On Unpaid Labor, On Purpose: Why We Volunteer

I've volunteered at animal shelters for years and it's so great! It's tough to not walk out of there with a new cat or dog every week. With shelters, I think the key is to find one that doesn't euthanize. I understand it's a fact due to over-crowding, but I just can't handle it. But kudos to those that can.

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On Buying a Wedding Dress When You Hate Yourself And Love Money

I have a friend that bought a very lovely white, full length gown at Nordstrom's for $300, alternations included. She got it from the "special occasion" department, or something like that.

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On Answers to Stopping Your Cat From Ruining Your Life

And please, never ever ever declaw your cat. Many people don't know that the cat's toes are amputated at the last joint. It's cruel and can actually create behavioral problems. Furniture isn't that important.

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On Too Much House or Not Enough

@limenotapple I'm also surprised when I watch House Hunters (I know it's fake), at how many people need double sinks in the bathroom. It's so bizarre. Can't people just wait their turn for the sink? And god forbid that the children don't have their own playroom.

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On I'd Totally Save Money If It Didn't Feel Impossible

@terrific You can! If you live and/or work in Midtown, you can join Mid-City Gym. It's no frills, but gets the job done. I paid the whole year up-front for like $400.

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On New Job Gotten

Congratulations Mary Jo! This is extremely timely as I have gone on at least a dozen interviews for jobs that I am qualified for, but have yet to receive an offer. It's one of the most hopeless feelings in the world. I'm glad you now have an awesome job because it sounds like you more than earned it!

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On Bzzzz

Can we please kill all the mosquitoes? The ones on your toes are the WORST.

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On 4 Jobs I Didn't Get

I will take that form rejection email anytime. Beats finding the job you interviewed for and haven't heard back about freshly posted on Indeed.

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On 4 Jobs I Didn't Get

@cupcake_engineer Ok, that is just rude! Who wants to get all dressed up just to get rejected?

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On Hair Still Expensive

I swear, hair products never do what they say they will. Unless maybe it's hairspray. I hope your hair oil fulfills all of your hair dreams!

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