On Living in Poverty, When "Poverty" is a Place

"We found that, as inequality rises, American cities and towns have been spending more on the poor and the middle class, funded by higher taxes on these groups. Because most cities don’t have the power to tax income, they usually use property and sales taxes, which tend to hit all residents or fall more heavily on those who are middle class or lower income." That seems to say that income inequality is rising because taxes on the middle class and poor are increasing.

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On Hobby Lobby Ruling Isn't Just Anti-Woman; It's Anti-Employee

Just to be clear - it's a joke when you say that Hobby Lobby is insincere because you can make an idol out of their craft materials and their 401k funds some companies that make contraceptive materials that they oppose, right? home depot isn't guilty of terrorism because it sells products that can be made into bombs. (also pretty sure you can worship anything - don't need a hobby lobby to make something to worship). also, do you really want to be held accountable for every product of every company that your 401k mutual funds are invested in? do you want people to say, well you should have no problem giving money directly to monsanto because some of your 401k is invested in it (and there's an excellent chance we are all invested in some terrible company through mutual funds). should corporations shun employee 401k's for fear that some of the companies invested in are doing something we don't agree with? if anything, i'm truly impressed by how pious hobby lobby must be because i'm sure people have been going through these people's whole lives with a fine-toothed comb and if they only came up with those as their strongest arguments, their lives are much cleaner than mine.

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On It's a Good Time to Go to Law School? Really?

If you're going to go to law school, now is a good time to go. Fewer people are applying so you will have an easier time getting into a top 10 school. Also, hiring is much better now than it was a few years ago and every year it seems to be strengthening (at least based on anecdotes from my top 10 school). Further, many law jobs continue to hire nearly exclusively out of law school - they don't take people who've been unemployed (which is sad for the unemployed but shouldn't be a detriment to people going to law school who assume the unemployed will take all the jobs). However, if you don't know if you want to go to law school, it's a huge risk. You're basically just guessing at the future economy. When people applied to law school in 2006, they didn't know the law industry was going to collapse right when they wanted to find a job. I started law school in 2009, really the first class to come in with eyes wide open and it worked out for me (I enjoy my job and will finish paying off my loans by my next paycheck!) but it's been a huge regret for others. But again, that's pretty much all professions - nay all choices. They work out for some and not for others. The choice itself is not clearly bad or good and you have to figure out what will work for you.

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On The Cost of One Resolution, Halfway Through the Year

@JNC Musings Factory I actually think a lot of my frustration was that everyone was late to very late without notice (and I only invited people who lived nearby) and then people weren't mingling well and at the end of the night, I didn't have a bottle of wine to release post-party tensions with. Hosting parties is hard! Maybe 1-2 people asked if I needed anything, and I didn't "need" anything so I said no. But I never go to a party empty handed if the party is fancy enough for an invitation. I realize now that might just be some quirk my parents instilled in me (they actually did make us bring gifts to people's houses whenever we visited). Good to know in any case.

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On The Cost of One Resolution, Halfway Through the Year

I made a resolution to host more parties in 2013. My last party was a dinner party - everyone was late to very late and NO ONE BROUGHT ANYTHING. No wine, booze, flowers, food, candy, etc. Ten people showed up and just ate the paella I made from scratch and drank my sangria. It's not that I throw parties for free wine (although that's a quite nice bonus) but I felt so used, I haven't thrown another party since. Is this normal behavior for dinner guests? Am I being unreasonable?

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On Can I Give You $1,000 and NOT Be a Bridesmaid?

I've been a MOH once - for my sister, and she was about as low-key as possible. We wore our own black dresses but also tied the same cream ribbon around our waists so we looked like we matched. About 10 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start, my sister asked, "should I put on some makeup?" I spent about $400 on my share of the family gift. Not really the bride's fault though.

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On Defining 'Rich'

People with higher salaries may have higher debt (student loans, mortgage, etc) so they would need more money to pay off that debt and subsequently to feel rich. Like the first bracket might be a household that only finished high school, the next college, the next grad school and the last professional school (that's generally consistent with people making those salaries). When I started making more money, I thought I would be drowning in money, but I live as I would expect a middle class person would (it's all this stupid debt).

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On Guess Who's Paying For Dinner?

Generally, we only go out for someone's birthday so if it's one of my parent's birthdays, one of the kids pays, because my parents have a joint account. Or if it's one of our birthdays, well we figure it out. I make the most money so I often pay. My family is frugal so whenever I say, I get 5% cashback at restaurants - everyone just backs away.

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On Why I Didn't Study STEM

I get that this article is about inequality in the education system but if no one in your school had a graphing calculator because it was poor and your school was great at teaching with pencil and paper, then I don't understand why you fell behind because the teacher wasn't teaching to the calculator. Or by "we" didn't have the resources, did you mean your family only? We had a lot of technology in my school but we learned everything from the book and played games on our graphing calculators. I didn't study STEM because in my mind the people who should study STEM were the geniuses at my school and I only took Calculus AB (secret shame). I think technology is overused in education. We need great passionate teachers, not more laptops. What would be an interesting follow-up is expounding on your inadequate math teachers and mentors, particularly, it seems, because the lack of interest was directed at girls.

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On I Received An Inheritance. Then I Freaked Out

This was beautiful.

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