On I Didn't Think Art Could Make Me Rich, But I Thought It Might Pay Some Very Cheap Rent (Nope)

I'd hate to share a household with one of you people who only want to do things you like to do. I feel like I'd be doing your dishes and cleaning up behind you all the time. Doing something you like is supposed to be an award in itself. Do something that others need to be done but nobody likes, and you'll get compensated in money. Exception to this rule is possible for very talented artists (and scientists), but that is by definition a very exclusive club.

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On I Didn't Think Art Could Make Me Rich, But I Thought It Might Pay Some Very Cheap Rent (Nope)

@TARDIStime Well that explains it then: if you have to write about things you know and you are young and don't know things, you can't really be a writer no matter how talented you are and how well you can write. Maybe you should stop writing for a while and go live a life and get to know things.

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On On Immigrants And Being Cheap

To this day, I feel “broke” when I’m running low on cash in my spending account, even if my accounts for bills and savings have plenty of money in them. I totally do this (I'm an immigrant from Eastern Europe). I have to add this though: the most wasteful thing an immigrant can do upon coming to US is to settle in New York City. I don't care if you walk every day instead of using subway, if you did that same thing in say Chicago, you'd save a whole lot more! You don't come to NYC to keep your bottom line in check, you come here to raise your top line! So, my first advice to newcomers is to go to some other city first (Chicago is probably the best in my opinion) to "establish yourself", and then come to NYC when you are able to spend some money in order to get those things from this city for which it is worth.

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On I'm Not Saying I'm a Gold Digger, But You've Got to Be Able to Buy Your Own Beer

@Reginal T. Squirge Not looking like an asshole (formerly known as "douchebag") would be one of them.

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On I Spent My $66,000 Inheritance on Basically Nothing

When all you have is money, everything looks like a purchase! Want to be photographer? Purchase an expensive camera! Want to have a style? Purchase expensive clothes! Feeling sad? Feeling lonely? Feeling lost? Purchase, purchase, purchase! Now that you ran out of money, what's the next tool you have? Blog, blog, blog it all away. Here is what I learned from my experience: first find out who you are and where you want to go, then figure out what tools do you need to get yourself there. Don't just grab the first thing in front of you and start swigging like an idiot until you drop.

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On How to Play the Airline Miles Game

@ejcsanfran This! Not only that, but try to spend your miles on overseas flights having more than one leg. This can be huge, because those flights cost more in dollars per each leg, but the price in miles is the same as long as you stay in the same "zone" (usually a continent). Also, pay attention to peak vs off-peak, as peak can be 50% more in miles (but often is also in dollars). Here is how I spend my miles every year: I pick two destinations in Europe, and then I get a ticket to one with a stop-over at another. There are some limitations, obviously. A stop-over has to be a big hub, and you can't stay more then 3-4 days there, etc. But, it's worth making your plans around it... it gets to be a really great deal.

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On My Retirement Plan Is Having No Retirement Plan

@jamiekm "Get the retirement plan. Even if it's a teeny-tiny percentage of your paycheck. It's having something to dip into when a horrible car repair emergency comes up in eight months." Here is my advice to you: don't give people advice.

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On My Retirement Plan Is Having No Retirement Plan

@Kristen Roupenian@facebook Exactly. I cashed my old 401(k) back in 2003 or something at some height of the market. Sure, I paid the penalty and the taxes, but I also paid my debts and made it through a spate of unemployment. All these people who claim to know about money said I did a stupid thing, something you never do. I laughed a bit in my mouth a few years later when their investments in the market melted, and they were all like "well, everyone lost". Not me! So, from that experience, my thinking is: save enough in cash to get you through about a year of unemployment, only after that start thinking about long term financial security. The problem is, when you live in NYC and have a family, that year worth of savings can be quite a lot. In short: retirement is a luxury. It's not for everyone. Some of us will always bee too poor to afford it, which is simply a fact of the system we live in in which there will be winners and and there will be losers no matter what, and it's completely useless to state "well, it's the losers fault for not being the winners". It's not, and we are not stupid, so just shut the fuck up, OK? And yes, I'm an immigrant, and I know other people have valid circumstances of their own.

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On What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Live in New York City

@mishellie30 I lived in Chicago before I moved to New York, and here is all you need to know about Chicago apartment hunting: it's sane. Chicago has it's problems, but finding a place to live is not one of them.

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On What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Live in New York City

@Jenna Sauers@twitter, @John Thompson@facebook: While we can have this conversation (for example, I live in Brooklyn and I have 1 stop to East Village, 1 to Lower East Side, 3 to Union Square, 2 to SoHo, 3 to West Village, 3 to City Hall, etc.), the point is that when you live in Harlem or the Heights you can't just say to someone who has never lived in the city "hey I live in Manhattan!". You make it sound like you don't even need to go anywhere, when you know you need to take quite a hike, especially on weekends (even if you can beat most of Brooklyn) to get to any of the places that people think of when they think of "life in Manhattan". In other words, if you live in Heights, say "hey, I live in Washington Heights, and it's cheap and not too far" and not "hey I live in Manhattan, and it's cheap!". It's misleading.

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