On Some Costs Associated With a Relationship

What's a "box, bought on eBay, to put keys in"? Totally not getting this one...

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On Rental Car Bureaucracy Conned Me Out Of An Absurd Amount Of Money

@WayDownSouth When the government is shut down, many people are not allowed (by law) to go to work and do their jobs. Some of those people are the people that staff and patrol the monuments. If those people cannot be at work, those monuments cannot be open. The government would open itself up to liability if someone was hurt there, no one is around to stop any vandalism, etc. Besides these reasonable logistical concerns, yes, it doesn't hurt that closing monuments puts a public face on the shutdown that your average person may not normally notice. Some people like to think that government does nothing for them except take their tax money and give it to others - sometimes people need reminders about the public goods that everyone takes for granted.

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On Elizabeth Warren Continues to Kill It

@@fo Yeah, somehow I am one of those people. My rate is only 2.675%. I pay something like $5/mo in interest. I feel so, so, SO incredibly lucky that I got out of school just in time.

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On Logan Saw a Dude Steal Some Coffee And Said Nothing And Mike Is Like, That's Wrong

"But I do think that more people would say something than not say something in this situation." Do we think this is true? I, for one, would absolutely not even have considered saying anything. Maybe tried to make eye contact with an employee with a crooked, "what's this now?" face, but that is the max. Definitely seems like a thing that is none of my business or responsibility.

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