On My Really Expensive Phone That Is Really Expensive

@Bill Fostex Yessssss! Virgin mobile for my iPhone. I bought the phone outright, but $30/month is soooo nice. It's unlimited, too!

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On Cleans Clothes and Pays for Drugs

"Watch out for the detergent bubble (ha!) bursting!" --Someone Who Has a Pallet of Expired Baby Formula

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On The Thing I Bought This Year with a Scary Price Tag

@P-Bomb--- Oh pull your pants up; your smugness is showing. When will people realize that having top-of-the-line instruments aren't a prerequisite for be a good surgeon? A box cutter and twisty-ties should do just fine, eh?

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On WWYD: The Envelope Full of Cash

WWID (now): Hand it off to anyone who worked @ the bar immediately. WWID (college): Keep it. Keep it forever and ever. I'm a grown-up now, I guess.

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On Weddings! Babies! PATRIARCHY!

Logan! You posted the second story of the day! Wooohooo!!!

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On Wealth Planning Advice in 'Two Princes'

@melis THE SECOND PRINCE WILL BUY YOU ROCKETS! FORGET ABOUT THE FIRST PRINCE! (But is he buying these rockets in cash or is it something which I'm going to take over the payments for when his student loan grace period ends. If so, I'm on the fence with a duke.)

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On Dispatch from Winter

Bwahahahahaha! Bless your heart. It's forty degrees out right now! That's delightful for November. I didn't wear a coat today nor did I turn on my car's heater during the commute. My legs were bare when I went out this weekend. I laugh at your chattering teeth and your snotty nose. Grow a pair, Lowg. (In high school ski club, whenever you complained about being cold at practice, the coach would make you run hills--in your ski boots. I'll never admit to being cold. Ever.)

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On A Trip to TGIFridays in Upstate New York

I want to know where everyone whose "minds were blown" were born and raised. How soon you forget...

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On British People Talk About Money

Find an Australian article! Povo, povo, povo.

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On Ads Doing Great Job

The only thing I gained from the article is that Adriane lives in Minneapolis & is doing it right. Kidding. It actually made me reflect on the content of the ads I'm getting from hulu since I now religiously utilize the "Is this ad relevant to you?" button. Still too many car commercials. Ug.

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