On On Engagement Ultimatums

We discussed/ negotiated not only whether we wanted to get married/ timelines/ etc., but also pretty much every last detail of how the whole "getting engaged" thing would go down. We went on a week long trip in Amsterdam, which timing/ discussion wise would have worked great for a proposal except that he hadn't been able to find a ring that he thought I would like (I actually wound up with no ring at all, so good call on his part). So instead of getting engaged we spent the trip brainstorming our ideal engagement object(s)/ ritual- he wanted something that would be a good story, I wanted an egalitarian exchange. We wound up with engagement piggy banks, exchanged while sitting on our couch at home. They're modular- we added a section to them for our first anniversary and have another section for the second stashed away- not sure what we'll do for the third. Maybe cash out the accumulated change and splurge on ice cream or something...

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On On Engagement Ultimatums

@bgprincipessa I really cannot recommend eloping highly enough. It was lovely. (We did the whole planning a party for family, etc. a few months later and it was exactly as much of a pain in the ass as I thought it would be. Planning parties for other people = great, planning parties for yourself = no fun. That might just be me, though).

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On Things I Would Do Around The House If There Were Wages For Housework

@dotcommie damp washcloth on a swiffer. I had a bathroom that had constantly gross walls- the swiffer washcloth combo works great. I do not routinely clean any walls that don't obviously need it, but when I do, that's what I use.

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On Things I Would Do Around The House If There Were Wages For Housework

@OllyOlly Grain of salt, because I actually like cleaning out my fridge (or rather, I like the moment immediately after cleaning my fridge when my fridge is clean and I'm the one that did it), but the easiest way to clean fridge shelves is to fill your tub with warm water and dish soap, yank all the shelves and drawers out of your fridge, toss them in your tub, let them soak, grab a dobie sponge, scrub as needed, and then throw a few towels on the floor and let everything drip dry. You can wipe out the inside of the fridge while everything soaks- it's usually no big deal. Freezers, on the other hand, are a total pain in the ass.

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On We're Not Gonna Pay Rent ... By Check

I pay by check, but it's a check that the bank automatically writes and mails for me, which is 1000% superior than remembering to write and mail a check. It's always early (because I don't really trust bank "business days" when holidays fall near the end of the month), but our landlord is a small enough company that they wait until the 2nd or 3rd of the month to cash checks anyways. Edit: For free! So I'm saving .4X cents in postage, at least (what is postage now, anyhow? Forever stamps mean I don't pay attention anymore...)

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On The "Give Everyone a Goalie" Kind of Sex Ed

I also received reasonably factual, balanced, and birth-control encompassing sex ed. from my Colorado public school education- so they're not just addressing things on the IUD front (I'm assuming Colorado is still doing comprehensive sex ed since they're still rejecting federal funding for abstinence only programs).

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On Do 1 Thing Before 1 Thing Does You

@inthepost Highly recommend gloves, some sort of dust mask, and probably goggles/ dust-proof eye protection. It works great for insects, but it's rough on mucous membranes.

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On How the Other Half Lives

@andnowlights I have this problem all the time with some woman who lives somewhere in Canada and shares my name. Probably the other person's email address also contains at least one letter difference (in my case she also includes her middle initial, which is the same as her last name and therefore basically invisible to most people). I have had to tell many, many Canadians after they "fix" the email address and send me the email again (or, even better, a follow up email commenting on how grumpy I am) that the dots don't count. I've tried suggesting that she add dots between her first, middle and last names so that people actually see her middle initial, but no dice. They are good for setting up filters, though- you can give an address with lots of dots to the spam bots and Gmail will let you filter by the "to" portion of the email.

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On On the Purchase of New Pillows

@potatopotato My partner also kills pillows in ways that I find incomprehensible. He basically hugs them in the center until they split in half? I let him have one of my extra pillows when we moved in together and he destroyed it in a matter of months.

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On Measure Your Life in Birth Control

@spex If you haven't found CondomDepot.com, I highly recommend it as a condom source- reasonable shipping, good prices, great selection. The site looks sketchy as all get out, but it's actually totally excellent. And they will send you coupons constantly after your first order.

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