On Things That Cost More Than A Trip To The Best Western-Style Hospital in Shanghai

this answers a bit of the question about whether doctors make good money in China or not: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2014/08/25/under-the-knife It's a long read but incredibly interesting, and it stuck with me for a long time.

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On Chatting About Benefiting From Bank Errors

In the past year my boyfriend and I have found a combined $140 on the ground. I found a $20 at the car wash (must have been dropped by the guy in the car ahead of us, who had already departed), he found $20 when we were walking the dog (no one around), and then we found A ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL in the gutter in SF, walking down the street (again, no one around). Maybe people carry $100s in San Francisco like regulars carry $20s?

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On 7 Really Great Movies From 2014 Worth Streaming

As of this week, Obvious Child is free to stream if you have Amazon Prime!

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On On Selling Book #1 And Dreaming Rothschild Dreams

Jewish Tinder - already a thing! You even specify if you're Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform: http://jswipeapp.com/

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On Friday Estimate

I plan on having a movie-filled weekend. Tonight: hopefully seeing The Skeleton Twins w/ bf with free movie passes, so we'll say $12 for popcorn and a soda. Saturday: $15 to reload my Starbucks card, possibly trekking to the local library, seeing Gone Girl that evening, again with a free movie pass (I've been hoarding them) Sunday: snorkeling in La Jolla Cove, so $10 to rent equipment. Probably a WF lunch afterwards, we'll say another $10. There will be grocery shopping at some point but its not my week to buy, and then paying for the dog walker $30. Total estimate - $85 (give a little wiggle room in case I need to grab some food at some point)

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On 40-Hour Workweek My Aunt Fanny

I was in a union, and am not now. Mine was a designated one at a large state University system, that merged into the Teamster network at some point while I was working there. I think originally they were useful, but the union was more of a hindrance than anything else to me the entire 4 years I worked there. I believe this was mainly because the higher-ups IN the union had close to zero motivation to do things like work out a new contract for us (from 2007-2011 we did not have an active contract, therefore no raises or pay range adjustments). The University's contract that was negotiated with our union (and all of the unions in our system) stated that we were not eligible for any bonuses that would come through to the non-represented employees. We also could not be reclassified to positions outside of the union-designated title codes, which essentially meant you could not be promoted inside your own department. I had some serious employee-relations type issues towards the end of my time working there (not compensated for higher level duties, wage theft, and then retaliation for refusing to take on more work) and the union wouldn't even return my calls in a timely manner. My dad and mom are both in unions, and I am VERY pro-union, and was so disappointed that my own was so ineffective and non-beneficial to me.

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On Disaster Thinking

Oh wow - I never have a name for it, but Disaster Thinking is a perfect description. It is, like others, so familiar to me - it is why I go buy groceries at Target and get $40 cash back so often in the 2 days before payday, since I know they don't process the payment from my Red card that is tied to my checking account for at least 3 days. Every month I make a financial change to save money, to allow myself to save for emergencies that seem to all come along at the same time. Last week I spent nearly $1000 on things that I had not planned for - emergency vet bills and car fixing and miscellaneous other tasks. I know eventually a month will come along where I don't have any of these things and maybe I will be able to sock away some extra cash, but until then I will continue my practice of planned late payments with the electricity company and AT&T.

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On The Burrower: Part I

A guy I used to work with did this! His job involved traveling for up to 6 months out of the year, and he had a girlfriend in a foreign country that he was always trying to visit. His logic was that he didn't see the point of renting a place he wouldn't be staying in the majority of the time - so he slept in his office. He had the cleaning lady walk in on him multiple times asleep on the floor, and it became really obvious that he was showering every day at work too (long hair). I think he thought no one knew, but we ALL knew. The bosses generally thought it was too awkward of a subject to bring up, especially if the circumstances were money-related, and basically ignored it. I really hope part 2 explains that everyone at her work knew the whole time and just didn't say anything to be polite.

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On Waitress Given $1K; What's the Most You've Ever Tipped?

The biggest tip I ever left was also accidental in France. I forgot that you don't really need to tip, and I was at a cafe with a friend who then got FAR too drunk on caiprinhas. I felt really bad for our waitress (who was very beautiful and sweet and spoke zero English) who I kept asking for water to force down my friend's throat so he would calm the hell down and stop thinking he was having palpitations, and ended up paying the tab and leaving something like 8 or 10 euros for a 45 euro meal. I may have also had too many caiprinhas. She came out and mimed to me if I was sure I wanted to leave that much, which clued me in to the fact that I had overtipped, but at that point there was no going back. She thanked me profusely, and I felt like a high roller for the next 10-15 minutes (until my friend puked in the street next to the Seine). The biggest tip I ever got was $100 on a $10 meal, on my last day of waitressing at a breakfast/lunch place in my hometown, right before i went to college. It was one of the daily regulars who was a sweet old man that told me I reminded him of his granddaughter. I chased him down the street and hugged him, which was embarrassing for both of us, probably.

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On Friday Estimate

I cannot - repeat, cannot - spend any money this weekend due to a huge mismanagement of funds on my part, and being charged $70 in overdraft fees erroneously and them taking their sweet time to reverse them. SO. Friday - comedy show with bf. Got the tickets really cheap but a 2 drink minimum...$20 maybe? Saturday - clean the house, dog park, free activities. Babysitting at night, so +$70 hopefully? Sunday - make some thing big and delicious to feed me for a few days. I'll say $20 for some basic grocery needs like cheese and eggs and toilet paper and wine. Hopefully - profit of at least $30? We will see how this goes.

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