On Monday Check-in

I estimated $75 and only spent $33, but that's because I skipped much-needed laundry doing and my boyfriend paid for more food than he should have. So I think I probably just delayed slightly the spending of at least $25, so like a ghost $58. Still not bad.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@lemur_niemer read this as "also planning on getting a baby in July" somehow

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On Friday Estimate

@ThatJenn the worst part of me adding a boyfriend (non live-in) to my life is how much spendier weekends get. Even just like, treating him to coffee when I usually wouldn't get any. It's all wonderful and I can afford it but I feel like a $0 weekend is just so far out of my reach

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On Friday Estimate

@sariberry this sounds perfect

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On Friday Estimate

grump grump grump i want it to be $0 but it won't be ok seriously Friday - happy hour drinks and apps: $20 Saturday - either a chore/cleaning day (which I super should do because my apartment is a mess) or free things outside because it's so perty. Going to shoot for $0 but I bet it'll be $15 because I have wonderful friends that pull me out to do things even though I'm a terrible scrooge. ETA: bah humbug laundry +$10 Sunday - eating and drinking with friends: $30 for coffee + my share of food/drinks So the most poorly estimated estimate of all time since I don't have real plans and refuse to think about things: $75

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On Five Women

This was so lovely. Cheers to women looking out for each other.

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On Friday Estimate

Friday: Brought lunch.I will go to yoga and make dinner with what I have at home and drink a glass of wine from a bottle that's already open and read and go to bed early and it will be a glorious $0. Saturday: go outside! because it's nice! This could be anything from $0 to $20, depending on who I round up and whether it involves a longer drive to a state park. I'll go with $20. + $10 picnic lunch. I will want to go somewhere cheap, but I have a feeling oysters might call my name sooo let's say $30 for dinner + drinks. Ok this is terrible planning and accountability, I'll talk with friends and choose state park + cheap dinner or free hike + oysters so let's say $45 for the day. Gah also an errand I have to run that will cost $65. :((( Sunday: No real plans... maybe some yoga, maybe another exercise class (already paid), make dinner with boyfriend for which we'll need to buy some ingredients: $22 (my turn to pay). Total: $127

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

Hey! Lurker here. I want to do a serious money diet this March. Paleo for bucks. $outh Beach. Whatever. Who wants to join me? Who has good short term saving tips? The short of it is I want to be really savey and recalibrate what "normal spending" is, and I think that's easier with a short time frame. Like Drynuary but for money. Longer: I'm pretty good with money and have a lot going into savings / retirement before I even see it (and no debt), but the past few months have been pretty spendy and I've felt like my average spending has been creeping up too. I basically want to take a month or two of being more aggressively savey to recalibrate what I view as normal spending. My system is set up such that basically everything is auto-saved such that I should live off of what comes into my checking account and not have much left over. But I've been getting down to the edge or pulling out of savings too much recently. I believe in and am fortunate to be in a place where little luxuries are good occasional treats, but I think I'm blowing more without thinking/appreciating than I'd like. So for March: -no taxis (excepting emergencies) -no purchased morning coffees - make tea instead (weekend coffees with a book or friend allowed) -no clothes or home shopping -budget of $35/week for work lunches. if I wanna blow $13 on food trucks I had better be bringing cheap leftovers the rest of the week -careful manipulation of group outings to avoid $40 mediocre meals Don't really spend money on delivery or much on booze. Your tips?

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On Drinking While Broke, Funded By Other Broke Drunks

ah what no this is not being a good friend "Other times, I remember how I thoughtlessly got in his passenger seat while he drunkenly drove around the city one night. He’d just had a very ugly fight with his girlfriend and was trying to “cool off.” I’d preferred he’d die with an equally wasted friend than perhaps died alone. Anyway, at 70 m.p.h. downtown D.C. is surprisingly beautiful." I mean I'm all for people living their own lives and given the positive comments I won't deny this resonates with people and that's great but that kind of living with no regard to others' well-being certainly fits disease-model alcoholic and deserves shaming, even when the person doesn't.

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On Boys vs. Blox

But you guyyyzzzz copyright law in the US--while being terrible and whack in general--does not allow for "moral rights," thankfully. You don't get to dictate how permutations of your creation will be used forevermore because that would be terrible. Sure it's nice when it's something anti-corporate like "don't use in commercials" but remixes and parodies and other derivative works could also be full-stop prevented. So while it may have been a bit of a jerk move on Goldieblox's part (I personally don't think so given how terribly offensive the original song was, and yes I know the Beastie Boys matured and distanced themselves from it which to me makes reclaiming it good and not jerky but I get disagreements)... anyway, while you may think it was a jerk move we can't evaluate on that any more than we do on Goldieblox's mission. It's a question of fair use. I think there is a legitimate argument to be had but this lawyer is, um, not right about things like morality and needing it to count as a 'new piece of art.' For the opposite side, with an actual point by point evaluation of fair use arguments, here's EFF's perspective. I don't fall as fully on the "it's obviously fair use!" side as they do, but it evinces much fuller understanding of copyright law.

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