On Let's All Run Away to Europe Together

I was able to get round trip tickets to Madrid for a week-long vacation in early May for $655.50. My hotel, which four minutes from El Prado Museum, is $76/night. The hotel was cheaper than most Air BnBs in the area and not too much more expensive than hostels. I already got my Euros converted and signed up for a new credit card to get travel points and save on foreign transaction fees. Pretty excited for near USD/Euro parity-- the last time I was in Europe it was 1 USD to 1.4 Euro.

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On Former NBA Player Josh Childress Explains Why Athletes Go Broke

@sp8ce I forgot about the fact that NBA players are GIANTS and need bespoke clothing.

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On Tracking and Saving More Time, But Spending More Money

The other day, I was having a discussion about cheaper apts/longer commute vs. pricey apts/shorter commutes and I was reminded of my long HS subway commute. It was an hour each way from Queens to lower Manhattan. There are 180 days of instruction for NYC public school, and 4 years of HS. ...Which means I've spent sixty full days in a subway car. (Don't even want to think about current subway usage...)

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On Former NBA Player Josh Childress Explains Why Athletes Go Broke

@HelloTheFuture Most NBA professionals have stylists for their Fancy Clothes. I don't know if they have to buy their clothes or if fashion houses send them stuff for free, but there is a luxury fashion image they "have" to maintain.

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On Former NBA Player Josh Childress Explains Why Athletes Go Broke

@breakdownhat The Avery piece is a pretty interesting read. Very number crunchy!

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On Lay Off Millennials OK? We're Saving As Fast As We Can

I'm a millenial saver (24.4% of income from Roth IRA + 403b as a baseline, and additional savings from my take-home on top of that). My aggressive savings habits primarily stem from my fiscally mindful upbringing and the fact that my organization serves a low income / below poverty level population. Seeing such hardships on a daily basis makes me want to safeguard against destitution as a retiree at all costs.

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On Why A Potential Employer Needs To Know Your Credit Score

I just had a conversation about this the other day, in which this point was brought up: what if someone has a really really good credit score because he has secretly embezzled tons of money, got away with it, and thus able to pay all the bills and stay on top of stuff financially? Huhhhh?

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On A Catalog of My Worst Apartment Hunts

I was on a roller coaster of anxiety while reading this!

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On Chatting About Benefiting From Bank Errors

This reminds me of the more-extreme story of the New Zealand couple two accidentally got access to $7 million in 2009 and then they fled the country, put money in over seas bank accounts, really ran with it. They eventually got caught. I think the kid should get some sort of punishment because he had to know this money wasn't his. Community service and pay back the money? But having a criminal record for the rest of his life (is that the case?) for an error as an 18-year-old seems too harsh?

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On The Doggy Bag Dilemma

Getting doggy bags makes me seem cheap. But what if my clean plate makes me seem TOOOO HUNGRY?

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