On Monday Check-in

@samburger Last time I was at Ikea, I bought the cheapest couch, the $119 sofa bed, only because of anticipated cat scratches. I wish I could invest in nice furniture without fear!

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On Monday Check-in

@PicNic Feel better! Dental misery is the worst.

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On Monday Check-in

@LookUponMyWorks love that #billfoldlivejournal4life tag!

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On Monday Check-in

I had a general plan to not spend any money because of a weekend of family events (aka being fed) and wanting to use up all the stuff in my pantry. Friday: Tennis at a university court as a guest ($10, soooo cheap) and then eating up leftover homemade falafel burgers back at the apartment ($0). Saturday: Family get-together with lunch ($0, thanks grandma) and then quick work shift (+$45). Sunday: Homemade empanada attempt #1 with existing pantry and fridge ingredients ($0). Afterward, I saw how the other half lives via a family get-together at a yacht club for a birthday lunch buffet ($0). Back home, empanada attempt #2 that evolved into curried potato samosas ($0). Total: Spent only $10 and worked a few hours, so achieved my net no-spend goal.

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On Friday Estimate

I am going to try to NOT spend that much money this weekend, namely because I want to stick to my Mint budget. It's almost the end of the month and I'm so close! Friday: Tennis with my co-worker at a university court ($5? $10? much cheaper than any other city court) Saturday: Family get-together, don't expect to spend anything. Sunday: Family friend's 81st bday partayyy-gala, don't expect to spend anything. Will try to make following week's lunch from all the leftover stuff / pantry items in apartment ($0).

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On Friday Estimate

@Heather F G I also am a Loft fan. A recent one.

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On Mass Transit is Amazing For Everyone (Else)

I'm 26 and I still don't know how to drive because of my life-long reliance on mass transit.

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On Why We Live Where We Live

I live in NYC because that's where my family and friends are from. Having family here (aka living at home) really helped during the post-college perma-intern job search...

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On How Do You Do Groceries?

@Heather F G I don't live near a Wegman's, but whenever a college friend drives up, I always ask her to buy a jalapeno cheese loaf.

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On Ask An Assertive Person, Vol 1: Discounts

Currently, the only freebie I get for being a regular customer at a small business is extra stamps on the "get your 10th coffee free" card, which I really appreciate because I feel three stamps for a regular cup of french press is generous!?

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