On Why Can't Every Doctor Take Every Insurance?

@namemeansgazelle Thank you! Seriously, didn't the last medical article on the billfold talk about how doctors need to explain each and every charge and if it is or isn't covered? No way is that happening currently (unfortunately! I do think people should know what they're charged for), but if doctors accepted EVERY insurance, well, no one would ever know about any charge.

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On How Much is Too Much for a Root Canal?

@A-M also similar to when you go to any teaching hospital and the residents and students are being supervised by attendings! I mean, if you let residents and med students practice on you why not dental students? IDK, up to you! I've never had dental work done at a dental school.

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On The Cost of Things: Freezing Your Eggs

This post makes it seem like it's more expensive to freeze your eggs in NYC than in other places--does anyone know if that's actually true? I don't see why it would be more expensive there specifically. The numbers given seem pretty standard to me (across the board super pricey!). If anything, I think in New York you'd have much better access to assisted reproductive technology.

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On Figuring Out a Career While Being Married to an Academic

"Wasted potential"--ouch... Your poor mom! Talking about stay-at-home moms is such a tough issue for me. I think if someone wants to be a stay at home parent, more power to him/her--I definitely don't think it's any less valuable than any other career. But I get that sometimes stay at home moms do so not because they want to but for other reasons, so I see where the "wasted potential" comes in... sort of.

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On The ACA and My Obstetrician and Me

I support what this Ob/Gyn said. She was honest. Doctors need to make a living, hospitals usually like to make a profit. The majority of people going in to the medical field want to be able to treat everyone with the best medical care available. It's beyond most doctors' training to be aware of every single insurance plan and everyone's individual cost. It's part of the practice, but the main thing medical school teaches you is how to treat people--not the economics behind it. And Ob/gyns especially deal with malpractice like woah. So.... $500 a month is expensive... But... You're paying for someone's expertise? So... That seems worth it. I feel like people think doctors should never expect to make an awesome paycheck. Yeah doctors get paid a lot, but they spend their entire 20's in school, becoming experts in their fields and wracking up debt. I think they deserve to be well-compensated.

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On The Whelps of Wall Street: What It's Like to Work as a Junior Banker in the Post-Crisis Era

This was super interesting! I was just sad that he talked about "making it out" of the Midwest. You can actually be a successful person even if you don't live in New York or LA! Maybe I'm just overly sensitive as a person who enjoys living in the Midwest.

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On I Had a Mysterious, Debilitating, Undiagnosable Illness

@emmycantbemeeko First time commenting too, also to say thanks for this point of view. Reading this essay and all the comments has made me a bit discouraged. I'm currently a second year med student and I've been holed up in my apartment for the past 5 weeks or so studying for my board exam (only one more week to go!). I'm discouraged because the perception of doctors seems SO terrible sometimes. Maybe when I graduate medical school I'll automatically turn into a jerk, but at the moment, I'm actually a pretty nice, empathetic person who's working my ass off to learn how the body works. I think I'm getting a little defensive here. I know that some doctors really ARE terrible, and when you're dealing with chronic illness every negative interaction is probably exacerbated because being sick SUCKS and not getting answers is infuriating. A side note--I feel like people get pretty upset when doctors suggest a psychological basis for physical symptoms. Maybe people feel that the doctor is diminishing the importance or impact of their symptoms by asking this. If the doctor ONLY considers psychological etiologies, that is a problem. But it would also be problematic if a physician didn't consider them at all. So sometimes when a doctor asks you if there's any possible psychological basis for your disease, that doctor is being thorough and doing his/her job. Because if your symptoms ARE psychogenic, they are also treatable. Your doctor would be doing you a disservice by NOT asking about recent emotional trauma, since it is a common cause of very real, physical symptoms.

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