On The Best Restaurants According to All of Us (on Yelp)

Nothing in the entire state of Pennsylvania?! Philly has some of the best restaurants in the country (of the snooty and dive-y variety) but none of them are represented here.

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On Adult People Are Asking Other Adult People Their SAT Score in Job Interviews

1260 the first time, 1350 the second time (back in the ye olde days when SAT scores were out of 1600). Those numbers are burned on my brain forever.

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On Our Hoarding Tendencies

I'm an anti-hoarder: if something doesn't have immediate use to me (or isn't somehow beautiful and noteworthy), it gets tossed. I used to have 1,200 CDs, thousands of magazines, and loads of books/movies (I was the textbook definition of an only child obsessed with media), but in the past few years I've sold/gotten rid of 99% of it, once I've uploaded the things worth keeping to my external hard drive. I was once told that my room looks like something out of an IKEA catalog and I'm not sure if that's praise or a sly dig, hah.

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On Time Is a Flat Circle Every 1 Thing We've Ever Done or Will Do We're Gonna Do Over and Over and Over Again

This is my least favorite household task! It seems so easy, but it's so tedious.

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On Deduct Your Yachts While You Still Can, Young Taxpayers

@jmdj A friend of a friend just bought a houseboat as his primary residence - his first place after moving from home (he's 26) and it blew my mind, but apparently this is a thing people do in Pittsburgh?

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On Did You Hit Your Goal for February?

My goal was to open a (relatively) high-yield savings account, which I did - I switched from Citizens Bank and their sad savings plan (.01%) to a Barclays online savings account (.90%) and tripled my 2013 earned interest in just one month with this new account! I'm also meeting my savings goals (my savings took a hit last year by paying off all my debt, I'm gradually rebuilding) and have yet to spend any of my Christmas bonus - I withdrew it all in cash and it's just sitting in my desk drawer, but it makes me feel secure knowing I have cash on hand, even though it's not doing anything.

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On Odd Job of the Day: TSA Agent

I know it's against the point of his article, but: "It was May 2007. I was living with a bohemian set on Chicago’s north side, a crowd ranging from Foucault-fixated college kids to middle-aged Bukowski-bred alcoholics. We drank and talked politics on the balcony in the evenings, pausing only to sneer at hipsters strumming back-porch Beatles sing-a-longs" GAG.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

As a follow-up to last week's Open Thread and attempting to make friends as adults, tonight I'm trying out a board game night (the nerdy type, not Candy Land) at an acquaintance's apartment with a bunch of her friends! Nothing too cutting edge or out of my comfort zone, but it's a start and hopefully I won't embarrass myself too much (plus I'm bringing snacks and who doesn't love snacks?!)

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: January 2014 Check-In

I got my congratulatory note from Mike Dang in the mail a few weeks ago and it made my day - I even texted a photo of it to a friend and she freaked out along with me (we're basically Billfold groupies?)

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On How Much Should the Dentist Cost?

Though I have health and vision insurance through work, I don't have dental insurance and last year paid something like $900 out-of-pocket for two cleanings (I'm that person who goes every six months out of habit/because I've done it that way since before I had adult teeth), a set of x-rays, a normal filling, and a filling repair (I broke a filling on a piece of pizza in Scotland and waited two months to fix it, hoping it was just a seriously determined piece of food jammed between my teeth - SURPRISE, IT WASN'T - and in those two months the broken bit jammed into a filling in the tooth in front and messed that up, so really it was a repair on two different teeth/fillings) because I have the worst teeth, apparently. I'm always a bit miffed when it's $125/cleaning (and way more for anything else), but with my dental history it's a price I've come to accept. Although my dentist suggested I get a panoramic x-ray at the princely sum of $600 (rude) so I stiffed him and had my orthodontist aunt do it for free so...sticking it to the man in a gentle way?

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