On Driver Roll Up the Partition Please Don't Need You Seeing Yonce Doing 1 Thing

@Madeline Shoes Getting a pint of Jeni's Roxbury Road is my non-work 1 thing today! Which is a silly 1 Thing but it is so expensive and I hate going to to get the pints, so it qualifies.

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On You Ask Me, 1 Thing Is Winning

@Laurabean I love votes from internet strangers!

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On You Ask Me, 1 Thing Is Winning

YES! I am so pleased this is still happening. My 1 thing is to name my new baby rats. I cannot let them live with me for more than 24 hours without having names. (Right now, I'm between Patsy and June/Lucy and Clementine.) This qualifies as a 1 thing because the pressure of naming things makes me queasy and I hate it.

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On You Ask Me, 1 Thing Is Winning

@andnowlights My face is VERY round and I've had a pixie for 2.5 years now. The upkeep is ANNOYING, but I've had luck finding salons to do neck and bang trims for $5 + tip in between real appointments. So, you know. If those are your only hesitations... :)

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On The Cost Of Mental Health Care for a Semi-insured 23-year-old

I have decent insurance, and still have so many issues and expenses in this. It's terrible. I was paying $100 a visit (AFTER insurance) for a terrible therapist for a couple months. I work for a university with a medical center under its umbrella, so therapy is free/low cost if you get in to their therapists, but it is expensive if you go elsewhere. And their therapists are never accepting new patients, even with referrals. Finally I confessed to my GP that I hated my therapist and that I couldn't go anymore, especially since the money was just adding to the stress. She closed the door, said she liked me and wanted me to be better, and that she'd call the psychologist that she'd done her psych residency under and ask her to take me on as a patient as a favor. Thankfully she did, and now my visits are free (I think? unless I get a weird bill soon, but it hasn't cost me anything yet) and I love my therapist, but if I hadn't known someone or had someone willing to advocate for me, I'd never be in the position I'm in now.

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On Let 1 Thing Go

I love 1 Thing so much, it keeps me honest! And productive! I would be ridiculously sad to not have it. My 1 Thing today was to do a budget at work that I've been avoiding for two weeks. I just finished it. I should also probably unload the dishwasher when I go home. That will be my home 1 Thing.

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On I Don't Sleep I Just Dream of 1 Thing

I have to go meet a new therapist, so that is my one thing. It's probably almost the only thing I'll do all day, that shit is DRAINING.

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On Our Hoarding Tendencies

This article and the comments here made me seriously think about the fact that I still have so many clothes I haven't worn in years, cards people sent me in undergrad, old dried up nail polishes, cheap accessories I'll never wear again. I went home and completely cleaned out my closet, came away with three bags of clothes, shoes, and accessories to donate, two bags of trash, and one bag of papers to be shredded. I feel soooooooooooooooo good.

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On Monday Check-In

Friday didn't go quite as planned. $4 on bus fare, $5 on one drink. Saturday was just dinner to the tune of $18 and a late night nail polish purchase at $22. Estimate was $102-$112, actual spending came in at $49. I have yet to go grocery shopping or buy gas, and both of those were in my estimate, so once those are done, I'll be pretty close to the estimate. What I didn't spend out on Friday, I spent on nail polish Saturday.

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On True Fans of True Detective

My roommate is leaving and going to our hometown this weekend and I plan on straight-up marathoning this show the whole time he is gone. ETA: Maybe the whole time is an exaggeration but I really am going to marathon it and I am so excited.

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