On Why Is Air Travel so Expensive? Because of Institutional Investors

@RJA But this site is a conversation, not a how-to! Mike, Ester, and Nicole aren't here to say, "look at all my success, now listen to me" but to say, "I'm figuring it out, here are my ups and downs and what I've learned." I'm with Nicole in not knowing that a mutual fund is a company. I thought they were a package of investments like stocks, managed by a professional investment company. Based on her G&M article quote above, I still think so!

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On Am I Hurting Hotel Housekeepers' Income by Not Leaving My Hotel Room?

@HelloTheFuture Unless we're saying they take an hour to clean each room, I don't think it's a difference of $15. Maybe just stay in but tip a little better and I think that would make up for whatever portion of an hourly wage they might lose

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On Stories Of Being On The Dole

I'm confused. Does Ester work for Gawker? Is the Billfold owned by Gawker?

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On In Which I Learn That My Dream Apartment Might Be Affordable

But didn't you pay first/last/security on your current apartment? So technically you won't have to pay rent at the current place during your last month there, and you can use that money to pay the "last" deposit at the new place! And surely the security deposits are close... it would be more about having to pay out one security a few weeks before the only one gets returned. You can juggle! I believe in you! This sounds AWESOME!

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On "What About Presents?": How My Relationship Changed When We Merged Finances

Cool! I could read articles about how couples split shared costs ALL MONTH!

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On All the Internet I Need Is on My Smartphone

I somehow have $30/month internet... a student deal from 4 or 5 years ago (no longer offered). It expires every 12 months and then I just call up and say "can I still have that deal?" and they give it to me. It's great!

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On How Do You Know When to Stop Spending?

@BillfoldMonkey Yep, I'm a YNAB and a daily!

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On How Do You Know When to Stop Spending?

@Jennifer Juniper Really similar spending habits! Plus, on YNAB, every time you log, it says how much is left. (So you never have to log-in to check... it's just always seen). That helps remind me how to pace myself for the month.

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On Restoring a Ramshackle House at 22

So cool! I'd love to read your blog if you have one (you could be the new Young House Love... I miss those guys)

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On How a Hollywood Art Director Does Money

@LookUponMyWorks Totally! It's very admirable. When I still had my student loan, it was 1% charity, 10% loan

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