On How the Digital Era Has Made Us Better and Worse Tippers

ooh, is Logan going to make a special guest appearance because conversations about tipping have returned to the billfold? :) That's interesting about Uber, I have a few reasons for not using them, but I have been told both that "you don't need to tip because they pay a fair wage" and "Uber includes the tip in the cost of the ride" by friends as reasons not to tip when using uber. The fair wage point, as Amanda mentions, is tricky- I'm all for tipping waitresses, but I don't really want to move toward a system where we rely on tips to make up people's wages. And, honestly, I"m not sure if I want to tip 20% at the coffeeshop? I had been feeling good regularly putting a dollar in the cup, and I can see the argument that they are low wage workers too, but...I don't know. Help me Mike Dang! What is the right answer?

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On Happy Earth Day!

my university actually has an earth day event, basically vendors and local organizations have booths to talk about recycling, CSAs, the farmer's market, etc. There's swag, which in some ways is not environmentally friendly, but it's usually pretty small and useful stuff- this year for visiting 6 vendors you got a free reusable fork/spoon/knife pack, which I'm super excited to use at work. My proudest moment was when I got everything right on the "is this recyclable or not?" test, because I spend a LOT of time explaining to people that, for example, ham slices are not recyclable.

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On Fond Memories Of Take Your Kid To Work Day

aww, this is adorable! I want to know more about what your kid and his dad did at work, and whether the superhero action figure ended up coming in handy. I loved the "take your daughter to work day" I went to with my dad in 7th grade. He worked building and fixing filling machines (like, the machines that dispense yogurt into the cup and then seal it), and so while it was fun to see all the machines and tools and I love it when my dad explains how things work to me, the actual thing I remember being 100% most excited about was that after starting work at 7 a.m. they took a mid-morning break and one of those little food trucks came by to sell breakfast sandwiches to all us blue collar workers, and I was allowed to have some Strawberry Nestle Quik with no guilt. Bc I worked so hard.:)

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On The Cost of Things: Getting The Flu When Your Insurance Sucks

oh my god, I love " the immuno-exceptionalism normally found in anti-vaxxers", that is exactly the right way to put it. I could go on and on about correlation vs. causation and how people don't understand the relationship between statistics, randomness, cause and effect. But anyways, I'm sorry for your medical bills, I kind of thought that obamacare was supposed to eliminate crappy coverage like that? And I did almost the same thing this year, I had what I think must have been the flu, but when it was starting I thought it was just a cold so I kept going to spin class because I read an article about how exercising when you're sick has no effect on the illness itself except you FEEL as if you're better. I ended up super sick and out of commission for about an extra week- the lesson is, listen to your body (and take your sick days, for those of us lucky enough to have them!)

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On How Wizards Do Money: Harry Potter

Goosebumps!!!! Oh, it was so perfect, as they all are. I didn't want to read this because then I knew it would be over, but then I just had to read it. SO GOOD NICOLE.

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On #Ferguson

@Push It Along Yes, I keep reading about the impressive protests and people shutting down the highway, and thinking, " I should be out there too, this is my generation's civil rights movement. " Nicole, thanks for these, especially the one from Bijan Stephen, which is just such a great encapsulation.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

at work, I am dressed as a low level goth, which is basically pinning in a bright red hair streak that I got for $1 at target, and wearing all black and a choker. (Side note- how did we ever wear chokers? I had to take it off because it was driving me crazy). For the party tonight, trying decide whether to recycle my thrift-store sourced Oktoberfest barmaid costume that I wore last week, or re-use my Hit Girl costume from a couple years ago. Really, it boils down to whether I feel like wearing a wig all night, or not.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: October 2014 Check-in

Wow, how is it possible that I haven't checked in since May? Although sometimes that's kind of fun, you can see progress with a longer lens. Emergency fund (goal of 3 months expenses, ~$5000): May 2014: $2354 October 2014: $2312.39 (ok, unimpressive, but I took out a bunch to totally pay off my rolling credit card balance, so I'm now paying in the month I make the charges rather than the month after. And, I opened an IRA.) Travel fund to visit my cousin in Europe at Christmastime: May 2014: $1387 October 2014: $2673 fully funded wooooooo!!!! this is kind of a cheat, bc I've bought a bunch of tix for this trip but haven't transferred the money to my credit card yet, but after I do I'll still have about $1300 to spend while I'm there! Christmas markets here I come!!!! I've also quit the crappy SAT tutoring company I was working for and struck out on my own, which I am hating so much less (and making so much more!). Savings balance to try and not keep a rolling credit card balance: May 2014: $7 October 2014: $181 (and, have started paying the charges in the same month) New Roth IRA (trying to fully fund it this year?!?) May 2014: $1100 October 2014: $2467 Slow and steady wins the race, right?

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: October 2014 Check-in

@BreakTheTerror Welcome! Great job making yourself accountable, baby steps for all!:)

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On How Wizards Do Money: Ginny Potter

I want to second everyone else's glowing praise and just say how wonderful these always, always are. Don't ever stop Nicole, and I really want JK Rowling to see them and love them and for you to somehow make a million dollars out of that. Also, I LOVE how you keep weaving the Ronbledore thread through everything.:)

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