On The Cost of Owning a Pit Bull in the City, Pt. 1

I have a lab/pit mix that weighs around 75 pounds and loves hanging out with other dogs and would rather chew her own foot off than hurt a person. I also have a 30 pound dachshund/corgi mix that hates every dog it has met after it turned six months old and hates children with the fire of a thousand suns. What is frustrating is that the little one is the one that people want to pet because she's small and fluffy where the big one wants nothing more than for people to looooooooove her as much as she loves them. After three years of ownership, I've learned that due to the little one's emotional issues we can't go to the dog park, and that food costs around $50 a month for the both of them (thanks Costco) and their meds are around $20 per month per dog. (Less in the winter when there are no fleas.) Their annual vet visit for shots and all runs around $300 per dog.

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On It's a Weird Day. Let's Rank States!

@Allison Rhode Island has five counties, but none with a functioning governance as defined by the US Census. http://www.naco.org/counties/pages/findacounty.aspx I believe Louisiana and Alaska are the only states that don't divide themselves up into counties. (Parishes and Boroughs, respectively.) Useless fact I learned in the 7th grade: Texas has 254 counties, 67 of which are larger than the whole state of Rhode Island.

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On Help, a Direct Mailing For a Cleaning Service Actually Worked On Me And I'm Worried It Will Ruin My Relationship

I pay way more than $30 to get my house cleaned every two weeks and it is worth every damn penny. I am generally leaving the house right when my cleaner arrives, we say hello and goodbye, and I come home to a perfectly clean and sweet smelling home. I made sure that my service paid a living wage and taxes and all that business, so my over-privileged guilt is at the minimum.

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On Another Life

That first life you described is my brother's. The only difference is that he has no interest in the LA food truck scene. He is the reason I know and love micheladas. Also, his existence isn't pay check to pay check anymore. It certainly was when he started out 20 years ago, but he's worked his way up the ladder and can afford to put his two kids through college as long as they stay in state.

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On Adult People Are Asking Other Adult People Their SAT Score in Job Interviews

I work for one of the companies mentioned in the WSJ article and it was news to me that they look at SAT scores. I double checked with my friend in recruiting and she said, "Yeah, it's crazy. But, we only do it for the recruits straight out of college with no work experience." Soooo, there is that? I was hired in an admin position and they cared more about my actual work experience and just confirmed that I had my masters. 1330, taken in 1992.

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On Change Bowl

@EmilyStarr Even if the coin sorter isn't freely available in the lobby, you can just take your bag of money to the teller and they will put it in the coin sorter they have in the back. And it is FREE as long as you have an account there. CoinStar is such a rip off.

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On In Defense of Buying Iced Coffee

I make my own iced coffee at home partly because I'm a cheap bastard, but partly because I simply don't have the time to stop at a coffee shop every single day on my way to work. Making my coffee at home saves me money, but it also keeps me from being ten minutes late to work every day.

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On Man's Best Friend's Food Truck

According to my vet, actual medical care for pets is NOT recession proof. People either abandon their pets or stop getting medical treatment for them when hard times hit. (I adopted my first dog in January 2010 so this conversation took place soon after.)

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On Ending Wedding Gifts

If I am invited to a shower for the engaged couple, I will happily give a gift, but I will not then buy them a gift specifically for the wedding. You are not allowed to double dip! I call shenanigans on that BS.

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On I Made $570K Last Year, But I Don't Feel Rich (In Fact, I Feel Worried)

I think that this guy needs to look into therapy. He obviously has anxiety issues over money. Anyone who has his income level and has such stress over future spending needs therapy. (Saying this as someone who has significantly lower but still comfortable income level and is in therapy because of my anxiety over things that could happen in 20 years.)

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