On What It Cost Me When My Boyfriend Died

Oh my... This was really sad. I'm so sorry for your loss. I hate that anyone has to go through things like this, but it seems like you're making remarkable progress. In situations like this, savings be damned. Do what you need to do, and you'll get back to [a new] normal eventually.

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On Snoozing and Losing

@Lorelei@twitter You just inspired me to look into one of these. Waking up in the dark is so hard.

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On A Friendly Chat With a Rich Person

@aetataureate I understand that in a g-chat context, but I assume there's some light editing of those conversations before they're posted here, on what I think is a generally well-written website. I would expect that editing to include the removal of unnecessary emphasis and the other things I pointed out. A g-chat isn't a blog post.

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On A Friendly Chat With a Rich Person

@olivia Yup- that's where it first started bothering me.

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On A Friendly Chat With a Rich Person

Good interview topic, but I have to say, the cutesy style of writing on this site is driving me bonkers. For example, the capitalized phrases ("friends who make A Lot More Money Than Me"), baby-talk ("infinite money"), all-caps ("INFINITE MONEY"), etc. I can't handle the internet-speak anymore. Can some of the articles just be written normally? I think we can all handle an eighth-grade reading level.

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On Reader Mail: I Saved A Lot of Money. Now What?

Why isn't anyone talking about stocks or other investments? I really don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to this, but my first thought was: buy some Apple shares! Maybe you guys could do an article about that, because I feel like the stock market is the only way to make serious money off of your money, right? My savings account's interest rate is like .8%, and I haven't seen any CDs that seemed great either. But if I were this person, I would use some of the money for the very expensive hobbies I'd take up if I were rich: horseback riding, scuba diving, vintage clothes collecting... you know, the usual.

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On My Dad Checks In As Tax Day Approaches

These posts stress me out. Oh my god. Stop spending money.

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