On Monday Check-in

@LookUponMyWorks Congrats on the loan! Yay!

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On Monday Check-in

On Saturday, I went to the gym and then did bridesmaid shopping with friends, which later turned into normal shopping but I stayed strong and did not shop. Then I had dinner with college pals (-$21). I didn't end up going to a party at a bar because dinner ran so late. Sunday, I just went back to my parents' home and did some laundry and had dinner. I also stocked up at the grocery store because of impending snowpocalypse but my mother insisted on paying. Total: -$21 because of parental generosity, under my $60 estimate PS: I like these check ins because they are my weekend diary entries.

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On Friday Estimate

Saturday: I still have a lot of food at home (made a large serving of beans that I froze into several meals) but can probably do a small grocery run for staples (-$40). I'll go to a bday thang on Saturday night and will probably have two drinks (-$20). Sunday: Been a lull for my side hustle, so I'm enjoying quiet weekends at home. I'll probably just stay in, since it'll be snowy all weekend. ($0) Estimate: $-60

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On Brown Bagging It

I usually bring my lunch every day and I eat at my desk so I can surf the net (AND READ THE BILLFOLD) during my hour-break. I'm in a very brown-baggy office and most people just eat at their desk. Once we did a potluck and it was SO DELICOUS, but it's too hard to coordinate potlucks when so many people have to be on the field and random times.

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On Advice On Employees And 403(B)s

@chickpeas akimbo I agree with your points, especially about real world examples and email info. I knew what the 403b rep was talking about in terms of compound interest because I've already read up on retirement issues, but I can imagine other employees (especially the younger ones) may not realize how much they can benefit from early contributions. If the 403b rep also includes a line graph comparing contributing regularly at age 25 (plus match) and how much a 35-year-old needs to contribute annually to catch up (assuming a conservative rate of return and compound interest etc), that would also be convincing. Also, info sessions should have free food to lure people.

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On What Do We Want to Spend More Money on in 2015?

Monthly charitable contributions (Farm Sanctuary & WNYC), quarterly contributions to my parents (I'm still on a family plan for my cell ha ha), and bridesmaid expenses (I don't want to, but have to ha ha ha).

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On 5 Ways the Wedding Industry Is Plotting to Destroy Us

As a bridesmaid, just being in conversations about wedding planning makes me anxious. $9000 alone catering ($90/person)! The only way to really cut down expenses for a wedding is to be ruthless with reducing the guest list... Also, I'm convinced that another friend's wedding was so beautiful/perfect/centerfold-contender for Wedding Magazine that it caused intense jealousy for her maid of honor, who moved up her wedding and didn't really invite said friend. They do not speak anymore. I'd just do a city hall thing and rent out a restaurant for a reception.

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On Advice On Employees And 403(B)s

I work for a non-profit where my employer 'matches' 6% if an employee contributes at least 1%. There are annual information sessions where the 403b rep gives the "leaving money on the table" scolding. Last year, I convinced a coworker to start contributing to her 403b after months of Billfolding her. Her main excuse was that she didn't think she could afford it, but she just has to do that 1%. I recently calculated the rate of return these past year and 8 months is exactly 10%. (I contribute 15%.) Soooo I think a generous match, employee education (especially about compound interest, investment options, realistic rate of returns), employee peer pressure (aka Billfolders) can be really encouraging for people to start a 403b. I am pro-opt out as well.

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On Sharing Time: How Much Did You Spend on Presents This Year?

This post made me dig up my receipts, look through my Mint app, and create a Excel sheet to calculate my Xmas spendings. 1. I spent $218.51 on gifts. (Not counting myself hahahahahaha.) 2. $74.02 on a bottle of Suntory Whisky Hibiki [12 years] for my bf (which I'll also be enjoying). 3. $1.25-$1.80 each on various Muji stationary items, for various gift bundles for younger cousins 4. No real budget, but I didn't want to spend much. I already declined gift exchanges with friends. I also decided that I was going to shop at Trader Joe's for most gifts for relatives, since I was focusing on teas, coffees, and chocolates. My relatives can't really tell the difference between an $8 Mast Brothers chocolate bar over a $1.99 3-pack of dark chocolate from Trader Joe's? Ultimately, they care more about gathering for a family dinner. 5. Essentially, yes. 6. I paid everything with my credit card (which I pay off in full every month). 7. Absolutely. Especially because of my Trader Joe's "shopping spree." Gift giving ends up so transactional anyway. Also, I wrapped all gifts with the holiday Trader Joes and Whole Foods paper bags and I then decorated with really nice ribbons. (Recycling!)

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On My No-Purchase November Adventure

I need a no-spend January. Holidaze spending -__-

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