On How Do You Do Groceries?

@Heather F G I don't live near a Wegman's, but whenever a college friend drives up, I always ask her to buy a jalapeno cheese loaf.

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On Ask An Assertive Person, Vol 1: Discounts

Currently, the only freebie I get for being a regular customer at a small business is extra stamps on the "get your 10th coffee free" card, which I really appreciate because I feel three stamps for a regular cup of french press is generous!?

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: I ended up not going to pre-party dinner as planned ($0) and made up for that with birthday party pizza/beer purchases (-$37.80). Saturday: $4.18 on morning bagel and OJ prior to NINE hours at the US Open for some historic matches. I spent $10 on two Italian ices and $10 on two orders of waffle fries. I bought my ticket some time ago, and it was kinda pricey, but it really ends up $26/hour. (Plus, the ushers allowed patrons to go to the $1500 seat area for the women's doubles final because most people left after Federer lost.) I paid for post-tennis dinner (-$28). SUNDAY: Bridal shower, made food from stuff in my pantry ($0) and ate for the entire day. Worked a shift at night job (+$50). THE DAMAGE: I had estimated spending $70 and spent $89.98. Worked as expected. Not bad!

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On Friday Estimate

Friday: Dinner with a pal at a vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant (-$15), then pizza birthday party for roomie (-$25). Saturday: US Open Men's Semifinals, where my friend and I will try to bring in some "small amounts of food" as permitted by the USTA, but we might succumb to an ice lemonade (-$10, paid for tickets already) and dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant (-$20). Sunday: Bridal shower, in which I'll make a vegan Persian crusty rice as my potluck contribution (-$0; ingredients already in pantry) and then I gotta work a quick shift at second gig (+$50). Estimate: Spend $70 and earn $50. I plan on not spending money on groceries because I'm trying to "shop my pantry" and clear up existing groceries.

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On 40-Hour Workweek My Aunt Fanny

I don't make much in the social services field, but my union benefits make up for it -- strict 35-hr work week, health insurance at no cost (though co-pay), generous vacation/sick/personal days. I'm really thankful!

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On The Cost of Fostering Kittens

What an awesome thing to do, Angela! And don't forget, there could be possible tax deductions for fostering pets for charitable organizations.

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On Only Suckers Don't Buy Generic

@eeyore swiffer dry things? have i not searched hard enough? (hi~)

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On Soon We Will All Enter Through The Poor Door

@Ester Bloom Ah, I did read it here!

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On Soon We Will All Enter Through The Poor Door

This reminds me of a NYT article (which I think was posted a while back) about how some rent-regulated tenants do not get the same amenities as the market-rate tenants in fancy lottery buildings or buildings that have upgraded since market-rate tenants have flooded in. The reasoning behind that is that rent-regulated apartments are subjected to NYS HCR rules, and any changes to the services/amenities that rent-regulated tenants have access to has to go through the state agency. This is a headache for landlords. I don't know if that's the reasoning behind poor door?

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On As New Hosts on AirBnB, My Husband and I Sort of Break Even

@Ester Bloom I, too, was going to comment that Asheville is a great vacation spot and generally awesome place to live.

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