On Putting Your Money Where Your Apology Is

@beastlyburden I didn't follow Dan Kois stuff, but Mallory Ortberg, Daniel Handler, and Ester all took such strong responsibility for what they said and really humbled themselves with sincere apologies. It makes me feel good about the world to see it happen!

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On Things I've Learned, and What I Got Paid For Them

Where did you go to school that offers ballet? So cool!

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On If You Buy Your Wife a Mansion

Remember when this happened on The Office? UGH

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On Teach Your Children Well

In Ontario, we had JK and SK (junior kindergarten and senior kindergarten). All schools in Ontario did. I guess this is unique? I didn't realize that other places had only one year of K

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On Eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a Restaurant is Cheating Y/N

@msperception I also really, really love the changes that have been going on lately (more political slants, more feminism, more awareness of privilege). We all have our favourite Billfold writers because they speak a certain truth to us, and I love Ester's politics and I love Meaghan's honesty and I really, really love Nicole's eternal internal struggle with having more than other people. I really relate to that! I sometimes can't quite relate to Mike, and I used to find myself skipping or breezing through Logan's posts, and that's okay! It doesn't mean I wish Logan hadn't written about her true feelings. It's like... we're all just being super, super honest and showing ourselves and our habits (both good habits and bad habits). I would be sad if Nicole changed even though, I have learned, her posts sometimes make some readers feel weird guilt. I don't know... I guess I'm just commenting as a counter point to say that I love the Billfold a lot

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On Building a Better Pancake

I've never made pancakes from scratch! This thread has inspired me... next time I make pancakes, I can do it without a mix!

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On Checks and Balances: One Lady’s Haphazard Finances

@Allison So, is it a real thing that there could somehow be errors? (Or is it just a way of making sure all of the charges on your debit/credit are your own expenditures). Is it a security thing or a computers-make-math-errors thing?

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On Checks and Balances: One Lady’s Haphazard Finances

I honestly still don't know what it means to balance a checkbook.

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On $16 Then And Now

Very cool way to compare! I remember being desperate for a pair of shoes that were $22 when I was in grade 7. I went to the mall and would just stare at them. Compared to today at lunch, I spend $140 on some boots after looking for about 5 minutes, because I need them to match an outfit! I wish I could go back in time and give my younger self that $22!

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On On Safety Nets vs. Spending Now

@grandma_nancy What a great perspective! Thanks!!

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