On You Can't Afford To Be Fat At Work

One of the reasons I don't quit my current job is that I feel a bit too fat for job hunting. ....at least I know I'm not paranoid.

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On 2013 Median Household Income is 8 Percent Lower Than 2007 Income

1999 - I was a senior in high school. My dad is a doctor, so life was incredibly comfortable. My parents were also amazing examples of living within your means and saving as much as possible. Whatever college I decided to attend, my parents would pay the tuition in full. So I was basically spoiled beyond my comprehension. I also worked at a retail shop in the mall--because it was fun. Minimum wage fun. 2007 - I was at my first job as a freelance contractor in retail photography. By this time, I was making $150/day--but taxed to hell because of the whole self-employment angle. I lived with some fun gals and had some good times. 2013 - I am now working full-time in Marketing for a Fortune500. I am making $65k/year. I own my house and live alone in the suburbs. My dad is now retired and comes over to mow my lawn once a week. So--definitely still spoiled.

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On I Want to Illustrate Your Daydreams About Money

I daydream about my parents dying and leaving me a ton of money. I always feel horrible because I absolutely adore my entire family & would fall to pieces if anything bad happened to any of them. Anyways, I would quit my job and become a shut-in a la Bruce Wayne...except with some puppies and an indoor pool.

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On Analyzing America's Most Affluent Towns

North Oaks, Minnesota is extremely interesting. The city was completely planned, built, and established to segregate the wealthy. The city is only about 10 square miles, but there are only three entrances into the ENTIRE CITY. If someone lives in the back of North Oaks, it can take 30 minutes of winding through the woods at 25 MPH to reach your destination. Another fun fact is that the entire city is private property owned by the residents. Therefore, each resident has a sticker on the back of their car that identifies them as a resident--they cannot get pulled over in city limits. The poor povos without stickers get ticketed A LOT. These aren't McMansions, but beautiful homes with wonderful people. (Notably, there is a nearby housing development in the city of Shoreview that calls itself "Royal Oaks." Single White Female much? That's the where the McMansions are tacky monstrosities with faux brick facades exist.) All to be said, I am not surprised by Minnesota's town. All the other towns have a wealthy sector (usually the lakefront properties) amidst more modest homes.

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On My Really Expensive Phone That Is Really Expensive

@Bill Fostex Yessssss! Virgin mobile for my iPhone. I bought the phone outright, but $30/month is soooo nice. It's unlimited, too!

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On Cleans Clothes and Pays for Drugs

"Watch out for the detergent bubble (ha!) bursting!" --Someone Who Has a Pallet of Expired Baby Formula

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On The Thing I Bought This Year with a Scary Price Tag

@P-Bomb--- Oh pull your pants up; your smugness is showing. When will people realize that having top-of-the-line instruments aren't a prerequisite for be a good surgeon? A box cutter and twisty-ties should do just fine, eh?

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On WWYD: The Envelope Full of Cash

WWID (now): Hand it off to anyone who worked @ the bar immediately. WWID (college): Keep it. Keep it forever and ever. I'm a grown-up now, I guess.

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On Weddings! Babies! PATRIARCHY!

Logan! You posted the second story of the day! Wooohooo!!!

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On Wealth Planning Advice in 'Two Princes'

@melis THE SECOND PRINCE WILL BUY YOU ROCKETS! FORGET ABOUT THE FIRST PRINCE! (But is he buying these rockets in cash or is it something which I'm going to take over the payments for when his student loan grace period ends. If so, I'm on the fence with a duke.)

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