On Why A Potential Employer Needs To Know Your Credit Score

I just had a conversation about this the other day, in which this point was brought up: what if someone has a really really good credit score because he has secretly embezzled tons of money, got away with it, and thus able to pay all the bills and stay on top of stuff financially? Huhhhh?

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On A Catalog of My Worst Apartment Hunts

I was on a roller coaster of anxiety while reading this!

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On Chatting About Benefiting From Bank Errors

This reminds me of the more-extreme story of the New Zealand couple two accidentally got access to $7 million in 2009 and then they fled the country, put money in over seas bank accounts, really ran with it. They eventually got caught. I think the kid should get some sort of punishment because he had to know this money wasn't his. Community service and pay back the money? But having a criminal record for the rest of his life (is that the case?) for an error as an 18-year-old seems too harsh?

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On The Doggy Bag Dilemma

Getting doggy bags makes me seem cheap. But what if my clean plate makes me seem TOOOO HUNGRY?

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On On Being An OK Person In An Age of Personal Brands

$636 is A LOT of money! Glad you got it back. I wish you outed this artist because what if she's been stealing from more people? Shouldn't she get a bad review?

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On Soon Asian Americans Will Be The Richest In All The Land

Maybe on average, Asian Americans (especially, I assume, the first, second and onward generations) are doing well, but reports like the ones linked here can be misleading. Not that I think these reports are saying everything going perfectly for the AAPI community, but it's important to remember that there are still notable wealth and education gaps. For instance, the latest NYC Poverty Report from the Office of the Mayor notes that "increases in poverty were particularly pronounced for Asians... to 29.0 percent". (Should be noted that non-citizens have the highest rates of poverty, and around a third of the Asian American population in NYC are immigrants.) Also, that Pew Research report drew a lot of criticism from many Asian American advocacy groups when it first came out, namely for kinda generalizing the diverse and complex AAPI community (which Esther points out) and propagating the 'model minority myth.'

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On Do Whatever You Want With Your Discretionary Income

I agree with a lot of what's being said here-- don't feel bad about spending that money if you are spending responsibly and it makes you happy! Also, I am thinking about the NYT napkin sketch guy Carl Richards, who had a recent article about rethinking money not as good or bad, but as a tool.

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On I Used An Accountant And I Liked It

Random thought: Can you make a deduction for paying for the accountant, since you also wrote about it / professional development-ish? I use TurboTax because my taxes aren't really that complicated. I get one major W-2 for my day job, and 3 tiny W-2s for my side hustles. This is a lot better then my previous tax habit of going to my parents' house during tax season and shoving a pile of papers at my dad, who always did taxes for everyone.

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On How Much Allowance Money Should You Give Your Children?

I never got allowances, but I did get lunar new year red envelopes... which often was a substantial amount of money. However, that got confiscated by my mom, who would put it in a savings account in my name. I learned the value of saving early on, I guess.

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On Mr. Biscuit's Rotten Summer

@grandma_nancy same ;__;

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