On Help I Hate My Job

I used to have a really awful job that I hated, and it was a legitimately terrible job, but I also realized later that I was suffering from depression and that was compounding my job stress times a thousand. I wonder if you (Laura) might be suffering from it (or generalized anxiety, etc) as well. Sentences like "I cannot physically or emotionally fathom applying for and getting another job" sound like the kind of "hopelessness spirals" that can be characteristic of depression. It might be helpful to talk to a therapist (if you can afford it) in the time before you can get a new job. Even if you don't have depression, the therapist could probably help you with some coping techniques. Also, I believe in you! I got a new job and I am now a zillion times less stressed. You can do it, too! Good luck!

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On How Elementary School Kids (Plan To) Do Money

This is the funniest of all money-related articles.

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On An Interview with "The King of Pops"

WHAT, these popsicles sound so good. I hope an LA branch is eventually an option :D

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On The Cost of Becoming Red Lobster's LobStar of the Week

Nothing is funnier than this article ………../–) ………/…/ ……./….(__ ____ ¦¦…………((_ I___) ¦¦…………((_ I___) ¦¦…………((_ I___) ¦¦—.___((_I__ )

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On How to Crash With Your Friends for Three Months Without Driving Them Crazy

You all sound like good people. And this is all good very advice.

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Pancake Props, Rainy Day Pizza, Dog Stuff

@selenana Haha, no, I did that at home. I haven't gotten to that point...YET.

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Pancake Props, Rainy Day Pizza, Dog Stuff

@Elliot Sharron@facebook Ramen Jinya! I'm not really sure why I didn't mention it by name.

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