On Monday Check-in

agh I accidentally deleted my comment! estimated $65, spent $75: $37 worth of groceries, $23 for a music festival ticket, $11 for dinner after the festival, and $4 on incidentals (ubers, mostly). All money I don't really have, but at least it's two digits worth of money I don't have, not three.

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On Friday Estimate

@ATF you'll be great!!! My first one was in late August a couple of years ago. If you're running at all now, you're going to be totally fine.

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On Friday Estimate

Woof, I have $20 to last me the rest of the month, technically. Given that my weekends generally close out in the $100 range, we'll see how this goes… I'll be happy if I can start May less than $50 in the red. Tonight: Going for a run (free), making dinner at home (free), catching up on Game of Thrones, and going to bed early — my sleep schedule has been screwy this week. Tomorrow: Morning yoga (prepaid), picking up/dropping off library books, and brunch (hosted by a coworker) in the morning, then doing something outdoors with friends in the afternoon/evening (even though it's going to be chilly). Budgeting $25 and crossing my fingers that I spend less. Sunday: Last long-ish run of half-marathon training! And then I need to get groceries. $40? Otherwise, finishing up a cleaning project/taking stuff to Goodwill. I have a standing Sunday night dinner date with friends. It's their turn to host, so should be cheap. Total: $65. Definitely want to stay under it.

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On Monday Check-in

Friday I went to Trader Joe’s ($45) and then to Giant ($12) for groceries and then stayed in for the night. Saturday I did pay my library fines ($30) and got a bunch of books to show for it. Bought new sunglasses ($8) and then was starving after yoga so I bought a croissant and an iced coffee ($5). Then I laid around in a park all afternoon with friends, which was prettttttyyyy idyllic. Sunday I went for a run and nearly passed out in the “heat” (ha — it was 70 and sunny, so I have some acclimation to do before real DC summer hits), so spent $3 on sports drinks after to try to rehydrate myself. Bought some kale ($3). Met a friend in town for drinks (he paid) and then took an Uber later that night ($4). Total: $110, which is more than I should have spent, but still reasonable for me. Somehow have to get through the rest of April on $70… it’s been an atrociously expensive month.

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On The Cost of Driving My Parents Home from the Hospital

My parents take a lot of road trips, but freak out when I walk home alone at night. This is my nightmare. I kind of want to send them this. Gorgeously written and I hope everyone is feeling OK now.

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On Friday Estimate

After several weekends of spending ALL THE MONEY, I need to try to rein it in a bit until May. Let's see how this goes! Friday: H&M trip sometime between now and the end of the day because I need to buy new sunglasses ($10)!!! Just typing that sentence fills me with happiness because I thought winter would last forever. Going to both Whole Foods and Trader Joe's on my way home for dinner supplies tonight and picnic/dinner supplies for the weekend ($25; brief rant: WHY does Trader Joe's always not have one or two things I need and so I have to go to two grocery stores, ugh), then going for a run and staying in to catch up on TV. Saturday: Going to get up early and go to yoga (prepaid) and then lounge around in a park all day. I might pay my library fines, in the spirit of getting rid of all financial obligations from stupid mistakes, and get some books to read in the park. $30 if I do that. Sunday: Going for a long run, cleaning out my closet, taking clothes to Goodwill, doing work. Going to stop at the farmer's market because, again, spring! And might treat myself to something after the run. ($15, more if I'm on budget for the weekend). Total: $80

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On Gwyneth Paltrow GOOPs Up Food Stamps

@chevyvan Yeah, I'm the same way, and I have sort of accepted it. I only stress out about it if I'm throwing out food I didn't use. Budget Bytes recipes always look good to me, but I'm always thinking "oooh, that would be good if I added [spice] and [condiment]" which defeats the purpose. I've had better luck cutting back on spending elsewhere — lunches at work, an extra drink when I'm out with friends, etc.

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On When Paying Taxes Leaves You Temporarily Broke

@JaneA She's probably working on the plane. When I'm traveling for business, or working remotely on a personal travel day to avoid using vacation time, there's a general expectation that I will be working and connected when possible, so I pay for wifi on any flight longer than an hour. (Sometimes I expense it, sometimes I don't, depending on the ratio of actual work : internet screwing-around that gets done.)

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On Gwyneth Paltrow GOOPs Up Food Stamps

@RiffRandell Yeah, an entire bag of black beans makes a LOT of food. About 8 servings. Boring to eat it over and over again, but rice and beans are the quintessential budget meal for a reason. I'd buy a few more sweet potatoes instead of the lettuce, though.

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On In Which I Learn That My Dream Apartment Might Be Affordable

Definitely go look! Are you happy enough with micro-apartment living that you'd want to commit to it for another few years, though? Or do you want to wait another year or so and look for a place with a full kitchen you don't have to share? Moving is totally worth it until you do it every year, at which point it gets mentally/emotionally exhausting.

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