On Spiritually Bankrupt: How I Went Broke Trying To Teach Yoga

Just chiming in to say I really loved this. But I'm clinging to my soul-sucking job.

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On The Internet as Safety Net

This is basically modestneeds.org without the vetting. Also, that church workflow thing makes no sense. If you come to your church needing money, they would just give it to you. There was an article in WaPo about this over the weekend (although that was for loans). I have never experienced someone in church looking for needy families, publicizing this fact in a newsletter and then soliciting donations. That's such a breach of privacy and also just creepy. But gofundme and modestneeds make sense if you have no church.

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On Was It Worth It? The Craigslist Coffee Table

Seriously, your hair is so shiny, I didn't even notice the table! I love this series. I furnished my whole apartment on Craigslist for about $1k (not including mattress). The win I always brag about is my couch, chair and ottoman - altogether $60.

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On What Do We Want to Spend More Money on in 2015?

My business! I'm going to wade into the world of e-commerce with my savings and I'm very excited/scared.

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On Revenge Giving, or Giving Out Of Spite

This seems like turning a good thing (charity) into a bad thing (revenge). Then again, I guess you could view it as turning a bad thing (people you don't like) into a good thing (charity). But it seems so full of spite that I think it's more the former than the latter. You don't feel good about giving, you just invite more negativity. And I don't know why people are so high and mighty about where their money comes from. Limbaugh didn't give her the tip under conditions that she use the money to support his causes; he gave it to her to do whatever she wanted, even to waste it. And instead of spreading joy, she seems to want to spread venom. I mean, what is she trying to say - this is what you get for giving big tips, jerk! Keep the money for yourself next time! Maybe I'm a terrible person, but I would joyfully accept money from a lot of terrible people, so long as I was fairly sure it wasn't illegal- hey better the money's with me than with them.

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On Uber and PDX: A Not-Exactly-Love Story

I don't really understand all the recent Uber hate. Uber has been a godsend to me - a single female - to have the security of knowing that my cab's path is being tracked and that I can find the cab driver again if I need to. Also, for whatever reason, I can never get a cab to stop for me and I never carry cash- so Uber is basically my only option. The whole cab industry is shady and Uber at least is solving a lot of those problems. Also, I really don't fault Uber for having its auto-price increases even in times of emergency. Yeah people wanted to get out of Sydney but how many cab drivers do you think wanted to drive into Sydney when there was a hostage situation going on? That extra money means there aren't shortages, something that is much worse than paying a high fare.

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On An Interview With Someone Who Got Fired for Not Having a 'Hunger for Marketing'

umm The Circle is NOT about how great companies give perks. It's about a seemingly great company that gets its employees to do kinda terrible things. Also it was very important that everyone working there be very enthusiastic. I hope reading comprehension isn't important at his new job at ...Newsweek.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: October 2014 Check-in

@lisaf that makes me feel better - I've only waited since July.

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On "Shortsighted, Cheap, and Unethical: Cash Only."

My dad told me small businesses prefer cash to avoid taxes and he worked for the IRS at the time. And he always pays cash.

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On Who's Taking Care of Your Baby?

@Renleigh As my siblings and I were forgotten at least once by our parents, and as my sister was a juror for a case where the mom left her baby in the car, I don't think it's necessarily offensive. It's also nice that people notice and care. Community - it's busy-bodying but it can be nice to not always be anonymous.

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