On Nostalgia for a Beater Car

I have a 12-year-old car and I really hope it keeps kickin' for a few more years. I have no idea what I'll do when I need to replace it... either a) buy a used car in good condition or b) buy a new, electric? car that makes me feel better about my long commute to my job. P.S. I'm a Durhamite too. Woo!

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On College Work-Life Balance

It sounds like the USA Today writing will give you great job experience! And fifteen articles a week is damn impressive. Work it, girl!

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On Planning a 2015 Budget

Props, Nicole! You have some mad hustle. My strategy: I max out my IRAs, contribute to a 401K, and maintain at least 6 months' worth of income in savings. After that, I figure I can spend as much as I damn well please. I prefer to be thrifty most months and then occasionally spend money on big ticket items like travel.

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On How Writing This Column Helped Make Me Rethink My Grocery Spending

When I decided to cook more meals instead of eating just Lean Cuisines every day at work, my grocery bill went up A LOT. I was disappointed, because I thought cooking my own food was going to save me money! Also, when I was training for a half marathon, my grocery bill literally doubled. Like, I usually spend $200 a month and suddenly I was spending $350 - for ONE PERSON. I was shocked. But I agree with you, I think being healthy is valuable; you feel better in the present and you'll save money in the future. If you want to save money, I recommend making your own soup. You can use frozen veggies, it'll be healthy, and you can stretch it for days and days! Also, noodles and rice are cheap, and tasty if you mix them with cheese / veggies. Good luck!

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On This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Your Voice

This is so cool!

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On Terrible Financial Decisions That I Have Made or Am Considering Making

@HelloTheFuture Yes! Ask the hospital. Many hospitals will let you set up a long-term payment plan with no interest. Doesn't hurt to ask!

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On College Decision Envy

It takes a lot self-awareness to realize something like this, and a lot of courage to write about it. I think you've got your head in the right place.

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On My Tin-Roofed Outbuilding in Dar es Salaam

Hey I went to college with you! Yay Connor!

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On How To Define Productive: A "Do 1 Thing" Inspired Meditation

This is a good post. I also struggle with how to define my day as "productive" or not. But I figure, if I minimize distractions and put in a solid day of work, whether I complete something or not doesn't matter.

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On The Cost of Figuring Out a Guy Isn't Right

@lisaf I spent $300 to go to Harry Potter World with my ex. I do not consider this a loss.

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