On The Cost of Winter Running

I live in Edmonton (also cold, also dark) and I don't know what a Buff is. When I googled "buff face mask" it was mostly terrifying. What are these Buffs you speak of?

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On Alumni Giving Season

@szajic And Canadian! Even though all universities are public

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On Alumni Giving Season

@szajic Cool, I'm into it. I also have x% of my income earmarked to donations and I definitely choose the youth shelter over a friend's kickstarter. But, I also donated to Serial. I don't know. Maybe it's all madness! But I agree that there is something particularly insulting about donating to a place (ex: huge university) and seeing the money be spent on things (new gym!) that are easy to deem wasteful when there are more urgent needs (students so in debt that they cant afford food) to be met.

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On Alumni Giving Season

My alma matters don't have my phone number! They sure do email me a lot though

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On Alumni Giving Season

@szajic Hmm I don't know about that line of reasoning, though. Because have you yourself ever gone rock climbing? Or to a movie? Or a vacation? Or spent money on expensive food? Because... if you only follow planet-based hierarchy of needs, then you shouldn't do any of those while there is still a single hungry or homeless person on the planet, no? It just seems like a very strict way to live to say that you don't think anybody (and I feel you must include yourself in that "anybody") deserves high-level needs if there are basic-level needs still unmet.

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On How To Define Productive: A "Do 1 Thing" Inspired Meditation

my one thing is cleaning my couch cushions but now I feel like... maybe I should choose a better one. This post was great!

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On The Cost of Fixing Up a Free Bike

When removing bike pedals, remember to "back off" (i.e., to take pedals off, turn them in the direction that would take you backwards) (if bikes went backwards) (you know what I mean) (turn them not-forwards) (I feel like I'm worse than bike shop #1 guy)

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On You Can Sue Your Parents To Pay Your College Tuition!

Did you read the mom's GoFundMe, though? It makes me take her side pretty strongly

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On In Which I Help Economists Become "Un-Baffled" About America's Dropping Fertility Rate

@erinep me too! Hooray, Nicole!

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On The Economics of Dating, OKCupid Edition

@lisaf My bad, it wasn't in Phoenix, it was in St Louis. That was just a Phoenix newspaper. http://www.choiceproject.wustl.edu/

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