On The ACA and My Obstetrician and Me

@bgprincipessa yes, I understand what you're saying. One of the issues that doctors face is that running a private practice can have high overheads and lots of investment involved. Patients are both people who need medical aid -and- revenue sources, so the doctors have to balance both perspectives. Furthermore, as you said, lives can be at risk if the doctor makes the wrong decision. It's worse for some specialities -- especially for delivering children, as people tend to expect perfect babies and can sue if they don't get what they want. As far as dealing with pregnant women, it's delicate. It's certainly risky to state that pregnant women aren't always capable of adult reasoning -- cue indignant expressions of outrage if that happens. On the other hand, as you said, there are a lot of hormones in play.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@frumious bandersnatch the quickest way I know to save money is to stop paying people to cook or make drinks for me. Not going out for dinner or drinks or coffee can save a lot of money in a hurry.

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On The ACA and My Obstetrician and Me

@Meaghano the administration keeps delaying the implementation of Obamacare for companies and their employees (presumably because they fear the reaction at the next election). But eventually it's going to be implemented. Based on the roll-out so far, the impact on the general community is going to be quite a bit more serious than what people have experienced so far

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On The ACA and My Obstetrician and Me

@bgprincipessa to be honest, I don't see the problem with what the doctor said. Meaghan asked about the insurance situation going forward and the doctor replied. At the end of the day, the doctors have to make a profit for the medical practice to be viable. This doctor's comments are a relatively common reaction to Obamacare.

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On Nothing Leprechaun Gold Can Stay: Financial Lessons From "Harry Potter"

@grog how about the "little house on the prairie" books?

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On The Cost of Photographing Your Aura

presumably the aura photographer was previously in charge of security at that Bitcoin exchange.

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On Employee Stock Options As Explained by An English Major, Pt. 3

@madrassoup I don't recall asking for your opinion of my character, but I'm glad that you took time out from your busy schedule to provide it. Thanks for sharing.

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On Employee Stock Options As Explained by An English Major, Pt. 3

Well done Meaghan. Now that you're close to 30, own some assets and will be financially responsible for someone other than yourself, I look forward to reading about you moving toward the right side of the political scale over time...

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On Grateful for the Opportunity

@Ralph Haygood that's interesting. What are your thoughts concerning the alternatives?

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On Grateful for the Opportunity

@MissMushkila yes, you're right. There is certainly a degree of luck involved in any career. Your point is very true. In my case, when I was in university back in the Stone Age, I chose IT because that's where I thought the money and jobs would be. I started in training, moved across to analysis, before settling in project management for the last 15 years. Although the individual jobs differed quite a bit, being in a high-demand field like IT provided quite a bit of room to move. I agree with you very much that the advice being provided to university students at present is quite different. I read quite a bit about "doing what you love", with an expectation that fame and fortune will result. This appears to result in lots and lots of recent graduates chasing jobs in very limited areas (e.g., publishing, creative writing, media studies, game design). There's certainly nothing wrong with choosing these majors, but the students don't appear to be receiving much guidance about the longer-term employment prospects of these degrees. After the students graduate, they really have to struggle to find a suitable job.

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