On The Cost of Things: One Year of Breastfeeding

@yulya Times 3!

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On How Wizards Do Money: Sybill Trelawney

@HelloTheFuture Haha truth. Maybe she realizes that she never ever wants to retire, so instead she goes on a relaxing vacation to Majorca.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Sybill Trelawney

Is McGonagall going to get her own entry? Because she is the best. P.S. This series is fantastic.

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On A Midwestern Room of One's Own

You might be dreading living with roommates, but your new roommates could be cool! Just give yourself time to find folks who will be a good fit. And since you're sharing, you may be able to afford a nicer place. Good luck!

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On The Cost of Climbing

@Liz the Lemur Haha awesome.

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On The Cost of Climbing

I just bought a membership to a climbing gym ($60), and I'm trying to go at least once a week to justify the cost. I have a harness, but now I need to get shoes (I'm hoping ~$50 for basic ones) and a chalk bag. I am looking forward to bigger biceps though :)

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On The Lawyer-to-Be (A Poem)

Yay, I live in Durham too! Full Frame is awesome.

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On My Spreadsheet Summer

I stopped spending money on clothes by just not going to malls or clothing stores anymore. It really helps! It's easier to avoid buying "the cutest dress ever" if you haven't seen it. Same goes for online shopping. Also, returning stuff is a good tactic. If I think I like something, buy it, and it sits unused for a month, then it's going back to the store.

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On What It Costs to DIY A First Book Tour

A lot of authors don't hit their stride (in terms of selling books) until their second or third book. And you can't have a second book without a first! You're doing better than me. P.S. I LOVE Pisgah National Forest. Seriously jealous of your Airstream trailer.

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On On Not Defining Ourselves By What We Are Paid to Do

Great article, especially the last two sentences: "We are not paid to be mothers or husbands or gym-goers, and yet we do those things and define as such anyway. It should be no different with writing: We are what we do, not just what we are paid to do."

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