On "If you're enjoying yourself, you're not working hard enough" (Or You're In Denmark)

@@fo Ok, maybe not Seamless everywhere. But many people, of lower middle income and above, spend a LOT on eating out. It might be spending less insane amounts of money on the $1 menu at McDonalds (but suffering the health consequences) or spending slightly insane amounts of money at the New Seasons Deli (a particular Portland habit) without delivery. The thing is, we don't have the time or energy to cook. Which I think is a pretty big problem in America. For substantial percentage of people.

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On "If you're enjoying yourself, you're not working hard enough" (Or You're In Denmark)

@Amanda M. Especially to a coworking space! I mean, not your office with a door you can shut!

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On Uber and PDX: A Not-Exactly-Love Story

Portland is fining Uber when they do sting/ undercover operations. They haven't started fining drivers, but they say the will. This is interesting as it presumably hurts the drivers a lot more than the huge corporation. Also, it is pretty clear the city officials DO NOT like Uber. They LIKE the large amounts of money they get from the existing Taxi Constituency. They also like the rule that requires taxi companies to have vehicles that can carry people in wheelchairs.

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On The Cheapest Generation Goes Generous for the Holidays

@Ester Bloom Still, I hope career trajectories from say 28 to 35 are generally upward!

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On Iceland Forgives Mortgage Debts in a Year of Jubilee

So, I thought a lot about how the Jubilee would work in practice, if it were predictable and everyone knew it was definitely happening. In year 1, we would be pretty much like we are now. Hardly any debts have a term longer than 30 years! But in year 40 or 45 or 48, interest rates would be astronomical or the term of the loan would be short, etc. Basically, you could probably get a mortgage in years 1-20. But it would be much harder to get one in years 35-48. So, depending on when you were born, your ability to finance large purchases could be really effected. Like, if you are born in year 5, would you really be wanting to lock in a mortgage at 20, before rates went up too high and you wouldn't be able to make the payments? Basically, it only works if almost all debt is short term. So, in order to feel "jubilicious", it has to be a surprise. Otherwise it is just a rule that debt terms can't be longer than 7 years/ 49 years. To be a surprise, it automatically becomes unfair.

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On The Economics of Dating, OKCupid Edition

@Galatea It is a useful question. I also use: would an overweight match be a dealbreaker AND is the sun larger than the earth (I mean GOOGLE it if you aren't sure!).

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On The Economics of Dating, OKCupid Edition

@Susan Tidebeck Yeah, that is probably not OK Cupid. They will give you profiles NO MATTER WHAT. They might not be so much "matches" as nights of awkwardness yet to come, but you can SEE them. eHarmony is ALL! ABOUT! MARRIAGE! OK Cupid has an option for looking for casual sex.

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On You Can Sue Your Parents To Pay Your College Tuition!

@steponitvelma Well, her parents income is a mandatory part of the calculation into whether or not she gets aid until she is 24 or married. It would suck to get no financial support from parents who made $250,000 a year, because then you couldn't get subsidized loans or grants. Also, it would be hard to get private loans that would be necessary without a co-signer. So the state already ASSUMES that the parents are going to contribute. Here they are enforcing that assumption.

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On 'Maybe You Have a Rich Husband?'

@milena @milena Well, a 20 hour a week job at $15,000 a year is sort of like a $30,000 a year full time job, of which there are plenty, and which is livable for a single person in many places. I think the "knowing" it isn't enough for a person to live on is partly a statement of what they know of your situation. It isn't insulting to offer that job to someone who wants to work part time for some personal reason (grad school, children who are in school, their other personal endeavors. If someone knowingly applies to a part time job, I don't think the employer has a duty to provide a full time wage sufficient to support a family of 4. However, if an employer expects full time availability/ work, they do need to pay a full time salary.

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On How To Get Our Belongings of Questionable Worth Across The Country

@TheDilettantista Try to sell your books, and see if you can make enough to buy a Kindle and have all the books in a tiny tiny device? I have also now made a habit of getting rid of most books. Yes, they are beautiful, but in the modern world, like movies and songs and tv shows, most of them can be re-obtained quickly without much trouble.

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