On How Unmarried Homeowners Do Taxes

"Our first year, all this totaled up to a few thousand dollars in deductions. Because it wasn’t income tied to one person, either of us could claim all of it, or we could both claim all of it." Going through the same stuff right now (BF and I just bought and are not married). Are you saying you can both claim 100% of the home purchase/maintenance deductions, or saying you can go 50/50 or 100/0? We thought of having one of us claim 100% of the home deductions and the other one takes the standard deduction (instead of going 50/50, which would amount to slightly more than std)... But if we can both claim 100%, that's a gamechanger. Can you clarify??

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On Tinder's New Paywall Is Going to Destroy Tinder. Here's Why.

I'm curious to learn more about this Tinder Plus but the paywall doesn't even make sense if there's no other logic built into it. There's no incentive for me to pay $19.99 for unlimited likes if the people who I want to like me back don't get a chance to swipe me right -- they might see me eventually and maybe match, but time matters in dating. If you don't get in quick enough, someone else will. I hope that either the free number of likes is high enough that you don't filter out most users, or that they essentially price-discriminate by figuring out who they want to keep "in the pool" (even if they have to eat the cost) vs. who they'll only have if the users pay. I wanna give them enough credit and say they've considered all of these things.

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On Hey, Wait, I've Got a New Complaint

I'm the person who always gets sent over to complain and get something for free. I think the key is not to be condescending or mean, but to explain what the issue is and what they can do to rectify it. The most recent one was a reservation I made at a restaurant for my coworkers and me, and the host kept saying "only a few minutes" but in reality we waited for an hour. No apps or drinks were offered to tide us over, and I was starving! So I asked if he would offer us drinks while we waited at the bar, and he did. The manager also contacted me and sent a $50 gift card. As long as you don't go out of your way to be rude while giving feedback, I feel like asking for someone to make it up to you is totally fair. It's built into the cost of owning a business.

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On In Search of a Deal on Wheels

Girl, wait till the end of the month if you can! A car salesman will do anything short of giving you his firstborn child to sell you a car so he can make his sales target for the month. I got the best deal ever on my car this way.

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On Happy New Year! Here Are Some Pointless Or Obvious Savings Tips!

@Aunt Scar The new house is definitely more energy efficient, but I am using the current (Nest) cost of heating and scaling it up to the case where we were heating our current home for 7 hours a day, which is what would happen if we had a thermostat that just turned itself on based on time. So it's apples to apples, I am not comparing our current cost of heating to the $500 we used to spend in the old place.

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On Happy New Year! Here Are Some Pointless Or Obvious Savings Tips!

I find that for us, the Nest has already paid for itself (and we just bought it in September). We used to live in a 2 br, ~900 sq ft apartment that was oil heated for about 7 hours a day (programmable thermostat). We paid about $500/mo (OBSCENE I KNOW). to keep the temperature at home around 65 F, the lowest we could bear. Now with the Nest in our new home (~1500 sq ft, 2 stories), we have the temperature set to 68-70 F and the thermostat only comes on avg 3 hours a day (that's the Nest turning itself on and off based on temperature and our presence in the home). We use gas heating and the difference between the November bill and a summer bill was around $100-$120, so let's call that the cost of the heat. If the heat was on for 7 hours a day like it was in our old apartment, even with the lower-cost gas heating that would make our monthly heating cost ~$280, so let's say the Nest saves us $160/month. This baby is paying off in its first winter. Another benefit of the Nest is being able to turn it on when you're coming home from Holiday break so that the house is toasty when you get there. Last year, we took a 2-week trip and returned to an apartment that took a whole day to go from 45 F to 65 F. This year, I turned on the Nest during our drive down from Quebec and the house was warm when we got home. Those are the little conveniences that make me love my Nest! I swear they don't pay me to say this, but I truly think the Nest is a worthwhile investment for someone who pays their own heat.

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On One American's Search for a Bank Account Abroad

@annev17 I worked for a summer in France and was shocked to see that you need a bank account to open a cell phone account. I asked why, and they said, "well how would we know that you can afford to pay us/make sure we get the money?" DUH CREDIT CARDSSSSS So I lived with a dingy little prepaid 30-euro flip-shit phone and had to re-learn T9 to communicate with the world. Fuck Orange.

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On The Search for an Unpillable Sweater

@lisaf You (well I) can be a bit aggressive with the razor and cut a hole through the sweater. The pumic/sweater stone is much gentler so it takes A LOT of aggressive rubbing to wear a hole through the fabric!

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On The Search for an Unpillable Sweater

Just came here to say that I've killed a million sweaters by removing pills with razors, and a sweater stone has been my saving grace. Buy one! http://www.amazon.com/Dritz-Sweater-Stone-Clothing-Care/dp/B000WUXOT2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1418137636&sr=8-1&keywords=sweater+stone

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On The Cost of Figuring Out a Guy Isn't Right

Ah, college boys! I don't wanna build you up but this is totally a thing that boys do: He might be into you but not confident enough to tell his roommate to piss off when he dissed you. Either that, or he's one of those guys who was stringing you along because he enjoyed the ego-stroking. So, I mean, it's a toss-up. Dating in college was mostly disappointing for me. As soon as I crossed the boundary into post-grad-dom, things improved significantly. In terms of expenses, I'd say the sneakers were a good investment. Running with beat-up shoes is HORRIBLE for your knees and feet! And they'll last you for a year or so, at which point you can wear them to the gym to do non-running things, or for running errands, or for gardening.

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