On YouTube Offering Ad-free Paid Subscription Model

Also, right now I watch ad-free youtube for free with adblock plus.

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On The Weekend I Spent as the Worst Booth Babe Ever

I'm with you on the habitrails - I work in downtown, but outside of the skyway system, and anytime I have to use them I get lost. Always.

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On Target Raises Minimum Wage to $9 an Hour

@Liz the Lemur Too many tabs, too much copy-paste. Here is the correct link.

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On Target Raises Minimum Wage to $9 an Hour

I know that it's not ultimately related, and I can't think of a good segue, but it feels worth mentioning that Target Corporate is in the middle of a massive restructuring involving laying off at least 1,700 people. As one of the larger employers in the city, it's hitting MPLS pretty hard.

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On How to Find 'the One' (Purse)

I still have yet to make the jump from fabric to leather. My current bag is a timbuk2 similar to this one but slightly larger. Someday I'll both find the perfect cross-body leather bag *and* have the money for it, but til then I'm satisfied with what I've got.

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On Fifty Nifty United States Economy Rankings

@BillfoldMonkey MN also has a budget surplus, and all the legislators are talking about how best to give it back. And I'm like "No, keep it! Fix some bridges or schools or something! I'm sure you can find something to do with it!"

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On How a Times Square Spider-Man Does Money

This is great! More interviews like this one, please. :)

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On What Minneapolis Does Right

@Liz the Lemur Here's a link to the study on the racial equity gap in Minnesota

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On What Minneapolis Does Right

The twin cities are pretty great. And this year we even have less snow than the east coast. :) They're definitely not without problems though - Minnesota has scored poorly on education gap studies many times over. Also - I stayed in the twin cites after graduating from college here, as did many of my friends. I've heard from others that it can seem intimidating for younger transplants to make friends, because it seems like "everyone already knows each other from college." But I'm sure they're exaggerating.

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On Dessert Economics

If I'm budgeting for a meal, I will choose dessert over a drink with my meal 100% of the time.

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