On The Cost of Vacation, Part 3: Perfume and Makeup

I think Chanel No. 5 is a scent that smells good ON people. It smells terrible by itself but my friend says she gets compliments when she wears it.

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On The Rich Are Different From You & Me: They're Full of Poison!

Ugh Joanna Coles – I wrote a letter to the editor for her first issue of Cosmo, effectively imploring her not to try to make Cosmo serious. I already read several newspapers but none of them are my go-to source on va-jazzling! Also, the fashion spread was tired and they didn’t have an interview with cover model Kate Upton for some reason. And she wasn’t any fun on Project Runway either. Then I canceled my subscription.

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On How 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Does Money

Oh it's best-selling book in Britain of all time. Whew.

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On The Rent Is Too Damn High, and Jimmy McMillan Is Getting Evicted

I can't get mad at an evicted disabled veteran crusading about something we all know to be true even if it's not true for him.

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On We Never Did 1 Thing! So Here's 1 Thing We All Can Do

Someone once made fun of me for turning off my modem and router when I leave in the morning but why waste energy? I just signed up for this thing called "Budget billing" where I pay the monthly average of my past year's electricity -probably saving me $5-10/month. Thanks for the tip to make me go look at my utilities bill!

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On Running a Business I Didn't Want

Putting a screencap from Speed on this article made my heart pump so much faster reading it.

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On We Literally Cannot All Be Middle-Class

@julebsorry Totally agree. I think a lot of the people making the $200k were probably brought up middle class and now they're making much more than their parents but can't afford anything nearly as nice. They probably don't feel middle class. I'm not sure anyone can say "you're not middle class" based on math because when we mean "middle," we don't mean the exact mean or median salary - we just haven't figured out the range to include in "middle." Bill Gates isn't middle class and neither is a grad student but everyone in between is up for grabs.

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On Spiritually Bankrupt: How I Went Broke Trying To Teach Yoga

Just chiming in to say I really loved this. But I'm clinging to my soul-sucking job.

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On The Internet as Safety Net

This is basically modestneeds.org without the vetting. Also, that church workflow thing makes no sense. If you come to your church needing money, they would just give it to you. There was an article in WaPo about this over the weekend (although that was for loans). I have never experienced someone in church looking for needy families, publicizing this fact in a newsletter and then soliciting donations. That's such a breach of privacy and also just creepy. But gofundme and modestneeds make sense if you have no church.

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On Was It Worth It? The Craigslist Coffee Table

Seriously, your hair is so shiny, I didn't even notice the table! I love this series. I furnished my whole apartment on Craigslist for about $1k (not including mattress). The win I always brag about is my couch, chair and ottoman - altogether $60.

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