On The Year We Saved $10K: Cue 'Braveheart' Soundtrack

I'm on track to save about 7,000 in 12 months... and this series makes me want to push a little harder and see if I can hit 10,000!!

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On A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: Should We Use Our Money to See the World Now, Or Save for the Future?

@honey cowl I don't know either, and it's nice to feel like I'm still welcome here and that the Billfold will eventually help me figure it allllllll out. I like that Meghan admits what she doesn't know!

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On I've Fallen Into the 'Lifestyle Inflation' Trap

I would love more articles about lifestyle inflation! It is HARD!

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: May 2014 Check-in

Savings as of April: $2,100 Savings as of May: $0! I was saving for a big bike trip, and I leave in a few weeks, so I've moved it all out of savings (spent some on a new bike) and have the rest ready for expenses as they come during the trip (food, lodging, $100 to bring a bike on an airplane, etc.)

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On Do 1 Thing

I'm going to buy more tiny lightbulbs for the vanity in my bathroom. 2/3 are burnt out now (the first burnt out a few months ago and I still haven't got around to replacing it)

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On Get Rich Slowly "If You Can"

@@fo hey, thanks! That's not too hard for me, after all!

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On Get Rich Slowly "If You Can"

@samburger I don't know, I thought it was kind of challenging. I was with it for a few pages and then it started talking about nominal vs. real values but it was still keeping the "see how simple all this is?" tone, which turned me off of finishing the rest. I can understand saving 15% but I need way more basic info before I feel like I know how to invest my savings!

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On Get Rich Slowly "If You Can"

I find the title, "If You Can" quite beautiful!

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On How Much Is a Diet Coke Worth?

Oh man, I have so many rules like this. One is "no buying Tropicana unless is it $3.50 or less. Otherwise you don't need orange juice". (I had to raise it... the rule used to be $3.00 when I lived in a different city, but new city is more expensive and OJ never hits sub-3)

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On Buying A First Car: The American Dream

Great sibling dynamics! More of these, please!

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