On Racially Profiled While Shopping at Barneys

First sentence of the Daily News article: "A black teenager is shopping for justice..." Lovely.

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On Looking at Pay Fairness Through Jobs I've Had

@Sallymander Yeah, the oyster job was amazing, and I kind of wish I could still do it now. It's been my experience that physical labor tends to pay more than I expect it to - is that generally true?

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On Looking at Pay Fairness Through Jobs I've Had

@Laurabean Yeah, I guess that's true. @cmcm I'm not sure - actually, at the same time, one of my roommates was doing a longer-term temp job, and I remember her saying that the employer was trying to delay actually hiring her because it was more cost-effective for them to keep her as a temp (I think there were certain legal requirements they were trying to work around). But that could have been for other reasons too. I thought that part of the appeal of hiring temps was that they were people who were otherwise unemployed, and therefore would work for less money than they could have demanded in a more balanced market? Even though the concept of non-union workers "demanding" higher pay seems to me now incredibly old-fashioned and impossible.

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