $. My one coworker had six weddings in a year, all of which her boyfriend was in the bridal party! Nuts. We made due as we swapped dresses for several of these, so no one had to buy anything new to wear. It worked out really well.

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On Two Weddings, One Summer

@JNC Musings Factory - I found this odd too! We def have a veggie option (even a vegan one!) at our wedding and there wasn't any extra charge. Most often it's usually just pasta with vegetables, so it's not like a whole lot of culinary thought goes into these dishes.

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