On Help, I'm Hooked on Battery-Operated Toothbrushes

Not to care way too much about this, but... that Consumer Reports post that's linked to cites absolutely no authority for its conclusion. And it's rarely, I think, that people have problems because they're not brushing hard enough. Does Consumer Reports understand how toothbrushing works? You're way more likely to abrade your gums by brushing too hard. Something that's cool about the Sonicare toothbrush (and maybe other electric toothbrushes, but that's the only one I've tried) is that you don't have to press it down against your teeth to get them super-clean. Also, REGARDLESS of what the uncredited Consumer Reports writer (writers?) thinks, the Sonicare leaves your teeth with much less grime on them, so they feel cleaner, which may or may not be important to other people. I used to think they were the dumbest thing ever, but my dentist recommended this one and now I am completely hooked. I've had it for over a year, and all I have to do is charge it and buy new heads for it every few months. The heads are kind of expensive, though. And I have no idea if they prevent cavities any better than other toothbrushes. I personally feel not getting cavities is mostly luck. I brushed my teeth for over two decades with a regular toothbrush and never got any cavities.

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On A Call To Abolish Employment Credit Checks

I think I've had employers run credit checks on me. I've definitely had employers ask me for permission/information to run what seem like extensive background checks. It used to make me nervous (because my credit is the worst), but now I just let them and figure I would rather take the chance of feeling slightly embarrassed about not getting a job because of terrible credit than psych myself out of even applying. I think credit checks are one of those things where there are so many prospective employees that employers feel like they can be super-picky.

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On The Most Effective Product Placement in True Detective

LOGAN! THANK YOU for mentioning this very important issue. But, honestly, I had a totally different reaction. I was wondering if the generic tampons were at least part of Maggie deciding she was finally done with Marty. Also, why so many tampons? Do the three of them just have their periods all the time? Finally, the most effective product placement in TD is cigarettes. Every time I watch that show it takes everything I have not to start smoking again.

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On The Cost of Date Night (And the Morning After)

@jquick I'm glad to see that you've got it all figured out to the point where you spend your free time making strangers feel bad on the internet. There's no one way to get your feelings hurt, and there's no surefire way to protect them, either. I, personally, have a wonderful partner that I met on the internet and fucked the first time we met. It was a great way for me to learn more about what kind of person he was and whether or not I wanted to see him again, and I assume he felt the same. Does that mean that I think everyone who doesn't have sex immediately is making a mistake? No. Different people, different experiences, lead to different results.

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On A Contractor Gets Fired for Voicing an Opinion

I can understand what people are saying about it being impolite to criticize a superior in front of everyone. But I think the problem with not commenting on someone's racist behavior in front of everyone is that it gives the impression that behavior is okay. Also, even if it wasn't the very best way to handle it, would that justify firing him, instead of talking to him about it? I really don't think so. It's unfortunate that the writer was fired, but he did do the right thing.

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On A Trip to the DMV

If you live in Austin and you have a car, you should really only ever go to the Pflugerville DMV (or maybe it's called the DPS). It is ridiculous how easy it is to get in and out of there. Even though it means driving to Pflugerville, it's still going to take less time to drive there and wait than it would to go to the central one. I recently had to go there to take the written exam for my class M license, and I probably waited about 5 minutes total. And you can sign up to wait online.

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On Do Not Want This Future of Shopping

I buy my dogs' food online, and there's an option to set up recurring deliveries. I never do it because of all of the reasons you listed, Mike. What if I can't afford nice dog food and need to switch to Purina? What if one of them needs some sort of change in his diet? But I do love autopay for my phone and gym bills, which are always the same, and I know that I can cancel in advance if I suddenly can't afford those things. I'm not capable of actually remembering to pay a bill. But when it comes to shopping, I like variety, or at least the possibility of it.

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On Graphic Designer Explains Motivation Behind Craigslist Ad

I love this. Smart idea, good interview, sound advice. Thanks to the both of you!

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On A Married Couple Discuss Tipping And Also The Probability That It Will Lead to Their Divorce

This post made me realize that there are a lot of things that kind of irritate me, but not tipping might actually be one of the few things I would consider a true dealbreaker. It's ridiculous to think that tipping is some sort of bonus for servers, or that you're "giving" them money. You're paying them to serve you. They are paid in tips; they make around $2.50/hour on top of that. If you don't feel like tipping, then don't go to places where people work for tips. No one is forcing you. I could never date someone who refused to tip, because I feel like if you go out with someone who won't tip, they're not just screwing the server over, they're also kind of screwing the person or people they're with, since you're obviously going to get better service as a repeat customer if you tip. I agree with everyone else who said that if the service is so bad that you don't feel like tipping, then you should probably complain. Also, there are plenty of places where tips are split, so you're also underpaying the busers and dishwashers. Tip 20%, and if someone does a particularly excellent job, tip a little extra. I never, ever think, "oh if only I hadn't given that waiter $5!" even though there are plenty of times I regret going out to eat in general. And, yeah, you should also tip your hairdresser. It's not even karma, it's an investment in the service you want to receive in the future.

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On I Want My Money And I Want It Now And I Don't Want to Have to Pay for It Why Is This So Hard

If you don't want to wait for your deposited check to clear, then go to the bank that issued the check, cash it there, and deposit the cash into your account. Prepaid cards as a form of payment for labor should definitely be illegal. Please don't equate something that's genuinely fucked up to an inconvenience that's caused by your weird inability to figure out how money and banks work.

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