On Figuring Out Laundry

@hungrybee @Ellie Ha, *I* don't follow the care instructions, so I don't care what they do at the drop off! I just know that in exchange for like 2% more money and the occasional lost sock, I get to spend my Saturdays however I please. To me, it's worth having to replace my undies slightly sooner.

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On My Boss Tried to Get Me to Join in on Her Beauty Pyramid Scheme (It Kind of Worked)

@la_di_da It's SUPER unethical!! I think it's weird even when bosses send around a "I'm doing this race for charity, no pressure but if you want to donate..." email. Don't ask for money from your subordinates!

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On The Missing Packages

@deedee Yeah I don't feel bad about it either. You know it's built into their plan, and they build loyalty by showing good customer service (the lady at Zappos was like, weeping with apologies when I had a delivery go missing. Their politeness was borderline unnerving).

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On What Would You Do With a $20,000 Windfall?

@Penelope Pine Ditto.

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On What Would You Do With a $20,000 Windfall?

I had this happen to me! Right after college, I randomly got a voiceover gig in two really annoying Citibank commercials that ran All. The. Time. Every trip to the mailbox became an adventure: how big is the check this week?! This should never happen to a 22-year-old. I lived off the money for a year while I "worked on my book." In hindsight, I should have followed Chiara's plan and moved to Rome.

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On Interview With a Woman Who Wants to Pay for Her Boyfriend But He Won't Let Her

@Kzinti @RachelW Yes, for the love, pay your taxes!!! It can really bite you in the behind later. I doubt she'll owe much/anything anyway, since she isn't making a ton of money. But not reporting your income is just a terrible idea. Look at those people from the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Don't be a Giudice!

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On What Did You Spend on Your Last Wedding Gift?

Ha, I opened this KNOWING it would be a list of missives whining about registries, and that's pretty much what it is. Oh, you reliable Billfold group posts. Anyway, I give cash. But in my early twenties it was all about group gifts or finding a $30 vase. When I got married, I felt like the registry was there for friends of my parents who are really into the kind of thing. They are, actually, pretty dumb - but also not obligatory, so I don't get why people hate them with such passion.

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On Pilfering From the Hotel Room

FYI, most hotels - at least the somewhat nice ones - will give you a little toothpaste packet at the front desk.

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On The $48 'World War Z' Mega-ticket

@e I love the Arclight! It was my go-to theater when I lived in LA, even though I was poor - it's only a little more expensive and so much nicer. Plus if you go opening night, sometimes you see some of the cast in the theater with you, which is fun.

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On Where Should We Stay for the Wedding?

@wendyleigh Weddings can indeed be expensive and annoying, but there is such a simple solution. Don't go.

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