On A Cupcake Decorator Gets Fired for Being a Hero

@blueSF The way this whole thread is handled (polite raising of criticism, polite second opinion, polite change of mind) makes me love the billfold so much. Internet comment threads can be beautiful and constructive!

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On Had We But World Enough & Time, Here's What We'd Splurge On, Food-Wise

The phone call with you and Ben is THE CUTEST!

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On A Cupcake Decorator Gets Fired for Being a Hero

Bravo! I could never be brave enough to undergo so much for a stranger.

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On Uber Aversion

@ronswansonluva Yes, I am!

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On Grocery Shopping Never Ends

I'm only at $161/250 but that's because I've been eating out sooo much this month!

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On The Cost of Getting Your Eyes Checked (When Your Health Insurance Does Not Include Vision)

@HelloTheFuture No they are awesome and have so many cool frames, but I live in Canada so I don't get the free return shipping option :(

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On Uber Aversion

@ronswansonluva It's so hard... sometimes it comes down to "is it even possible?" I want to avoid sweatshop-made clothing but like... kind of almost everything is from sweatshops except the super pricey boutique shops that are way out of my price range ($100 for a t-shirt). On the other hand, it's quite simple to not do cocaine because you're funding murderers. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's easy.

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On Cannes To Female Stars: Heel!

Also the scale of fancy does jump from flip flops and Crocs immediately to stilettos. Nobody's saying Crocs are okay for Cannes! There are fancy beautiful flats out there...

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On Hosting a Brunch in a Small Apartment for 40 People

Amazing! I never host in my 500sq-ft apartment because I tell myself there's not enough seating. I feel ready to try (not 40... maybe 8-10)

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On Apartment Hunts, Communities of Excellence, and Living in NYC on $5,000 a Year

@eatmoredumplings Most of these are so weird because of the specification of frequency. Like, if you listen to one song with explicit lyrics you probably listen to 2+? Or if you smoke pot twice a year you probably more it more than that?

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