On Telling Stories, Changing Minds (?)

(wow, so why WOULDN'T my story be posted on a financial website? awesome.) @josefinastrummer The reason we think clinic protesters suck, is that they are gathered as political actors to harass women who are engaging in private, personal actions. Women aren't going to the gynecologist in order to ~engage the commons~ or ~make their voices heard~ or any other such small-d-democratic happy horseshit; they're going to get a Pap smear or pick up some pills or maybe, yeah, end an unwanted pregnancy. These kids, on the other hand, were in DC completely as political actors. If they're going to have a major world religion throw them a parade in the capital of the free world to tell me what *they* think, then they're fair game in the course of doing that to spend two and a half minutes in a public space listening to what *I* think.

Posted on January 29, 2013 at 6:21 pm 4