On Let's Talk About Philanthropy

There are a bunch of numbers floating around, but this article says 87% of millenials gave to charity last year. I know not everyone on the Billfold is a millenial (thanks, survey!), but that seems pretty good to me. Sure, the aggregate amount might not be a whole lot, but in general, I think we’re doing pretty good. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/18/millennials-volunteer-charity-giving_n_5507778.html On a personal note, I try to give in both time/money equally. I’m mostly motivated by the fact my employer matches 100% up to $2,000/year. They also “pay” me $10 an hour for every hour I volunteer, so volunteering for an hour means the organization gets one hour of my time, and $20 (I get $10 to spend, and the company will match an additional $10).

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On Monday Check-in

Trying to get back into the swing of things. No estimate. Friday night: Celebrate the end of a long, stressful, (and frugal!) workweek with dinner at Nopa ($75) and ice cream at Bi-Rite next door afterwards ($6). Saturday: Did my once a season shopping, and got three sweaters, one silky blouse, and a dress for a wedding all from a high-end consignment store, so feeling pretty good - ($180) Took an uberpool home b/c it's $5. ($5). Invited another couple over for dinner, so picked up groceries on the way home ($60) Sunday: Headed to the East Bay for furniture shopping, which necessitated a emotional and physical fueling at Beauty's Bagels ($16 for the two of us) Found a beautiful Danish modern table, purchase pending the finding/displaying of table legs. (all of the money) Total: ~$340

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On One Is the Loneliest Number, So Find a Cell Phone Family Plan

Me and my sister got the boot from my family plan (27 & 25) this summer, when my parents moved and needed to switch carriers b/c AT&T doesnt get great reception in the mountains. Seemed fair enough. We had been paying the cost of our data plan, but pretty sure did not pay regularly enough. Faced with the daunting idea of paying my own phone bill, decided to merge my personal and work phone together so work pays for everything. Downside is I can never escape work emails, but fortunately don't get more than one or two per night after leaving.

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On Take the Vacation

I totally hear all the people who feel bad about leaving during busy times - until recently, I never took more than 2 days at a time and was still pretty much online during those days. Just started a new job and by far the best part is a year-end shutdown between Christmas and New Years, which b/c of weekends worked out to be the 24th - 5th. Since the entire company is on break, there's no guilt and backlog of email. Came back after two weeks to three (!) emails waiting for a response. I'm surprised more places don't do this type of arrangement. Would happily trade a week of PTO for this to continue if necessary.

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On AirBnb Ruined Our Lives and Turned Us Into Entitled City Dwellers

Why not just rent out the master bedroom for a higher share ($1400 or $1500 seems reasonable for having your own bathroom)?

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On The Discreet Charm of Commuting

At my last job, I used to walk 2.7 miles each way to work, and would stop halfway to treat myself to a coffee in the morning - figured I would have spent the same amount on bus fare, so this way I was in better shape, and more awake! (Living in SF is basically the ideal condition for walking/biking - never too hot or cold!). My new job is one of those that requires a corporate shuttle ride from SF down the peninsula (please don't throw rocks...). It's about 40 minutes in the morning, and 50 in the afternoon coming home. I love that I can work on the bus thanks to wifi, or simply zone out and either read or take a nap. If I drove it myself - which would require the monstrous expense and headache of owning a car - it'd be about 15 minutes shorter each way, but I much prefer being able to sit back and either work or relax. I do miss the exercise, though.

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On The Cost of Breaking Up and Moving Out

I'm so sorry to hear about your break-up :( Question - I'm confused how paying rent to your friend counts as a break-up expense - were you not previously paying rent before? Or did you have to still pay rent on the old lease?

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On Unpaid Labor, On Purpose: Why We Volunteer

@Rebecca H. Just signed up!

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On Unpaid Labor, On Purpose: Why We Volunteer

This sounds great. I just recently moved to SF and have been looking for a similar program to get involved with - can you post some information about who to contact about volunteering? Thanks!

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight: Dinner & drinks send-off: $50? Not sure if we're obligated to pay for our friend or not, so could be a tad higher. Saturday: first college football weekend of the year! heading to a party, will bring some type of appetizer and a six pack: $25 for beer and groceries. Will probably be too tired/tipsy to go out afterwards, so maybe just a nice night in. Sunday: Long run, plus treat after $5. No real plans other than heading to the park and reading in the sun. Probably stock up on a few groceries: $40. Monday: Renting bikes to go over the Golden Gate bridge and into Sausalito and Tiburon. $25 bike rental, $10 lunch, $15ish for the ferry home I think. Total: $150-175

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