On WWYD: The Wrong Credit Card Number

I would call to clear it up. It's simply the kind thing to do. Besides, the agency should be aware that their system is faulty for future transactions.

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On The Blindest of Career Risks

The comments on that article are some of the weirdest I've seen on the internet: "She has a thing for power and he, like any man, wants to have sex with someone human sized." Do what now?

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On Avoid TMI When Calling in Sick

We study infectious diseases and their transmission in my department. We are fully aware that staying home is an excellent way to prevent the spread of disease, and yet we're all encouraged to work whenever possible, even when sick. We're a complicated people.

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On A Few Good Reasons to Save Your Bread Tabs

This bread tab thing just made an otherwise annoying day sunshiny.

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On Are You Ready to Buy Your First Home?

@gimlet It is entirely possible for a person with a decent salary, who is careful with money, to buy a house. Maybe not in Orange County or a similarly priced high-end area, but it is possible. For example, my husband and I were able to buy a nice home because it was located in a less popular area. Don't despair, just adjust your variables.

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On Are You Ready to Buy Your First Home?

@eraserface I'm going to third that NYT calculator. The more familiar you can make yourself with things like local property tax rates, the more comfortable you'll be when you're ready to go speak with a lender.

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On Counterpoint: No, This Is How You Tip

@KO I also couldn't agree more. That author researched tipping etiquette and wrote an interesting post. I was disturbed by the amount of anger in the comments.

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On On Leaving Too Much

@Sh Alexander@facebook Why are you so mean? Did you even read the article, or just the angrier of the comments? The author does tip. She tips what society has decided is the acceptable amount. I've read a lot of hate-filled, irrationally angry comments on blogs and new stories and yet yours really stands out.

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On The Archaeobotany Lab: A Coming of Age Story

This was great!

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On It Only Took Me the Whole Terrible Cab Ride to Rationalize Its Expense

This was great! I always love cost-benefit analysis, and as an added bonus I was transported back to my college days and the wonderful silence of my dorm room after an awesome night out.

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