On Only Suckers Don't Buy Generic

@eeyore swiffer dry things? have i not searched hard enough? (hi~)

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On Soon We Will All Enter Through The Poor Door

@Ester Bloom Ah, I did read it here!

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On Soon We Will All Enter Through The Poor Door

This reminds me of a NYT article (which I think was posted a while back) about how some rent-regulated tenants do not get the same amenities as the market-rate tenants in fancy lottery buildings or buildings that have upgraded since market-rate tenants have flooded in. The reasoning behind that is that rent-regulated apartments are subjected to NYS HCR rules, and any changes to the services/amenities that rent-regulated tenants have access to has to go through the state agency. This is a headache for landlords. I don't know if that's the reasoning behind poor door?

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On As New Hosts on AirBnB, My Husband and I Sort of Break Even

@Ester Bloom I, too, was going to comment that Asheville is a great vacation spot and generally awesome place to live.

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This movie is SOOO GOOD.

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On Monday Check-in

I didn't do a Thursday estimate, but here's my check-in! Thursday: After work, I bought a 12-pack of seltzer water (-$4) and a bottle of rum (-$22.45) so I could relax at home making mojitos. So many mojitos. Friday: The BF and I went to Queens to have veggie dim sum with my mom & grandma. We all fought over who got to treat, but my mom prevailed and paid for the meal. We then went back to Brooklyn for a roof top party to see fireworks. A spend-free day and early night. Saturday: Covered someone's day shift because everyone was away this weekend (+$60 after taxes?) then had dinner at a vegan-friendly burger place (-$26). I over-ate and did not feel well so I went to bed early instead of karaoke-ing until 4AM like my BF and roommate did. Sunday: Laundry (-$3.25) then groceries (-$14.84) and generally hanging out in the apartment. I made so much food for this work week. Roomie and I got into a Netflix vortex and had to go out to buy nacho ingredients (-$9.69) while watching movies. Total: Spent only $80.23 and worked a few hours, so net expenditure was probably twenty bucks or so.

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On Monday Check-in

@Julie I was tempted by the Zoya deal but I looked at my nail polish drawer and realized I have way too many bottles already...

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On What's the Most You've Ever Won/Lost Gambling?

I bought a $2 scratch lottery ticket to celebrate my 18th birthday and won $5. That's as much gambling as I'll do...

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On The Cost of Being Exposed to HIV While Uninsured

Wow. Thank you for sharing your story.

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated $288 for the bachelorette party weekend (obligatory brunches and dinners, drinks, etc.) Friday: Bolt Bus (-$68 round trip, paid beforehand), rest stop snacks (-$6.58), metro to rest-of-group's hotel (-$2.70), late dinner with the group (-$7, small plate), walk to my friend's place ($0, free accommodations for the weekend, yay). Saturday: Subway ride (-$3.75), group brunch (-$13), cab (-$6), bridal themed fitness class (-$40), post workout water (-$1.06), espresso (-$2.65), group dinner (-$16), drinks ($0, complimentary glasses of bubbles from club(?!) and friend treated), post drink pizza (-$5.50 jumbo slice), cab to other club (-$9), despair about endless clubbing (-$0??). Sunday: Group brunch (-$19.80), bagels from fave DC bagel place to bring back home (-$6.60), Uber ride to bus station (-$0, free first ride), sushi for bus (-$9.78). TOTAL: $217, so under my estimate! I had spent way less on food and drinks because I am not a partier.

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