On Want a Job in the Sciences? Good Luck Navigating the "Unsustainable Hypercompetitive System"

ps- if you ever want to do a "how a super overeducated scientist still in a trainee position does money", I'm your girl.:)

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On Want a Job in the Sciences? Good Luck Navigating the "Unsustainable Hypercompetitive System"

Man, every time there is a comment about how "everyone should just study STEM and get rich" I want to write about this whole phenomenon, but I have just been too lazy to link to all the studies. So thank you Nicole! As a postdoc (in my 6th year) in the biomedical sciences who wants a faculty position, I am the person they're all talking about, and yeah- it's tough, and confusingly hopeless/hopeful (data- "there is a 5% chance you'll get a tenure-track job!" vs. my wonderful boss- "don't worry, you're going to be fine!"). I just went to a symposium in boston talking about exactly this problem and what to do about it, and honestly I think it has two sources: 1) expansion of Ph.D. and postdocs as the workforce of science, despite the fact that we are supposed to be "trainees", and 2) public distrust/lack of investment of science that has led to funding restriction. Which, OK great, those are two super easy problems to solve (not!). Which is too bad, because I genuinely think that having more scientists is good for America, economically and socially.

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On Why You Should Buy Thanksgiving Tickets Now

@bgprincipessa I am pretty sure I started looking in July for Thanksgiving and they were also "absurdly priced" (according to me, which, looking at them now..d'oh!) and did the same thing. I was like, maybe, somehow, magically they will go down? No. they have gone up. The other problem is that two years ago I was planning not to go home for thanksgiving bc it was too expensive, and then jet blue had this magical last minute sale where I got tickets for less than $200 buying them the week before, and so now every year I keep hoping that will just happen again, but I think it was a one-time miracle.

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On Professor Dumpster Is Everywhere

@HelloTheFuture whatttttt??????? I thought that tag was a joke, and I thought, "ha, that would be funny", but SERIOUSLY?

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On How David Shapiro, Creator of Pitchfork Reviews Reviews, Does Money

Logan, you are the best at interviews. And I miss your billfold contributions! (But not in a guilt-inducing way, just a fond way:).

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: May 2014 Check-in

Hooray Logan and everyone! We are rocking our financial lives all in our own ways. I haven't checked in since February, so hopefully that will make my progress seem more dramatic.:) Emergency fund (original goal of $2000 met, so goal now is three months of savings): Feb 2014: $1902 May 2014: $2354 Travel fund to visit my cousin in Europe at Christmastime: Feb 2014: $19 May 2014: $1387 I'm working an extra job tutoring to make this happen, which has been sucking my soul away, but will hopefully be worth it! The problem is just all the other traveling I want to do this summer... Savings balance to try and not keep a rolling credit card balance: Feb 2014: $12 May 2014: $7 urgh. Life has been expensive, and I also keep putting out money for work travel that needs to get reimbursed. But still, needs work!

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: May 2014 Check-in

@Dancercise Ugh yeah, I had car repair expenses this month too, plus totally unfair parking tickets that I left for too long to appeal. The question is, is this "emergency" enough for me to take it out of my emergency fund? Especially if I'm only doing that to justify buying plane tickets for vacation that I would otherwise have been able to afford? Stupid car, stupid money.:)

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: February 2014 Check-In

I haven't done the checkin for a few months, but I am so excited for this month, because I did two awesome financial things: 1) paid off my car and 2) opened a Roth IRA! I decided to use my extra paycheck in January on the car and my tax refund for the Roth, so even though I still have a monthly rolling credit card balance, I'm going to just be proud of this progress and tackle the credit card next- I don't pay interest, it's just stressful to have to wait for my paycheck to pay off my balance every month. Car loan (1.99% APR): March 2012: $6000 (original) Dec 2013: $2600 Jan 2014: $486 Feb 2014: $0 yessssssss this was the first loan I'd ever had and even though it had really low interest it pissed me off. Emergency savings (goal $2000): Dec. 2013: $1801 Jan 2014: $1901 Feb 2014: $1902 (haha I love you 0.75% interest)

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@andnowlights YES. And I even took Monday as a holiday, but the remaining four days have felt like eighty. Am I allowed to blame the weather? I'm blaming the weather, it has put me in an emotionally volatile place.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: January 2014 Check-In

@EmilyAnomaly We all deserve vacations! Personal opinion of course, but I am a firm believer in the value of vacation. I spent a lot of time in my youth wanting to be able to travel someday, and then as a more adult-ish person have actually gotten to do relatively lot of it, and it really makes me happy (although of course I have to remind myself of this all the time when I am feeling poor-which realistically I am not, just not anywhere close to rich). But I think the Europeans are on to something- vacation has actual worth to quality of life. Croatia is one of my favorite places, but even going somewhere not too far and not too expensive can be a fantastic, life-changing experience. Good luck!

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