On How To Not Ruin Your Life With Fixed Expenses

Our mortgage is about 25 or 26% of our take-home pay, and it feels like too much! Our rental before we bought (which was very nice, and in a slightly more exciting neighborhood) was only about 13% though, so I guess we got spoiled... Home maintenance takes every extra dime, which makes it seem more expensive than it is on paper I guess. Plus student loans eat up around 10%, and I have high savings needs due to growing up not especially financially secure. I guess this is why I continue to live in a small lame city - I can't imagine spending 50% or more of my income on rent.

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On How Long Should Paternity Leave Be?

@Karebot PLUS mom is generally also home in the evenings, so if something is too difficult, she can help deal with it. It's not the same sort of bootcamp as being alone for nine or ten hours at a time with a tiny screaming fragile thing.

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On How Long Should Paternity Leave Be?

My husband is taking the first two weeks off, and then taking weeks 13 and 14 after I go back to work - still not much, but at least it's some alone time with the baby... (He doesn't get paternity leave, but he has some extra vacation saved up.)

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On We Are Not Spa People

@Splendorofmorgan Only some of them. Sometimes they just make you awkwardly half-hug a giant pillow, which is not entirely relaxing.

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On The ACA and My Obstetrician and Me

@Walter14 I have no problem with doctors making fantastic salaries, but the idea of the hospital itself making a profit turns my stomach.

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On Friday Estimate

Friday: staying in I think. Saturday: Mardi Gras parade, need to pick up something to bring to after party - $10? Touch up groceries for my mom's visit - $25? (spent $222 on Tuesday! Insane.) Probably go out for lunch or dinner - $30? Sunday: Mom arrives; work on the house. If we go out or need supplies, she'll probably pay. Total: $65ish.

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On Order the Largest Pizza You Can

@readyornot Yes, sometimes it's worth paying more for a better crust ratio...

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On I Don't Sleep I Just Dream of 1 Thing

I'm going to call my credit card and see if hey will take off the $25 fee for paying one day late. :(

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On Our Hoarding Tendencies

My hoarding tendencies have been unleashed - we bought an old fire station, and now there's 4000 sf of living space and 2000 sf of garage, and no one notices how much crap I have! It's wonderful and terrible all at once. I do try to get rid of old bank statements and clothes that don't flatter and that sort of thing, but I now have basically infinite space to keep craft supplies and books and LEGO and cooking implements...

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On Tuesday Check-In

@CubeRootOfPi Cool! I hope he enjoys it.

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