On The Cost of Halloween, Part 1: Costumes

I'm hosting a villains-themed party and going as Professor Umbridge. Got a hot pink blazer for $10 at a thrift store, using a dress and shoes that I already have. Not sure about hair accessories yet. Where the expenses will really hit is the party supplies - i.e. alcohol.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Stan Shunpike

Thanks for giving Stan a happy ending.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Liz the Lemur Also the signature cotton tights by Foot Traffic are amazing. Stretchy and warm, not likely to run, not too heavy for early fall/late spring. Winter requires fleece-lined tights for me, which I've gotten at Nordstrom Rack before.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Allison Sock dreams! That's where I got these awesome fox socks fox socks

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On An Interview With a Friend Who Got Bedbugs The First (And Last) Time She Used VRBO

AAAAAAAH! Honestly in this case I would advocate for burning that house down. You'd be doing a public service.

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On Fall Fashion

Just a had a clothing swap this weekend, thank goodness. I'm still anxiously awaiting my order of tights and knee socks though.

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On Need an Action Figure of a Dead Loved One? Meet Jeff Staab

This interview is incredibly fascinating. However, perhaps even more fascinating is the "Bad Girl" cremation action figure. action figure Note: There are many urn choices that are lovely (the birdhouse urns looked particularly nice), and I'm sure the above action figure is lovely to someone.

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On Wages For Housework!

Who is Milad Doroudian and did they find him in a freshman seminar?

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On I Got a Great Clip at Great Clips

@francesfrances My most recent haircut is her current bob.

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On Are Family Dinners Anti-Feminist?

My family grew up eating and cooking together. From what I remember my mom and dad (who both worked) shared the cooking duties - my mom did most of the shopping though. I never used to understand why she would get irritated when she would ask me and my brother "what do you want to eat for dinner this week?" and we would respond with "I dunno... whatever." Thinking of meals is hard! Currently my boyfriend and I plan/shop together, but he usually does most of the cooking, and I usually do most of the dishes. Tangent: when my brother was little, whenever my mom asked him what he wanted to eat for dinner, he would say spaghetti every single time. So my parents did an experiment where we had spaghetti every day for a month (with varying salads and sides) to see if he would notice and get tired of it. I wised up around week 2, but at the end of the month, my brother still wanted spaghetti every day.

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