On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: March 2015 Check-in

I'm not complaining but I never received my congratulatory note after paying off my law school loans last July. Of course, paying off the loans was its own reward but notes are nice too.

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On Monday Check-in

@CJ Cregg I bought a chef's knife too! I spend so much time cutting stuff with my old knives, I'm sure it'll be worth it.

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On Monday Check-in

I got a ton of to-dos off my list this weekend but that ended up costing a lot. To wit: Finally bought a DSLR. Been coveting for a long time and then just found a seller (in my building even!) that was selling a used body and lens for $225. Figured it was time and it wouldn't hurt too much at that price. $60 at Amazon for stuff including a CF card and accessories for camera. $10 at Gilt with coupon and credit - a kitchen scale, 2 chef knives and a beeswax candle, that apparently cleanses the air. $100 for tights, a scale (ugh), a loaf pan and 2 new spring coats at Kohl's - I'll return one. Still, surprisingly cheap. $80 for bars/restaurants/omelettes/pasties although watching UVA lose was free for me, yet painful. I guess it'll save me the cost of going to bars to watch March Madness. $30 groceries - a lot of bones for various stock, which I spent the weekend making. $40 gas. $25 for taxes and owed about $1000 less than I thought I would so that's a huge win! +$60 because I worked this weekend. So I estimated $1000 more in taxes and I don't even have to pay until April so even though I spent more than I thought I would, it comes out way below.

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On Friday Estimate

First time estimating! I generally have no idea what I am going to do over the weekend. I'm working a few hours so +$60. Returning something. +$75 I need to get gas. Have gas prices come down yet? -$40 I'm having lunch with my sibs so -$60 for whomever pays. I have to pay my taxes so -$THOUSANDS because I'm terrible at this. I'm going to buy tights from Kohl's while they're still on sale. I started the season with a laughable abundance of tights and now I'm down to maybe 5, 3 of which are damaged but not damaged enough to throw away (giant holes in the crotchular area that other people won't be able to see). I also need a spring transition coat and I'll probably buy a dress because spring. So -$250 and I'll return whatever doesn't fit. I'm going to make mushroom confit as per the WaPo and bone broth because everyone talks about it even though it's just stock. But homemade stock is delish so I don't care. -$50 for groceries. Total: -$Thousands

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On Friday Estimate

@PeggyDear This might not be the answer you're looking for because it's too specific- but could you get by with $50 gas now and $100 credit card minimum and get more gas later? This might also be a terrible answer but can you apply for a 0% interest credit card to tide you over for a bit?

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On How a Person Living a Nomadic Lifestyle Does Money

@Kate He seemed annoying to me too! I don't even know why.

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On Working And The "Real Girl"

"I think I’m learning that I can’t always think about my career in terms of height." I liked this line going with the whole blocks analogy. Just liked it.

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On Today, In "Things David Brooks Doesn't Understand": Poverty

Except he says: "America is obviously not a country in which the less educated are behaving irresponsibly and the more educated are beacons of virtue." This will be wildly unpopular but here goes: I think he's advocating for certain things that we know lead to better outcomes. For the poor it's reading to your children and probably marriage (read an article yesterday about how cohabitation is increasing among the poor and middle class though the rich still marry, even if they don't necessary benefit immediately financially from it). Is it hard for poor people to get these things? Sure, but Brooks never said it was easy and arguing over implementation is different than arguing that having certain norms is important. Granted, the rich also need to fix up their acts but it's less pressing of a problem than starving children in chaotic households.

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On Increased Income and Decreased Generosity

Giving to charity is hard! Thanks for acknowledging that. When I was straight out of college, I tried tithing and that meant four digits in donations - astronomical - and the little greedy person in me said no and I had to override her. But it was kinda cool because one of my charities treated me like a big-time donor and I got to meet with someone about getting more involved. I felt like such a rich person I didn't have the heart to tell the person that I wasn't.

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On The Cost of Vacation, Part 3: Perfume and Makeup

I think Chanel No. 5 is a scent that smells good ON people. It smells terrible by itself but my friend says she gets compliments when she wears it.

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