On Who Will Bail the Iron Out? (But More Importantly, The Post Office?)

Hey Mike, I think they are going to continue to deliver packages and Priority/Express packages on Saturday. Just not regular mail.

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On How Didn't I Know About Thai Lunch Specials

yeah, all ethnic food is cheaper at lunchtime. lunch rotation in Charlottesville: Chicken roll at Frank's (RIP), Pad Thai/Panang Curry at Thai 99, Sandwich and bread ends at Take-it-away, Everything bagel with deli egg, sausage and cheddar at Bodo's, and Chicken in black bean sauce from Yuan Ho.

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On Personal Jobs Report

(2) classes to teach in the next 4 weeks (1) request from a book company to review some chapters from their new textbook

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On Conspiracy Implodes, Woman Gets Her Job Back


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On The Case of the Coup at UVA

ugh some faculty are already resigning.... http://www.cavalierdaily.com/2012/06/19/comp-sci-prof-william-wulfs-resignation-letter/

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On Did Goldman Sachs Oust UVA's President?!

ugh, i just hope it doesn't have anything to do with the dead body they found on o-hill.

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On How Much Money You Need To Realistically Recreate The Scrooge McDuck 'Gold Coin Swim'

also velocities generally have units of m/s rather than m/s2 (which would be the derivative of velocity (with reference to time), otherwise known acceleration)

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On Can I Borrow Some Money to Buy You a Present?

So, Mike is Mac and Logan is Bloo, right? BOOOOOOOOOOOORING. Does anyone else watch FHFIF? No? Ok.

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