On Can God Make It In Hollywood? Crunching the Numbers

First, The Matrix and the Lord of the Rings movies did ok. Second, this is a straw man argument. Who said religious movies have or should be more popular than movies about fast cars or robots? Couldn't we also say romantic comedies/dance movies/atheist movies tend not to make as much money as Fast and the Furious sequels? What does any of this even prove? And again - it's not necessarily gross income that matters - because making $100M when the movie cost $100M doesn't mean box office gold. There have been a number of recent religious movies made on small budgets that have done quite well - compared to their budgets. See, e.g. Tyler Perry.

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On Why Do We Tolerate Whole Foods-ian Pseudoscience?

I'm biased because I'm Chinese so I don't think Eastern Medicine is crazy. My mom would give me random things to drink and eat and I would feel better and a lot of these herbs/methods are being incorporated by homeopaths now. And hey, Chinese people live a long time, are often in great shape for old people and look really young so they're not the worst people to take advice from. I realize there's a danger in assuming these things are just true and affecting policy change based on these unproven methods but just because it's alternative and not accepted by Western doctors doesn't mean it's wrong. It's really hard to run studies on diet and nutrition so this stuff will probably never be proven conclusively either way.

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On The Cost of Getting Knocked Up (So Far)

@EDaily I don't think anyone should be expected to make their pregnancy or credit card details (or anything) known to anyone. When I was writing the comment I thought about when I was keeping someone's pregnancy a secret and at about 5 months she was telling people because she was so obviously pregnant- there was no point in concealing it. So I was just commenting on the dichotomy that whereas Logan is disclosing really personal financial stuff that random strangers would never know, random strangers might know Meaghan was pregnant. And it's fine if Meaghan never said anything personal at all - obviously her prerogative - but she's a complete mystery. And that's totally fine. (I feel like I should say this a million more times. Whatever she does is completely fine.) And I think the confusion came from that intro post - Meaghan said she was more Logan but she has stock options and a fiance. That's surprising - is all. I very much appreciate madrassoup sticking up for me. =D Sometimes I feel like my comments need to be written with disclaimers because people often jump to any and every potentially offensive meaning. (And that's totally fine too). I will be extra careful in the future.

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On The Cost of Getting Knocked Up (So Far)

@Adouble This is very observant. I feel that I know Logan's credit card debt to the cent yet I didn't know Meaghan was pregnant, let alone five months pregnant (not saying she has to expose herself to the same detail but being pregnant is such a big deal in someone's life, it seems jarring that this hasn't been mentioned before). Meaghan's next post could be about her allowance as the Queen of Spain for all I can tell. Maybe mystery is the game here - but it's definitely different than the transparent Mike/Logan situation.

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On The Cost of Getting Knocked Up (So Far)

Congrats! I thought this was a guest post. Did not know you had been pregnant this whole time.

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On Is It Weird For a Brother and a Sister to Share a Room?

@jmdj Same thing happened to me - as in older sibs shared while I had my own room. My older sister and brother shared a room until they were 12/13 and I was 10. But it made even less sense because we had a 4 bedroom house (the other bedroom was a "guest room" that we played in) and I had a bunk bed to myself (the other bunk was full of stuffed animals). Also my bedroom was at the end of the hall and I always had nightmares so I wished I could have a roommate!

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On Getting Teens More Interested in Thinking About Money

@sea ermine This is a very good point. The programs should address that most of these kids' problems stem from not having money - and the rest will be about how to keep it, and not in a "give up my daily latte habit" kind of way.I have a friend who grew up very poor but is now a corporate lawyer. When he tells me about his family's financial woes I'm always saying "save yourself first!" and he says he knows (he has 6 figures of student loan debt and his family is constantly getting themselves in financial woes). These are the kinds of issues that might need covering.

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On How Did You Get That Awesome Job?

@apples and oranges I think networking is knowing people who are willing to help you out, showing that you'd be a good employee and letting those people know to help you out. In 2012, my family got jobs for three people. My sister hired her friend as a nanny (wife of a coworker). I advertised on FB for someone to take over my freelance editing gig (we met at church). My mom killed herself to get the long-unemployed husband of her best friend a gig in the government through her connections and by coaching him through the process. These are all examples of getting a job through networking. People actually like to help people so the more people you know, the more opportunities you hear about. And the stronger your connection, the farther those people will go for you. But it's also important that you make yourself out to be a good employee because there are a number of people that my friends and family have tried to help out only to get really embarrassed at their behavior and never want to recommend them again.

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On How Did You Get That Awesome Job?

I've always just applied to vacancies but I think the reason I'm hired is some combo of being a good candidate and good interviewee, and then sending handwritten thank you notes to all my interviewers. Has worked every time.

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On Millennials & Diversity

What a great article and a sorely uncovered topic! Someone was telling me about his theory that the baby boomers screwed life up for the millenials by not saving and incurring massive amounts of debt and then he said, I'm not including people like your parents, because immigrants are totally different than baby boomers. And that's the point here - there's this whole story of what's happening in America that's basically just about what's happening with white people. I'm not going to say I'm sick of it but I've never understood how to relate.

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