On On Engagement Ultimatums

Assuming marriage is important to you as the "finalization" of a relationship or a pre-requisite to something else (children?) it is a "decision." And dating is fact finding with the purpose of making that decision. I think you should know within 3 months if the person you are with sees marriage the same way. Then, I totally understand a person saying, "I have enough information to decide, and my decision is yes. What is your decision." And, if it has been 1, 2, 3 years, if you feel like you don't have enough information to decide, you either need to get specific in your fact finding, or you decision is "no." So, the Prudie guy, what information would make you ready?

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On The Ethics of Only Selling Clothes for the Very Thin

@ronswansonluva yeah, I'm OK with such a store existing. But maybe don't label the sizes "one size fits most?" Also, I think that's what makes it seem like "punching down" instead of punching up. No one feels like Lane Bryant or whatever is "exclusive" because they are providing a product to an under served, and socially devalued group. Brandy Melville may also be providing a product to an under served group, but not socially devalued. I had no problem with 5-7-9: It does what's on the tin.

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On What It's Like To Work For The U.S. Postal Service

@Punk-assBookJockey Right! The problem is, the union isn't magic. You get fired, and then the union represents you and disputes it, and you get reinstated, but that boss still hates you. Or, in a big union like this the union line is different than "doing what works best for the people I work with in solidarity every day." Not everyone wants to be the center of a big fight between the union and management. It seems like the author did not. I also hope the fact that Texas is pretty anti-union contributes, and its not like this everywhere? Like all it would take is a few people per center enforcing their rights, and then the rest wouldn't have to do it. But if no one pays dues or wants to "associate" with the union, they won't do it?

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On An Interview With a Friend Who Got Bedbugs The First (And Last) Time She Used VRBO

@@fo I'm not sure that the people involved rise to the "numerosity" requirement of a class action, but yes, a lawyer would probably consider it. There is probably also a contract suit in addition to the class action. You may have no more than a year. Call a local Plaintiff's personal injury attorney NOW!

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On Monday Check-in

Nicole, this reveals you spend $5.99 on online dating. We need a post on the economics of online dating! Stat! How much do you spend, from registering to date? A true cost post, perhaps. Is paying for a membership worth it? OK Cupid v. Eharmony v. Match v. How About We? How much is that message worth to read? Comparison to matchmaking such as "It's just lunch"? What mint.com budget category does an online dating subscription go in to? The potential costs: Professional picture? Profile services?

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On Cleaning House With Jenny

I think leaving is appropriate! 1) At your job, would you like someone leaning over your shoulder supervising all the time? No. 2) When you are cleaning, does it annoy you that your spouse/ housemate is sitting around not helping? Yes. 3) When your spouse/roommate is cleaning and you are sitting around, do you feel uncomfortable? yes. So, I assume cleaning people are like me, and would just prefer you leave and let them do their job in peace. Also, I think to assuage the guilt, maybe, think about all the people you pay to do all the things! You buy both restaurant food and prepared foods (you probably don't DIY bread, cheese, crackers, etc.) You pay the UPS guy to bring you things (via Amazon probably). There are payments for garbage disposal, transport etc. The only reason you feel guilty is because we have decided that cleaning homes is demeaning. It's not. It's just division of labor. Obviously, pay well. But allocate your time and money as you see fit, and allow Jenny to do the same!

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On In an Age of Tablets, Are Calculators Still Relevant?

AND, the high price of this one device is, I think, a pretty big barrier to low income kids moving up/ doing well in math. Like, if your parents have $100 for their whole "Back to school" budget, you get the calculator or clothes/ pens/ backpack, etc. I remember even my middle class parents wanting to call the teacher to be sure I "needed" it and that it wasn't something I was lying to them about. I think if TI is going to keep the price so high, they really should have an ethical duty to create a program for low income kids and schools to get the calculators.

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On The Cost of Bringing a Person Into The World Via C-Section

@Meaghano Ha! I forgot, the Landlord! Definitely no at home birth with the landlord!

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On The Earning Potential of a Liberal Arts Degree

@Gef the Talking Mongoose In re: Engineer Lawyers making more--> There is lots of law about building stuff and making stuff, and technology. There are PLENTY of lawyers who know about people, relationships, and liberal arts, philosophy, culture, etc. but fewer who know about engineer-y stuff. High demand, low supply = High price. I

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On The Cost of Bringing a Person Into The World Via C-Section

@TaffetaDarling Well, there is no at-home C-section. So, I don't think that was an option for Meaghan. Without knowing the reason for her C-section, and without being a medical professional, I'm going to assume for the time being it was done because it was medically necessary. Also, I think there is no, at home epidural.

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