On Hustles

@nell Sneaking into my college dining hall was pretty easy as well. I would either sneak through the unmanned gate during the rush at dinner (they only had a cashier at one end during dinner) or stash my coat somewhere else and tell the cashier I was coming back from the bathroom.

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On Time to Do That 1 Thing

My one thing is to find the receipts that I put in a *very safe place* so that I can submit them and get my FSA reimbursement. Will tackle actually submitting them next week.

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On Privilege Check On Aisle Nine

This isn't as bad as the "Who's the least privileged?" bracket that went around a while back, but it still smacks of the same sentiment. I know that the intentions were probably good, but it feels like a tool for people to prove their right to be self-righteous. I think that more people should understand the privilege that they have, but I'm not sure that a social media quiz will ever be the format to accomplish that.

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On The Case of the Missing Padlock

@wrappedupinbooks That implies that this person is sane and understands that sometimes shit happens and leading a witch-hunt is not the way to find the padlock.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@RiffRandell Goo gone! It's the best thing on the planet for sticky gunk, and it smells like oranges. Target or any hardware store should have it.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@painterstape I'm also planning on getting a car in July - a little bit different since I know I'll be getting the family hand-me-down, but still scared of the impending costs. This winter not having a car was pretty frustrating a couple of times - but now that it's warming up, I'm starting to waffle on my decision to not be car-free.

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On Driver Roll Up the Partition Please Don't Need You Seeing Yonce Doing 1 Thing

Tomorrow I'm going to bring a piece of paper to the office, scan it, and send it to the person doing my taxes. And go to an eye appointment!

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On When 'Bugmaggedon' Strikes

Just reading this made me itch. One of the worst things for me about bedbugs was that for months afterwards, everything feels like it might be bedbugs again. It's nearly impossible to get to sleep. Thankfully, I only picked them up when I was staying at a hostel, (and realized it before I went home) so I didn't have to deal with my apartment, just my sleeping bag and clothes that I had with me. Still awful though.

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On Why Honeycrisps Cost So Much

And another check on the reasons why I tolerate the polar vortex and live in Minnesota. If you go apple picking at the right time you can get Honeycrisps for the same price as the other apples - depending on the orchard.

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On You Ask Me, 1 Thing Is Winning

I did my one thing from 3 weeks ago on Tuesday! In preparation of today. Going to the eye doctor next Friday so I can finally get new contact lenses, because I've definitely been wearing these ones for too long.

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