On Here Is Your Open Thread

I know this question may be almost meaningless given different life situations and costs of living and such but: how much do you spend a month, besides rent/mortgage and debt but including other bills? or include them if you want, but i'm just curious what the cost of day-to-day living is (including all the conveniences of cellphones and internet and the car you drive) In my head I want to keep it to $1200/mo, but it's more like $1450/mo. That seems like a lot though! (My rent adds another $875.) I have no debt, little in bills, live in a very expensive city, am pre-tax saving aggressively.

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On Friday Estimate

@EmilyAnomaly oh wow sausage hamburgers?! this reminded me I need to add in world cup expenses, too

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On Friday Estimate

this week was at least 9 days long, right? tonight - yoga (part of my gym membership) and NOTHING ELSE. I don't care if I don't have the best meal options - I'll scrounge. Harrumph. Probably working while I watch tv. $0 saturday - probably groceries ($45) and something to bring for a ramadan iftar ($10). day spent cleeeaaaannniiiinnggg, night spent at aforementioned iftar and then maybe dancing = $55 sunday - cleaning/working and then a casual friends eating and tv watching gathering. hopefully the ingredients for that will be covered in the grocery shopping but I'll say $10 just in case. ETA world cup watching toll of drinks/snacks ($15) = $25 total: $80 I'd be ok with that, though i'd like it to be less

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On La La La (Do 1 Thing)

Just the the idea of choosing and vocalizing a one thing has sent me into a tailspin of panic and shame, so my one thing is to have a one thing for next week that I'm ok with. I did take my bike into the shop though.

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On La La La (Do 1 Thing)

@boogers mcgee love the "i just gotta make it to this semi-reasonable time!" goal. amazed that you're dealing with suitcase and room so promptly. i may have a 3/4 unpacked suitcase from a trip a month ago O_o.

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On La La La (Do 1 Thing)

@Caitlin with a C This is very very smart and setting achievable incremental goals is great. Good luck with the move! Signed, someone who is terrible at moving and hates it (despite having not really done it much) and vows to do better next time

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On Monday Check-in

late but bah how does anyone stick to weekend plans when other people exist?! (i'm good with not overspending generally, but weekends man) I estimated $45 for only groceries. I spent $70 over two trips on groceries, and also $20 on brunch that I was kind of dragged to. I love my friends but I am so over brunch. (Personally, I don't think it's a universally dumb phenomenon or anything!) And $15 on house supplies and $2 on coffee. So... $107 total :-/ On the plus side I think I can get away without spending anything this week except maybe a date night (that might be a lot but it will be good).

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On Friday Estimate

I am hoping this will be a no-spend weekend except for grocery shopping, which I sorely need. Other than that, exercise classes I've already paid for and reading and cleaning my house/life. Let's estimate $45 for groceries, but totally based off nothing right now as my grocery spending fluctuates wildly and this I actually want to go in with a plan and recipes that I don't have yet. I want to do some batch cooking! (Anyone have any good recipes?)

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On Being the Bert

oh my god i'm such a bert oh my god i mean i like spending money on experiences and beautiful things - i'm not at all a stingy scroogey grinch! but sometimes another $12 cocktail is not worth it and I hate getting shit for being stingy from friends (who make more). it's just that my value system is different!

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: May 2014 Check-in

My first tracking post! No debt because I'm privileged and cautious (yet, hello grad school lurking in the future), so just savings goals. Not counting my maxed out (!!) contribution to my job retirement account, since that's the same every month. Savings - goal $6,000 5/1 - $4,315 5/30 - $4,317 Vacation/Extraordinary Fun - goal $700 (edited to lower amount... realized a lot of "fun" is already in my monthly checking/cc cycle, paid off every month) 5/1 - $600 5/30 - 0 (:( Roth IRA - goal to max out every year, no contributions this year :( 5/1 - $2,730 5/3 - $2,783 Ha, both of those meager gains from interest and I bought expensive plane tickets. It's pretty tight from maxing out my retirement contribution for work, which is more than a third of my pretax salary, but I'm hoping I can do a little more to bump those numbers up.

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