On Measure Your Life in Birth Control

@spex If you haven't found CondomDepot.com, I highly recommend it as a condom source- reasonable shipping, good prices, great selection. The site looks sketchy as all get out, but it's actually totally excellent. And they will send you coupons constantly after your first order.

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On The Anxiety of Returning Things

All of my returning things anxiety pretty much disappeared when I worked retail. Now I return things with impunity, even arguing with managers about their store's return policy (which they conveniently print places where you can read it and then read it back to them...). Unless you're actively defrauding them, stores don't care if you return things. The same is true of asking for discounts for small defects. It's just a button. Most stores don't even require a manager's approval. If there's a stain or it's missing a belt or something, just ask.

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On "Offices For Introverts" Designed By Someone Who Doesn't Understand Introverts

@HelloTheFuture Steelcase makes nice systems furniture, but not that nice. I think they mean "specify translucent glass rather than clear when ordering" not "can be changed at any time."

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@RiffRandell Baking soda + more baking soda + elbow grease, mostly. Also dish soap. On the not as cheap as baking soda but substantially easier to use, commercial grade degreaser spray from Home Depot (The HDX brand citrus one is $3.00 for 32 oz, so not free, but not break the bank expensive either). It's not very chemically smelling or antibacterial, and it's amazing on grease.

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On The $20M One-Cent Stamp

What's up with point one? Chamfered is a perfectly reasonable, descriptive word. And the corners of the stamp are indeed chamfered.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Derbel McDillet Land's End? Good quality, and their cuts run a bit more modest, on average. Plus you can return online orders to a Sears store (if there's still one around where you live).

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@bgprincipessa When I need decisions from my boss, I like to go with "so, I was thinking about doing x- is that okay, or would you prefer y?" Presenting a default option tends to speed things up a bit, and giving a backup option helps cut down the "x sounds okay, but is it the best?" line of thought. I also like ask the questions in a drive by/ just passing through kind of way- we're an informal office so we don't do a lot of formal meetings anyways, plus then it doesn't feel like a decision we need to sit down and really think about.

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On Buying A First Car: The American Dream

@j a y You might actually be a perfect candidate for leasing? If what you really want is to drive something really fun for the heck of it for a short term period, lease something awesome for a year and then decide if it's actually worth owning. (I have no idea if Tesla does leases).

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On Buying A First Car: The American Dream

@Renleigh My family could basically be nominated as brand ambassadors for Subaru- something about growing up down dirt roads in the foothills of Colorado with a driveway you just don't want to shovel all the time, I think. Also they last forever, you can cram a pretty incredible amount of stuff in most of them, and the 2013 and later models actually get pretty good gas mileage.

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On Wedding Dress Shopping Oh the Horror

I spent a lovely hour and a half with a nice salesperson at Nordstroms who brought me basically the entirety of their special occasion section in my price range and walked out with a dress I quite liked. Top tip- white and off-white non-floor length dresses are about a zillion percent on sale in October.

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