On The Cost of Making My Own Sub Sandwich

Let's talk about the 15 minutes for clean up! Am I dirty? Do I not clean enough? My challenge to myself is to wash all my dinner dishes in the time it takes for my mug of tea to heat in the microwave (2:11) and while I don't always succeed, I sometimes do!

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On Advice for Retirement: Invest in a Metal Detector

Sort of off-topic, but do many 'folders use Goodreads? I'd love to follow what you are reading, Ester (and everybody else!)

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On OK, Gentrification is Lousy. Now What?

This post is so thoughtful and well written. More from Josh, please!

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On We're Not Gonna Pay Rent ... By Check

Also, the last comic on this panel. Javert is in the wrong musical: http://www.harkavagrant.com/index.php?id=288

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On We're Not Gonna Pay Rent ... By Check

When I had a year-long lease, I just gave my landlord (who lives in a different city) 12 post-dated cheques. Now I'm month to month and I send her etransfers from my bank account, but it costs $1.50 per transaction which annoys me. A cheque is about 30 cents, but mailing it to her is another 60 cents and the hassle of it all is much more than 60 more cents, so, I continue to e-transfers. But how does Interac have a monopoly on e-transferring direct from bank accounts? Is that just in Canada? I want Interact to have a competitor to force them to charge less than $1.50 per transaction. That's highway robbery!!!

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On The Year We Saved $10K: Cue 'Braveheart' Soundtrack

I'm on track to save about 7,000 in 12 months... and this series makes me want to push a little harder and see if I can hit 10,000!!

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On A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: Should We Use Our Money to See the World Now, Or Save for the Future?

@honey cowl I don't know either, and it's nice to feel like I'm still welcome here and that the Billfold will eventually help me figure it allllllll out. I like that Meghan admits what she doesn't know!

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On I've Fallen Into the 'Lifestyle Inflation' Trap

I would love more articles about lifestyle inflation! It is HARD!

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: May 2014 Check-in

Savings as of April: $2,100 Savings as of May: $0! I was saving for a big bike trip, and I leave in a few weeks, so I've moved it all out of savings (spent some on a new bike) and have the rest ready for expenses as they come during the trip (food, lodging, $100 to bring a bike on an airplane, etc.)

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On Do 1 Thing

I'm going to buy more tiny lightbulbs for the vanity in my bathroom. 2/3 are burnt out now (the first burnt out a few months ago and I still haven't got around to replacing it)

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